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Oral Sex

Oral sex stories relate to the giving and receiving of oral pleasure. Oral sex generally refers to sexual activities involving the stimulation of the genitalia by the use of the mouth, tongue, teeth or throat. Specifically, Cunnilingus refers to oral sex performed on females, whereas fellatio refers to oral sex performed on males. A subcategory, Analingus, refers to oral stimulation of a person's anus, both male or female. Oral stimulation of other parts of the body, such as kissing lips, nibbling breasts or licking, are usually not considered oral sex. Blow job, bj, giving head, deep throat, going down, licking out, rimming, sucking off, blowing are all phrases you are likely to see in these types of stories.

Comp Entry

Snow Angel

Bo hoped Lisa’s free spirit would soar on their getaway, but Lisa had a few ideas of her of her own.

Lisa Stilton stood next to a parapet of the old castle overlooking a snow covered foreign city. She reminded Bo of the skier, Lindsey Vonn, who hailed from their own country. Or perhaps Lisa was a little Dutch girl with yellow braided hair planning to put her finger in a dike. The final day of their European Honeymoon was to end with a bit of sightseeing before returning to Colorado. Hard...Read On


Sara's Resolve - The Commencement (Part Two)

A glass of wine, Sara’s disappearance and the dropping of a dress spurs anticipation and pleasure.

As I step from the shower, I hear Sara calling me. The bathroom door squeaks as Sara pushes it open. “I’m just getting out of the shower Sara.” The door opens another two inches before Sara says, “Okay Dad. Listen, Kim will be here around eight o’clock.” “That’s fine. I’ll get steaks out and grill them.” Sara laughs. “What are you laughing at?” “To be truthful, I think she will be...Read On

New Beginnings Part Two: Human Nature

Adrian finds he has to save Solaria from the humans

“B,” Bill said as we sat in the utility vehicle. They were parked just outside the food court of the mall.  Things had gotten back to normal. Well as usual as they could be with a giant alien spacecraft sitting in our backyard.  The mall was busier than it had ever been. Chuck, the realtor, had told them that he had rented out or sold more houses and apartments in these few days than in...Read On

Recommended Read


From the moment she walked in, I knew this was an appointment I wouldn’t soon forget. Her presence commanded my attention immediately, and I stood dazed for a minute with my mouth slightly agape. It wasn’t just her looks, although she was undoubtedly beautiful; she exuded confidence and power, and damn, was it sexy. She stood in the doorway eyeing me for a moment and smirked as our eyes...Read On


A Tip To Remember

On a Tuesday night, the lady in the pink dress gives an extra special tip to her waiter.

"Sal, take table 12," I heard the hostess say. I gradually turned and peeked over there. 'A pretty thirtyish brunette alone in a pink dress on a Tuesday night? And wow, she isn't even trying to hide that rack, she is giving me a hard-on now,' I thought before I calmly began walking towards her. My eyes never drifted off her as she just looked over the menu for the moment. Although, I...Read On


Letters to my sister 4 - 6 May 2013

A weird hitchhiker

My dear sister,   You won't believe what happened today. This week I have workers over at the building site of our new house in the mountains. We came over from Belgium to stay in our home city especially to supervise the work. But John had something else to do today so he dropped me off at the construction site and returned back to the city. You know that, although it's close to the...Read On


Miss Gives a Lesson

If you please me, I'll teach you how to please him.

He was leaned back in the low-backed armchair, one hand wrapped around his drink and the other fisted in Miss's long hair.  His dress shirt was partially unbuttoned, revealing a hint of his muscular chest.  She was on her knees before him and had his slacks open and his boxers pulled down just enough, bobbing her mouth up and down on his shaft as he guided her with his firm grip.  She took...Read On


The Uber Experience

She gets more than expected from the ride home

Justin pulled up outside the club, looking at all the people standing around outside. There were all shapes and sizes of women, dressed in all ranges of sexiness. As he parked he spotted a young blonde girl looking around as if she were waiting for a ride. In your dreams , he muttered to himself. She was standing with another woman a few years older than she, and Justin noticed they were...Read On


Someone Was There #8

The next morning we carry on where the previous evening ended.

I wake to the smell of fresh coffee and the faint sounds of movement. I take a moment to orientate myself. I am in Rose's bed. Her fragrance surrounds me on the pillow. I stretch. I yawn. I begin thinking about last night, remembering how she teased the fuck out of me while she was locked in the car. The door opens and Rose walks into the bedroom. In the half-light of the blinds, I can...Read On


Somebody Had To Take The Babysitter Home

She needed to keep her job, he needed something else.

Mike’s night was falling apart. “But honey, this is supposed to be a romantic evening with,” he struggled to phrase it with finesse, “an intimate ending. How are we supposed to do that if you end up falling asleep before I get back home? Can’t we just call her a cab?” His wife, Cindy, sighed in response. “Sweetie, someone needs to bring Megan home, and I’ve had too much wine, so it’s...Read On


You're Getting Sleepy

Long-distance relationship becomes physical in a first face-to-face

The sun was still shining in through the wall of windows as I waited at the carousel in baggage claim at DFW. The click-clack of purposeful strides in high heels rang across the terrazzo floor behind me. I had to look; coming toward me was a statuesque beauty. Her skirt was mid-calf length and split up the front allowing brief glimpses of nylon-encased, tanned and toned legs leading to what,...Read On


The Sex Life Of Riley Tompkins #2

Riley and Randy talk about their relationship...

I opened the text message. My heart sank; it was from Randy. He had sent several of the photos I’d taken with Drew earlier, the last one being from after he had filled me with his cum. Fuck. I’d thought Drew would keep those a secret. One last text message: Come by, Riley, we need to talk – R. We decided to meet at Craig’s Café. I arrived first, surprisingly enough, since I lived so...Read On

Recommended Read

Chain Hotel: Take It All

The one night stand didn't quite turn out the way I anticipated.

The lingerie adorning the curvaceous brunette sprawled ahead of me on the king-size bed was probably three times the hotel's rack rate. Her matt hold-ups encircled trim thighs via a smooth, dark band. Scrap of lace for panties. Not much more material in the bra. Provocative. All black. Sheer to tease in just the right places and bought specifically because she knew the effect it would have...Read On



Two friends realize the magic of cinema

“You’ve never seen Casablanca , before?” I asked, astonished that she had never had the pleasure before. “I’ve heard of it, yeah, but I really don’t watch black and white movies,” she responded, causing my heart to sink in disappointment. “Well, in that case, you have to come,” I insisted. “Do I, though?” she debated, leaning her arms on my kitchen counter. “Well, I mean, you’re...Read On


The Perfect Treat

She's his best friend's sister, but he has what she craves

Lydia laid in her bed staring unseeingly at her ceiling.  She was replaying the night before in her mind, trying to make sense of it.  She had gone to the airport to pick up her brother's best friend, Evan.  He had come into town to surprise her brother for his birthday, and she was letting him stay at her place so that her brother didn't find out. Evan had been her brother's best friend...Read On


Welcome To Santa Elena

The landlady's sister warms up my country retreat

It's cool Saturday morning in a village outside Medellin, Colombia. Cool because we are way up in the hills in Santa Elena, a group of villages famous for its flowers. Down in the city, it's t-shirt weather every day, but you can feel the temperature drop as you ride up the winding hill in the bus. I'm staying in a little cabaña, a wooden cabin on a steeply sloping piece of land owned by...Read On


Early Morning Treat

I give my brother's friend an early morning surprise

I couldn’t sleep. I just lay there thinking of what had taken place just a short time ago with Michael. I kept imagining his hard cock between my lips. His hips rocking as it slid in and out of my mouth. I wanted him there with me. I wanted to feel his hot cum pumping into my mouth again. The magazine article said some women become obsessed with fellatio. All of what else I had read was...Read On


Poolside Blow Job

Her visit to the pool led to a flirtatious encounter, a hand job and several blow jobs.

  (One of my wife’s adventures after she graduated from college.) My wife and her boyfriend, John, planned to go to the beach in South Florida Labor Day weekend. They made a reservation for the long weekend. Their plan was to go Thursday morning and return home the following Tuesday. They had both requested the days off from their employers. On Wednesday afternoon Regina’s boyfriend...Read On


Conference Strangers

When a young lady meets a handsome and charismatic man, and decides to take a chance.

I have had a good weekend and learned a lot listening to those in the Virtual Assistant workforce. I want a few drinks. I decide to make a conscious effort to look damn good. I am slightly tan because it is summer, which makes my skin look like the sun kissed it.  I chose to keep my eye make-up pretty and neutral to accentuate my hazel eyes, I love the way caramel tones bring out the sparkle...Read On


The Best Head Ever

If I write it down maybe the memory will last forever

As was customary for our relationship, I arrive at his place at seven in the morning. As I approach his place his garage door rolls up. I pull into the garage and immediately my pussy throbs as I see him standing at the top of his garage steps completely naked, save for the white crew socks he has on, and his gorgeous, sexy, dimpled smile. I jump out of the car, taking only my keys and...Read On


The Big Cummer, Part 2

He shot a bigger load than the first time

A few days after Regina’s experience with the “big cummer” in her dorm room, she had a surprise encounter with him in a study room in the basement of the college library. It was after 9:00 PM and she was getting ready for an exam. There were several study rooms in the basement. They had originally been offices. Each room had a few old sofas, some chairs, lamps, and a study desk. Regina...Read On


Motel Hottie Fulfills All My Oral Sex Fantasies

A sex-starved man meets a hot, horny woman at just the right time, and they satisfy each other.

I couldn’t even tell you how many years it had been since my mouth and tongue had touched a pussy. I hadn’t dated anyone since my divorce three years prior; and as for before that – well, my ex-wife was never much into oral sex even in our early years, and not into any kind of sex toward the end. If I got to stick my cock inside her now and then, I counted myself lucky – never mind any of...Read On


Power Hungry

Two can play the teasing game, sir.

We've been here too many times before. You try and tease me. Pushing me against the wall in a discreet corner of the office copy room. Pulling on my pencil skirt and rubbing on my red lace panties and clit just enough to leave me breathless. Holding all the power. Never letting me prove my worth. Never letting me push you to the edge and making you beg for it. Today that all changes. I want...Read On


My First Taste Of Cock

My first attempt at fellatio was incredible

It was the spring of 2016 when I did it for the first time. I was sixteen and my sexual curiosities were getting the better of me. I began reading articles on sex. Fellatio caught my attention right away and the more I read about it, the more I became aroused at the thought of doing it. Sitting on my bed at night, I would read everything I could on the subject. One magazine even...Read On


Wife Tales - Afternoon Delight

My afternoon massage becomes quite erotic

My husband suggested we spend the morning on the beach. We both had made arrangements for the afternoon. He would be golfing and I would be spending the afternoon getting pampered at the spa. We sat for a while as Michael admired all the sexy young women in bikinis. He admired, even more, the ones who had forgotten the top part of them. I didn’t mind. It would get him even hornier than...Read On


Glorious Anya

Anya services multiple cocks at an enclosure with many gloryholes.

Anya sat in the gloryhole enclosure. There were apertures all around her, and she could just about fit in there so that a penis inserted behind her would enter her behind (either her anus or her pussy, based on the angle), while one inserted in front could be taken in her mouth. She could use her hands on members that entered from the sides, and if she stood, she could trade her pussy for...Read On


A Dirty Wish - Part 2

Janice uses her new-found skills on her boss

Mr. Larkin, the general manager of the company's west coast division, was annoyed. Normally, his was a quiet and orderly department, everyone doing their jobs with little fuss or bother but the last two weeks had been abuzz with whisperings and suppressed giggles and then this morning an outright shouting match between one of his employees and her assistant had upset the entire office. ...Read On

Curse of the dragon

Masks people wear :)

Chapter 1: Dragon unveiled The sharp sound of the alarm clock speared through Olivia's ears as she woke up. Her eyes were broad open but her body was still exhausted from the work that drained her through the week. "It is Friday finally, just one more day!” Olivia tried to encourage herself, in an attempt to put some life in her complaining calves and back. The morning sun rays...Read On


A Dirty Wish - Part 1

Janice reveals her inner slut

Janice slammed out of the corporate office more pissed off than she could ever remember being. She stalked down the warm evening sidewalk, every strike of her heels telling those around her to stay clear. Four blocks later she was still mad as hell as she shoved open the heavy door to the bar and headed for the table that her co-workers always occupied on Friday nights. Three of the...Read On


Forget Beauty, It's Overrated

Dowdy, prim, but it's what's inside a woman that counts

The worlds of love and porn are obsessed with beauty, or that modern catch-all adjective: hot. If you’re not good looking and sexy in a conventional way, you’re nothing. That is particularly unfair to women who are neither blessed with natural prettiness and shapeliness nor the bravado to seem attractive by force of personality. Nothing gives me a greater thrill than sensing the...Read On