ooer's Blog Entries

Grrr. Sorry for the lack of activity on here,I'm just busy with taking care of my self right now.

19 Jan 2011 13:35

Katy Don't cry i know, you're trying you're hardest... (8) (l)

17 Jan 2011 16:35

You left me with a broken heart, and no i see what i should of from the start..

27 Dec 2010 15:20

In new york :]

27 Dec 2010 14:45

Haha, great weekend with friends. ;]

27 Dec 2010 14:33

Missing you already.. :\

20 Dec 2010 18:56

Is really not in the mood today.. :\

20 Dec 2010 11:09

r.i.p, r.i.p YOU and ME.

19 Dec 2010 18:21

you better find somebody else,and get a hold of your self.. Im not the one Im not the one who wants to hurt you..

18 Dec 2010 19:28

I wanna drive you into the corner, and kiss you without a sound..

18 Dec 2010 17:28

I hate it when people fail at grammar.. -.-'

18 Dec 2010 13:58

Apologize for not being on last night.. Was very very tired.. And went to sleep.

18 Dec 2010 13:22

Even though she doesn't believe in love.. He's determined to call her bluff.

16 Dec 2010 19:13

Sorry i wasn't online last night.. fell asleep, while drawing... D;

16 Dec 2010 16:18

Where did you go.. when the sun rose.. - 3OH!3. (L)

14 Dec 2010 16:04

new boots;] Piss me off Ill kick you were it hurts..

12 Dec 2010 09:13

Oh god, How I love the smell of my leather boots.. I just love the smell of leather.. O.o

12 Dec 2010 08:22

Should I go blonde? ..

10 Dec 2010 15:32

Sorry, that I wasn't online last night.. Our street had a massive power cutt? So I just had a bath with candles and went to sleep. ;']

09 Dec 2010 11:58

What will I get for christmas then?

07 Dec 2010 13:58

Had a lovely shower, and now just chilling on the couch, with a hot chocolate. :]

07 Dec 2010 12:44

Life is a perpetual drunkenness; the pleasure passes, but the headache remains.

07 Dec 2010 10:21

Never gone,never far in my heart is where you are. Allways close,everyday,every step along the way. Even though for now we have to say goodbye,i now you will be forever in my life....Never Gone. I walk along these empty streets,there is not a second your not here with me.....♥

06 Dec 2010 18:00

It takes a minute to find a special person, An hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, But an entire life to forget them ♥

06 Dec 2010 16:55

It's no wonder I'm not eating I'm not sleeping And you say, sing sing to me Sing me something I need, Sing new, sing good. God I wish that I could(8)

04 Dec 2010 22:01

I love my sister, even though she is hard to control at times. Thank you for helping me getting through the rough times these last couple of weeks. Mum would be very proud of you Leah.

04 Dec 2010 21:47

Yeah, well I havent been on in months. Im sorry if that botherd some of you, but my mother died, and just a rough time getting over it im really sorry.. ;\

03 Dec 2010 20:18

Sorry guys lmfao, i couldnt find my laptop charger. xD

19 Sep 2010 10:43

OMG im finally back after like AGES. im sorry guys i wasnt on my laptop just got really bad, xD

15 Sep 2010 14:42

IM SOOOOOOOO SORRY GUYS, i havent been online in like yonks.. ( yonks means ages or like a long time, English word xD )) my laptop broke down, cause i got a virus from a thing i tried to download so yeah, xD thats why i havent been online for like 2-3weeks. ;oo sorry ill try to be on as much as possible but i work alot so yeah. (N)

03 Sep 2010 08:07