My Brother's Girl: Part 3

The final resolution for my brother's girl and I

Two more weeks went by. Maddie and I didn’t have any more encounters during that time, but we both knew she’d been right – there was definitely a serious, intense physical attraction between us. So by mutual, unspoken agreement, we did everything we could to avoid being alone together or even in close proximity to each other as much as possible. Keeping away from her was the hardest thing...Read On


My Brother's Girl: Part 2

She was my brother's girl, but her body was mine

Maddie and I get closer...a lot closer A week ago, I’d had what could only be described as the most intense sexual experience of my life with the hottest girl I’d ever seen. The fact that the girl in question was my brother’s girlfriend left me feeling a little guilty, but I told myself that she was only with him by virtue of a few minutes’ distraction on my part, plus we hadn’t really...Read On



My Brother's Girl

He asked her out first, but I ended up winning.

My brother and I are best friends. We do everything together. We even went to work for the same landscaping company after we graduated from high school and continued to do so when we came home from college break every summer. It's not all perfection, though; there is a degree of rivalry to our relationship. Sibling rivalry, male rivalry, whatever you want to call it. We're always trying to...Read On



My BFF's Dad

I was hanging out with my bff Jill at the mall one night before going to her house for a sleepover.  We had a blast shopping for cute little outfits and pointing out to each other which boys were checking us out.  Jill and I are both 16 and we've known each other since we were little, but that's pretty much the only thing about us that's the same.  Jill is a tall brunette with a slender...Read On


Sweet Sandi

The story you are about to read is a complete work of fiction.  None of the events depicted here actually happened.  Any similarity to any actual person, place, or event is entirely coincidental. I promised I’d deliver the story about what happened between my daughter’s friend Sandi and myself.  Well, here it is.  Ah, memories… The summer afternoon of Kimberleigh’s 16th birthday party was...Read On