Gay Male(2)


Memoirs of a Secret Girl, Part 1

Beautiful Sacrilege All Starts With What You First See...

I have never liked my own penis. I have never liked the way it looks specifically, as it was always, to me a rather smallish gristle, kind of an abrupted and discontinued bit of a thing. It was as if some lousy generic model of a penis was hastily installed on my crotch as an afterthought, put on just because one "had to be there". Don't get me wrong, my penis is very functional and I...Read On


Maple Grove Treatment Center 1995 – from a scrawl from memory #1

What could be more therapeutic than some sex in the woods?

It was the bottom of the world at this dead stop of time and it was a liberation in a sense. Now that I was officially a junkie degenerate, landed in a drug treatment center in the Minnesota woods, I could embark on the most liberated cock sucking I had ever performed… I was disowned, I was no one, I was now free. He was a black dude named Seth. His skin was a caramel brown, his hair a mess...Read On

Love Poems(2)


Madgascar Leave

Do You Remember Those Secret Days?

MADAGASCAR LEAVE We boys casually pal’d around before we got down to making love In the Beautiful waste of days in the empty nothing that had become our lives. We then burst from our confining clothes to be Naked, playing cowboys on the pallet, Searching our shells for something other than These lonely little moments. We eked out solace like we were Digging in poisoned ground But,...Read On



Just Can't Get Enough...

Cigarette The drag in is like a he pushing in you So deep So Slowly and gentlly. You swell in joy and bliss Till the exhalation of the smoke is Like you in a she … and With the spasm and the inevitable spurts of cum, your cells melt in pleasure… ...Read On