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Topic Candy G String
Posted 04 Jul 2007 22:28

It brings new meaning to, "Do you want to eat me".

Topic Miss Jones Part One and Two
Posted 30 Mar 2007 05:07

I also just posted a new story called "New Technology and the Government". Women should love this story because it happens in the future, where women now rule the world. This story was actually written more than a year ago, and now a lot of it has come true. There are now cameras everywhere, and the world governments can tap into them. They even have cameras that detect gun shots, and pan over to where the shots were fired. The government can now read your emails and your regular mail. They can keep track of the books you read, and soon will know everything you buy, including the clothing you wear. All of this because of National Security. I hope you like my story. It is set in the United States, but it could happen anywhere. The way things are going, I hope the future in this story happens soon.

Topic Miss Jones Part One and Two
Posted 29 Mar 2007 21:09

Hello readers-

This is a more extreme set of stories. I can't post these stories on very many websites because it is so extreme. I hope you like it!

Naughty Clyde

Topic Nice Neighbor Lady, Part Two
Posted 28 Mar 2007 13:45

Hello everyone. I went to a more extreme scene with this story. Please read it and tell me what you think of it. Do you like my mild stories better, or when I take it to a more intense scene. This story could also be classified as a BDSM story.

Naughty Clyde

Posted 09 Mar 2007 22:43

I just posted a series of stories that I am proud of. It tells a tale of a man who dates a woman, and how he demonstrates his love for her. There is both F/M and M/F in this series. I hope you will read the stories.

Naughty Clyde