Group Sex(6)


A Loving Family?

an adventure in family life

This story is somewhat true. It has been embellished to incriminate the guilty. I was just your average horny college junior, struggling to get an education. Well, not very hard, I admit. My main priority was to see if I could get some tail, and it wasn't working out to my satisfaction. I could understand why, I wasn't one the jock stars or even one of the scholastic whizzes, but I'm...Read On


Contractor to the [porn] Stars Chapter 3

Working the porn stars

Ann and I must have sat and talked for hours in the coffee shop when I noticed it had become dark outside. I was surprised and said, “I'm sorry, Ann, I've kept you from wherever you were supposed to be. I was just enjoying talking to you so much I didn't notice the time.” “Don't be silly, Chad. There's no place I'd rather be right now than sitting here talking to you. Do you have to...Read On


How'd that happen

Tribulations of a traveler

“What the hell is the screaming about” I thought as I pulled my horse up. Another sharp yelp split the air, but this one sounded like a different voice but was definitely female as was the first. I was almighty curious as you don't ordinarily hear such some days away from “civilization”. Dismounting and tying my horses, I pulled my rifle from the boot and snuck through thru the trees 'til...Read On


How'd that happen 2

Machinations of a traveler

I woke up startled. I couldn't figure out why I was naked as a baby. Then I looked around. When what to my wondering eyes should appear. Was this Christmas? What the hell did I do to deserve two gorgeous, naked, sleeping, girls lying aside of me. Then my memory cells started firing. WOW, did that really happen? And if it did, could I repeat it? Taking stock of myself I realized that, yes,...Read On


How'd that happen 6

further adventure of a traveler

I pulled my horse up up aside of the wagon, leaned over and said “Well, ladies, we're going to make it into Sante Fe in a couple of hours, but you both look a little trail worn. We should pull over by that stream there, rest the horses so they look perky, and maybe spruce up a little. I could use a wash and shave myself.” “ Horse, that's one of the better suggestions you've made lately....Read On


How'd that happen 9

Continuing with the plan

When I awoke I discovered that Naomi must have silently slipped away sometime during the night. Damn! I guess I shouldn't be greedy, she is living here too, so that's a good thing, and I had plenty to do today anyway, what with moving the girls here from the hotel. While I was dressing there was a knock on the door and I rushed over to open it. Maybe Naomi just left for a few minutes. ...Read On



How'd that happen 11

further adventure of a traveler

When I left Sara's place it was still fairly early morning and as I walked down the street I received a few small smile, and nods, but none of the wary looks I had received yesterday. Seems that word had gotten around that I wasn't the enemy, even though I couldn't figure out how it had spread so fast. Smoke signals, maybe? I guess it's just that no matter how fierce a people can be in...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Lush's Ghost

future events

I had just fallen asleep when I was wakened by a loud gong like sound. “What the hell,” I uttered and turned my head to see a misty manlike form, shining so brightly I had to avert my eyes. “Wha, what's going on?” “Who or what are you?” I couldn't comprehend what was happening. He or it answered in a sepulchral voice, “I am the ghost of the future.” “Wait a minute, isn't that a...Read On

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Contractor to the [porn] Stars

One man's view of the porn industry

I got an urgent message on my cell phone. At the time I was on a roof and don't take my phone on roofs anymore. I've found that they don't work too well after falling fifteen feet or so to concrete. Hell, they don't even look like a phone. Maybe I should tell you a little about myself before we go any further. My name is Chad, and I'm a contractor and no, I'm not one of those that build...Read On


Contractor to the [porn] Stars Chapter two

further adventure of a contractor

As Ann and I walked through the rooms it was apparent that she'd been right. There were only a few people, setting up equipment for the day's shooting, even though it was early afternoon. We went into the kitchen and raided the refrigerator. There was still quite a bit of the previous evenings delicacies put away nicely by the caterers. We each made a sandwich, I had a beer and Ann had a...Read On


Contractor to the [Porn] Stars Chapter 4

Further adventures

When I entered the house I found it cleaner than it had been for a while. I'd been too busy to do much more than a lick and a promise, but Ann had it shiny. She looked a little tired so I made a pitcher of lemonade and persuaded her to take a break. We sat out back on the patio and Ann visibly relaxed. I explained the progress I had made about Chuckie and she relaxed even more. I told...Read On


How'd that happen 10

continuing with the plan

I had set my internal clock and woke well before dawn. I wanted to check on Pablo to see if he was alright and how much damage had been done to the house. After checking on the guards around Sadie's house I hurried to mine. I almost silently approached, only softly whispering, “Pablo....Pablo,” when he answered from the stable. “Here, senor. I have been sleeping and watching from here....Read On


How'd that happen 4

Adventures of a traveler

These stories are meant to be read serially. I woke with every intention of following my last thought last night to get things organized and re-start our journey. And I would have too, but I looked next to me on the bed at the gorgeous naked lady and thought “Well, it is still real early, and I don't want to rush into anything. And it looks a little rainy outside. Besides, I don't hear...Read On


How'd that happen 5

Sensations of a traveling man

How'd that happen 5 These stories are meant to be read serially. The first ones can be found on my profile We got up the next morning pretty late as the sun was already above the hills on the horizon. We were determined to make good time so for the next days we really hustled with only a few invigorating interludes. What with hard driving from almost dawn to dark, we were pretty...Read On


How'd that happen 7

ongoing machinations

I woke up feeling pretty chipper, The sun had just come in the window and it looked like a real nice day. My houseboy and all around caretaker, Pablo, must have heard me stirring around and getting up and dressing, 'cause he showed up with another damn cup of hot chocolate. “ Damn it, Pablo, I've told you I like coffee, not chocolate, in the morning.” “ No, Senor Sam, chocolate is best in...Read On


How'd that happen conclusion

The plan revealed

When I awoke the next morning and got off the bed I was greeted by a sight I'll never forget. There before me were three puffy pussies, six bountiful breasts, and seemingly uncountable shapely arms and legs, all entwined in such a combination that it was hard to be certain which body part belonged to which body. If I had only a modicum of artistic talent and the right equipment I would...Read On


How'd that happen3

Manipulations of a traveler

Comments/criticisms are welcomed by me. These stories are meant to be read serially. The next morning I was barely able to get off the ground. It seems something else did come up and I was able to cope with it. Barely. Those ladies almost did me in. This morning I felt like I might not make it so Sante Fe if this kept up. After thinking about that for a while I smiled to myself and...Read On


how'd this happen 8

Further tribulations

When we woke in the morning Jack and I almost were caught sneakin' out the back door but I think we got away clean. We got our horses, I told Jack I'd see him later, and I left for home. When I entered the gate Pablo urgently motioned for me to pull into the stable without waiting to get off the horse. After I entered and did get down he said, “Senor Sam, I think someone is spying on you....Read On