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Topic having a fuck buddy is a good thing right!!!
Posted 10 Jan 2012 14:04

Its great having a f buddy ! Everyone should have one but dont slip up and get caught, you will lose everything !! Enjoy !evil5

Topic Craziest Place You Had Sex
Posted 02 Jan 2012 14:14

In a hotel lift on the way up to the 6th floor.
On a motorway bridge totally naked.
In the kitchen while guests were sitting just outside the open window.
On a Hotel balcony being watched by guests on their balcony

Topic ok....lets be honest...
Posted 01 Jan 2012 12:54

Who had sex on New Years Eve with someone other than their spouse???
I did, right outside the windows and we could see everyone inside but they could`nt see us so afterwards when all had gone I showered with my wife and had the best sex for ages.

Topic Nude pics
Posted 01 Jan 2012 06:39

drunken initially, checking out nude pics of men doing and showing whatever they choose can sometimes be somewhat exciting and/or comical...depending on the guy, lol...but i will agree with the others that, when you have found that/those guys you have a connection with, it takes on a bit more meaning. having said that, i will agree that leaving something to the imagination is also a good thing - that goes for both men and women :P I could not agree more BelleduJour, your photo shows great taste as well as being interesting.....have a great new year !

Topic Would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted 27 Dec 2011 22:08

Been there by request, very erotic for both.

No to guys

Topic Do you enjoy naughty chat?
Posted 27 Dec 2011 14:43

Naughty phone chat can raise the excitement in an instant, but so can the written word ! I had an online `Affair` for many years with a lady who I met at work. It started with flirty emails in the office which quickly turned to phone text and then to emails at home. Yes we were both married which made it even more exciting and so naughty, but unstoppable !! The outcome was of course a bonus for myself and for my wife although she never knew the reason for my virility. She responded to my dirty talk by whispering even more dirty talk, it was so fantastic ! Sadly, my email lover has moved on, I hope to be lucky enough again one of these days !