The Final Visit

The Ending of an Affair

The Final Visit As I open the door to the cabin I am struck once again by the simplistic beauty of it. The flowers are blooming in the meadow; as I open the windows their heady scents drift through. The cabin has lain empty and barren all winter so the cheeriness of it startles me. Has it really been that long? I've brought one of the cats along for company. She slowly circles around,...Read On

Group Sex(1)


The Party

A Chance Encounter at a Party

The party was in full swing when they walked in. I turned my head to glance and see who had entered. He looked dashing and handsome but my eyes locked onto hers. I’ve always been able to recognize a hot woman but they never really do anything for me. Until then. Just looking at her I felt a shudder run down my spine ending with wetness between my legs. What is this feeling? More importantly,...Read On