Group Sex(1)


My first threesome Part 1

Meeting a mature couple for my first threesome

One of the online encounters I had was with an oriental couple. I had met women online one-on-one but I wanted to venture out into a threesome. It was difficult to find as I had to find a couple who were willing but not too pushy. I was also reluctant because I am straight and the thought about a man coming to join in on a threesome wasn’t one that I was completely comfortable with. After...Read On



My first threesome Part 2

The planned threesome turns into an unforgettable experience.

Following her moans, I brushed my muscular hands along her clit over and over, sliding easily with the massage oil. Her hips arched higher a little bit, giving me a full exposure of her pussy. I couldn’t resist anymore. As I saw her hand reach for my hardened cock, I too let my middle finger slide inside her pussy. As I slipped my finger inside her, her hips moved down back against my...Read On