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Share your tales of living dangerously outside of the bedroom. Thrill us with the arousing risk of getting caught in a compromising situation, and the unadulterated excitement of adventurous outdoor sex. Whether your characters are huddled up under blankets in a tent, into dogging, or bent over backwards on the bonnet of a car, let your readers immerse themselves so they can almost feel the grass between their toes, the sun on their backs, the wind in their bush ...


Beach Nudity

Nudist beach sex with friends

I had become very interested in nudism recently. Not sure why. Could just be my age. Anyway, I decided to ask my wife Jean if she would be interested in visiting a nudist beach. Unfortunately, she just laughed at that suggestion. However, we had a couple of close friends, Graham and Yvonne, who have admitted that during Spanish villa holidays they have sunbathed nude, in private. So I...Read On


Cocktail Pool Orgy

A morning relaxing by the pool turns into a bit of an orgy

On Saturday morning, Janet announced that she’d invited her sister, Rosemary, and Rosemary’s boyfriend over for an alfresco lunch. We went to the market in the morning and bought fresh bread, cheese and cold meats, as well as a plentiful supply of local wine; very cheap and very good, as I’d already discovered. The local beer was mostly gassy and expensive, but the wine was better even than...Read On


Sienna Dreaming Chapter One

Young lady's dream leads to meeting a breath-taking stranger

Sienna Mason admitted that sitting in a booth in a bar of this quality was beyond her more reserved habits. Adjoining one of the more up-market hotels in the area, it could be a very expensive place for a drink. But, on the way home from visiting a friend, the sudden rain had driven her into these luxurious surrounds for shelter. Any port in a storm, she would say. Damn the rotten...Read On


Temptation In The Rocky Mountains

Hectic morning turned into a temptation I couldn’t resist

It wasn’t a typical morning.  I woke up late, hurried to get ready.  I filled my coffee cup before heading out the door to head to the office.  As I started my truck I noticed my gas gauge was on empty.  Not a big surprise the way my morning was going already. As I pulled into the gas station, my attention was drawn to a nice ass leaning over a car cleaning her windshield.  I enjoyed the...Read On


The Park Adventure

A walk in the park turns into a wet adventure

Kara. Her dark long tresses called me to her, even when I knew she was not long to be part of my life. Kara. No matter my resolve to stop seeing her, one look from her and I was once again smitten and under her spell.  I had been looking forward to spending time with her but she called and cancelled due to a friend that wanted to go out and chat about a breakup. My roommate sensed...Read On


Lakeside Love

Austin takes Kelly to new heights during a lakeside picnic

Austin pulled up to Kelly's house in his pickup truck.  She wasn't expecting him back from college until next week and he was excited to surprise her.  Kelly was finishing her senior year of high school but Austin was two years older than her.  They had been dating for two years and Austin had chosen a school that was only a few hours'd drive away so he could stay close to her and come home...Read On


My Cleaning Lady

Natalia was gorgeous, sexy, and came to clean my house every two weeks.

For the life of me, I don’t know why I bought such a large house! I’m single, work long hours, and do not like to clean it. It’s thirty-three hundred square feet, fully furnished, and I wallow around in it. As I make the long trip from the upstairs master bedroom downstairs to the kitchen each morning, I ask myself, Why did you buy such a big house that you can’t even keep clean?  My...Read On


P dogging with Alistair

Paula had agreed to meet with Alistair and Gary again on a Saturday night. This time they were to take her dogging to a local spot known for late night fun in East Lothian: Longniddry car parks along the shore front. Gary had been trying to persuade his girlfriend to try it and she had agreed. He had told her that his work mate Alistair was seeing a 'complete tart' who was game for a bit...Read On


Forbidden Fruit Part 2

I knew it was wrong for a hundred reasons but I also knew I couldn't stop

"I'm so glad you were able to get out tonight," my best friend, Leslie, yelled over the roar of the music. "I feel like we haven't seen each other in ages." "Yeah, you're right. Not since James and I passed out after your super bowl party." I yelled back. "I need a smoke, come with me?" I followed her out to the deck, grateful that the crowd and the music hadn't reached out here despite...Read On


My Unwanted Transition 4:

Will embracing her new life cause complications?

Secrets:   Getting birth control had been a stressful few weeks. I didn’t want my parents to know I was getting it. Otherwise, that would be a dead give away that I’m having sex. I spent a lot of time researching different kinds of birth control, and I still had no idea which one I should get.   Then there was the whole choosing a doctor thing too. In the end, I decided that I should see...Read On


The Recrutier III - More fun at the pool

Jay has more fun while Tiff gets cleaned up

While Tiff got ready for our evening, I decided to stay by the pool and relax.  I  sipped on my whiskey and leaned back in the lounge chair watching the party unfold from the cabana.  The joy and freedom of Vegas.  Where the thoughts of What happens in Vegas - Stays in Vegas always rang true here at the pool.  Once the alcoholic beverages begin flowing and the music thumps harder and...Read On


Al Fresco Sex: Meeting For The First Time And Making Love In The Woods

A story written for a female friend originally which persuaded her to want to try me for real

I exchanged emails for many months with a female friend I will refer to as Pammie (this was not her real name but she liked me to call her that).  We were both married, not to each other, but this didn't stop us from making mad passionate love together, at least in our imaginations through cybersex. We regularly exchanged long emails where we tried to describe what would happen if we were...Read On


Summer Night Beach Walk

Part 2: A summer night beach walk turns erotic

We waited for this moment ever since we laid eyes on each other in the dorm hallway so many years ago.  The part of us we had been denying for so long was finally being satisfied.  After it was finished, you simply held me as the water fell.  You are too afraid of letting go or closing your eyes.  Afraid the moment will pass, and you’ll have to give me back to him all too soon. We...Read On

A Married Lady Gets a Hall-Pass

A married woman is given a one week hall-pass to be with the man she has desired for years.

The tension rises with the sun. All throughout breakfast you can feel it rising as you steal glances at me between your family’s conversation. You can’t believe I actually said yes to a trip with your family but none the less I am here. You never knew how incredibly painful it could be to know only one wall separated me from you at night. After breakfast, we decide to spend the day with...Read On


Naked in Nature

Listen to them howl

The rain was coming down in buckets as we hiked through the foggy landscape of the Joshua Tree Wilderness. We started our hike four hours ago when the rain was only a soft drizzle. The weather report did not have rain in the forecast, so we were more than a little frustrated that we were now carrying an extra few pounds of moisture along with the 50lbs of gear on our backs.  We often take...Read On


Citronella and Salt (You Are, Pt. I)

The sun sets.

You are so lovely… …Standing in the water before the ocean in fading daylight. Backlit by sunset – silhouetted yet shining; wrapped in shadow, but radiant. A powerful figure. You are delirium incarnate. You are a tangible, animate hallucination of subconscious desire. The appeal of you is elusive, but at the same time quite obvious. The thought of you, the substance of you, everything...Read On


Recruiter Part II - Tiff coming further along

Tiff makes her way to Vegas

My relationship with Bella was for all intensive purposes was slowly fading away.  She had settled in Atlanta with the boys and her husband.  There were the nightly skype sessions and sexting, and I longed for her daily presence and companionship, but we both knew that the relationship was slowly moving towards a friendship basis.  Unless, of course, things between her and her husband made...Read On

Hot in the City

A summer heatwave causes Karen’s unfulfilled desire for down and dirty sex to boil over.

“This crazy heat has got me acting so damn horny,” Karen muttered under her breath. Even as she said it, she knew deep down that was only partly true. Her hunger for some hot, dirty sex had been going unfulfilled for weeks and weeks, long before the summer heat wave had descended over the city. “What did you say?” Trish asked. She wiped away a heavy dew of condensation from the disposable...Read On


Sex in the Rain

Make love to me in the rain

It had been hot and dry the past few days with the temperatures in the nineties but feeling more like it was a hundred degrees outside. Finally, they were calling for rain, which Ann could not wait for. Her and Will were on vacation and both had been too hot and tired to have much sex. Yes, they had air conditioning but the heat still seemed to creep into the house. As she stood there...Read On

Cool Trees, Hot Company

Young virgin lady denies her suitor until they see a wild pair at each other in the forest

No breeze moved the leaves overhead as Linda stood beneath the shade of trees. Sunshine glared on fields opposite, where corn, green and tall, raised expectant heads, eager to be gilded by this cosmic brilliance. No birds sang. In the intense heat, a mouse peered out from the hedgerow, sniffed the air and quickly disappeared for cover. Linda smiled, sensible mouse Three days it had been...Read On

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He's on the hunt for a rare owl, but her hooters are just as intriguing.

Clint cruised slowly down the gravel road, leaving only a thin, short-lived trail of dust behind his RV.  Born and raised in just such an area, he knew to avoid kicking up a dust storm if he wanted to remain friendly with the locals.  He absolutely wanted to remain friendly with the locals. Doing exactly that was why he had access to most of the properties in the area, giving him the...Read On


Ore-Gasm, Chapter 2

After their intimate picnic, he moved things in their relationship to the next level!

"Please, Billy, make me a woman," she had said. Becky-Sue wanted Billy to take her cherry and introduce her to sex. Billy himself had had sex a few times with other girls and was a little more experienced than she was, but he himself had never taken a virgin. This would be a new experience for them both. Billy's hesitation was short-lived however as his own desires began to take over....Read On


A Bit Too Far

Things got wild in a crowded park.

My boyfriend and I have never been the common couple, and by that, I mean it in two different ways. One of them is that we have an open relationship and we tell each other everything without hesitation. The other is that we are into a lot of kinks and have tried almost everything. This story happens on a hot summer day when I was supposed to meet a virtual friend face to face. That friend...Read On


A Night On The Beach

Vince had the beach party of his life.

I was on vacation in California for the first time, staying in a small motel right of the beach. Well, I guess I should come clean about it. I’m in the Army and my vacation is actually just medical leave as I recover from injuries sustained overseas but anyhow I had been kicking around for the first few days visiting the sights and all the other natural tourist stuff. That was getting...Read On


Ore-Gasm, Chapter 1

After a picnic and a swim, he shows her a very special secret of his

Billy McIntyre pulled up to the house and turned the truck off. He walked up to the door and knocked. Mrs. Greene came to the door. "Oh, hi Billy, Becky-Sue will be ready in a few minutes. So you two are going on a picnic are you?"  "Yes-um. Becky-Sue has had this picnic idea planned for a couple weeks now. I finally got a day off from the lumber mill so we are gonna take advantage of it." ...Read On


Woodland Car Park Exhibitionist (Part 2)

Woodland exhibitionist wife goes further and invites voyeur to join us

A little while ago I told you about Jay’s little exhibition to a lucky voyeur in a woodland car park not too far away from us. It got us both so turned on having her show herself off in public to a stranger that we decided to go back and do it again. With the sun shining last weekend we took the opportunity to go back to the same car park with Jan dressed in a little summer dress, white bra...Read On


Boulder, Colorado

Visiting a few clothing optional places

  Boulder Falls located west on Boulder Canyon  Road (Hwy 119) is a great place to hike, especially above the falls, where you find small falls and pools to cool off, "Au Natural!" Many hikers in their teens have discovered these places by accident, being clothing optional, where topless girls in panties and college boys naked, had no suits, enjoyed nature and each other, as small groups...Read On


Sexy Stranger

Sex with a stranger is so liberating

The idea of sharing a passionate night with a stranger has appealed to me for as long as I can remember — and I do mean an absolute stranger. We wouldn’t know anything about each other, not even names. A fantasy, of course. I guess we all have private predilections, albeit some more taboo than others. I know of some people’s fantasies and they are far kinkier than mine. I kept mine a...Read On


What Gus isn't Getting

Moonlit fucking in the Australian outback

Blake is slamming into Penny. His hot, thick cock contacts her inner core and it’s alarmingly pleasant, his impressive erection buoyed by continuous strokes and handfuls of Penny in the night. Her fleshy, pert arse glows like a moonlit peach in the Nullarbor’s open air. Gus, Penny and Blake are camped at the end of a day’s drive through nowhere. Their makeshift campervan set-up is surrounded...Read On


Holiday pool sex

The day we fucked in the pool

The holiday hadn't started well-- no rep with a hire car to meet us at the airport, so we had to get a rental car. And then we had to ring the holiday company back in the UK for the combination lock code for the villa. They were very apologetic and promised us compensation on our return. But it was fine now. We were determined to enjoy this treat to ourselves, celebrating my retirement.  ...Read On