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Topic Homo sapiens sapiens raptor?
Posted 30 Sep 2016 16:01

Overmykneenow is on some zootopia shit lol

Sorry I haven't got back to you about furry collab. Next week, yeah?

Topic Gifs Are Not Posting on Walls
Posted 30 Sep 2016 03:17

For a brief moment I thought GIFs had finally been disabled. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case.

Sad times.

Topic Homo sapiens sapiens raptor?
Posted 30 Sep 2016 03:01

I was reading an article about research into the degrees of intra-species lethal behavior which indicated that mammals do it more than other branches, primates more than other mammals and humans most of all primates. The authors speculated that the propensity to violence was a genetic adaption to violent environments.

Which got me to thinking.

Among most Homo sapiens sapiens, the impulse to lethality is low to nonexistent.

However, following the idea that environments push genetic adaptions, isn't it logical that there are in fact, two branches of Homo sapiens sapiens, one adapted to dealing with violent environments with violence, and one adapted to peaceful environments?

Those who are commonly referred to as sociopaths and psychopaths account disproportionately for most lethal violence. Wars tend to be started by sociopaths/psychopaths.

If these conditions were truly due disordered minds, then we would expect to see a wide variety of differences in brain structures as brains being randomly miswired. But that isn't the case: they all tend to share the same brain structures which are different from normal in the same way. And evidence both exists and mounts that these are genetic-based traits.

Could not these people be classified as Homo sapiens sapiens raptor, a predator subspecies of Homo sapiens sapiens, the other branch more properly known as Homo sapiens sapiens pacatus (peaceful)?

What do you think?

Do you have a source for this article because it sounds like a pile of crap written by someone with mental issues of their own.

All social mammals display intra-species violence. Male lions in the wild don't die of old age, they're most commonly killed by other male lions. Intra-species violence is an evolutionary advantage but so is cooperation. Humans have thrived from a balance of these two conflicting states.

The thought that psychopaths are a different species is both ludicrous and dangerous. Dehumanising a section of society allows us to revert them to the status of animals - and we all know how well we treat animals on this planet. The discovery of the so-called "warrior gene" led to similar misunderstanding much like the discovery that European DNA is "tainted" with Neanderthal.

Topic What Pets Do You Have?
Posted 28 Sep 2016 14:16

A very naughty pooch.

I read that as gooch

Topic Orgasm Control
Posted 27 Sep 2016 02:46

My trick is thinking about work, personally.

Sounds sexy

Topic $100 Prize - Design Competition for our Default Avatars
Posted 27 Sep 2016 01:54

If we go this way, it would be a small selection of avatars offered at signup, otherwise it may add a hurdle we don't want. The easier it is to sign up on a site, with the fewest steps, the better.

Or we could go the default route, and pick 2 of the most attractive models, like these:

Any hurdle will see a drop off in new sign-ups. Choosing a username and password puts enough people off, then asking them to choose an avatar ("Will I be able to change it afterwards?") will have them hovering over the close window button.

Defaults should be simple and unobtrusive (think of the twitter "egg") you have to able to see that image on the same page a dozen or more times without it looking weird.

Social networks often use prompts to encourage users to improve their profiles - LinkedIn is probably the most pushy as far this is concerned. Friendly advice about the benefits of improving ones profile - especially to new authors - could appear whenever new users log in.

Whatever way you want to go, I think you still need a third non-selectable one for orphaned forum posts

Topic $100 Prize - Design Competition for our Default Avatars
Posted 13 Sep 2016 02:54

Thanks for your input, OMKN. In retrospect, I agree with most of what you are saying. Anyone who does any design work knows that it often takes several revisions of the same design to come up with something that works. Preliminary conceptions can vary from 'almost there' to 'what the fuck was I thinking?'. You very rarely hit it out of the park on the first try.

I think a more simplistic design would work best. I also love the idea of a neutral avatar to be used for the 'guest' account which posts of deleted members are assigned to. Good thinkin'.

What area of the male anatomy would you choose for design number four?


To be honest, I don't think I would.

I think i'd go for something like a pair of y-fronts and a pair of knickers. Clear and simple but also open for ambiguity (which we have in spades on here). I think it would also encourage new users to "get their kecks off" and replace it with a more interesting and personalised avatar

Topic $100 Prize - Design Competition for our Default Avatars
Posted 13 Sep 2016 00:14

This is quite a tricky concept to create original designs for which avoid the old clichés.
Here are a few sets I've been playing with but am not 100% settled on. I like the hearts. Embarassed

Criticism welcome.

A good start and a decent indicator of what does and doesn't work

1. Don Draper and Charlie's Angel - bit dull (not necessarily a bad thing) but logo behind seems lost and unnecessary. Looks a bit like a re-brand for Islamic State

2. I don't like the watermark - the imagery is ok. I like the colour coding

3. Too busy, pointless branding, colour coding doesn't work any more.

4. Best of the lot. The female is better as it's representative of eroticism - the male is just a male though

We're going to see these a lot so simpler works better. Don't bother branding them - they're not going to be pinched and seeing the url 20 times on a page just looks weird.

On the broader scope - two avatars is certainly enough, unless of course you have plans to expand the options available for gender. Though I would suggest making a non-selectable gender neutral avatar used only for deleted accounts on the forum.

Topic How many Lush users have you revealed your real identity to? How did it go?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 21:01

The article mentioned in that post is down.

Hardly surprising, in fact it's probably for the best.

Topic How many Lush users have you revealed your real identity to? How did it go?
Posted 08 Aug 2016 13:52

Just re-read what I posted on this thread four years ago. I've been here too long.

Best advice: the only people you should ever tell stuff to are people who don't want to know

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 05 Aug 2016 14:05

I think this is funny, but I am not quite sure I get it . . .

That pretty much encapsulates why I'm so amazing.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 05 Aug 2016 08:43

Did you mean 'How about a couple's profile setting?'

Can you give an example of how a 'couple' profile would be different to a regular profile? What additional functionality would be required?

Couples accounts: for guys who would rather pretend they have a bisexual partner rather than pretend to be a bisexual bikini model

Topic If there's any story mods
Posted 19 Jun 2016 10:03

Why say "mentally state" when you could say "think". That way, no one has to work out what you mean.

Personally, internal dialogue is lazy writing. Show readers what your characters are thinking, don't tell them. There are some great articles online that can give you some great examples of how to write in a more "show, don't tell" style.

Topic Why are attractive guys so boring?
Posted 12 Jun 2016 14:16

It usually feels like the guys who look the best don't know how to keep a conversation going
Yeah, but like… you know… that. Know what I mean?

Topic how would you react?
Posted 03 Jun 2016 08:30

Content you want? Here you go! And you are totally correct on the three sides to every story.... There's your side, my side and the TRUTH!!!

Here is but just one of the threads.... Go have a gander yourself

CONTEXT, sweetie, not content.

All you've shown is a pile of internet sniping. This is obviously MASSIVELY IMPORTANT to you but, seriously, no one gives a rat's crap. What you call "DEFENDING" is most likely "COUNTER-ATTACKING" or even better "ESCALATING". There is a difference, drama queens don't tend to care about that though - they have their agenda and they stick to it.

You've been bursting to get this stuff out there, "LOOK EVERYONE, NEW DRAMA!!!!!!". Seriously, no one fucking cares.

Topic how would you react?
Posted 03 Jun 2016 07:01

I am sooo very curious as to when DEFENDING yourself has turned into bullying? I know the REAL victim in this situation because I bought her a gold to help her hide from the harassment she was getting!!! Those of you who know me, know I don't sugar coat anything and I usually keep to myself and avoid all the drama creating individuals here on lush. When I saw this thread my jaw dropped and I went to the TRUE victim to get permission to post my thoughts here .... She finally granted it. There are two sides to every story.... And in my experience usually the one crying wolf has something to hide... Just sayin! I have decided to take Mr. Felix's advice. Below you will find a few snippets here from lush from the one "claiming" victim! I have left out the bloody knifes and truly violent posts out of respect for the victim....

Finally! What's the point of pathetic web feuds if we can't all watch you behaving like kids? I'm glad your side is finally being represented in this, up to now one-sided version of literally-no-one-gives-a-fuck-about events.

Your dossier of screen-grabs is eye-opening and I'm glad you weren't tempted to spoil the narrative with the unnecessary inclusion of context.

Everyone knows that people who have trouble with drama queens ARE drama queens. Everyone also knows the fact there are THREE sides to any story.

Topic how would you react?
Posted 31 May 2016 07:09

Lately I have discovered more that the forum seems to be a place to harass and troll and sadly 'bully'
Lush in general is supposed to be a fun place and a safe one but its not for some people
Maybe I'll sound like I am whining but this actually isn't I think people need to speak up and I think people need to realize that they
actually do not know the person in real life or what they are going through..We all need to be responsible for our actions
People can say over and over again '' This is a sex site'' but what difference does that actually make?

What you would call a "concerned friend" I would call a shit stirrer. She's just giving whoever's attacking you a platform. Be very wary of people like this, while they may even believe they're acting in your best interest, they're really acting for their own interest. I bet any money they're the sort of people who say they don't come on here for drama but somehow, miraculously, seem to attract it anyway.

These people also have a habit of trying to get friends involved in whatever shitty little pointless dispute they have on the forums. They talk about a culture of bullying. A lot. The terms troll and bully and freely thrown around in every online community or social network, the truth is anyone who tries to take advantage of a weakness for their own gain is a bully, be it an angry enemy or a so-called concerned friend.

You're here for no one's amusement but your own. The beauty of this place is the only baggage you have to carry is the stuff you bring with you. Travel light.

Posted 25 May 2016 04:51

It's really quite simple, if you work and improve your writing ability and put together high-quality stories , you will start getting RRs. Whining, crying, and complaining in The Forum is just wasting time you could spend working toward making yourself a better writer.

All good advice but along with your previous post on this thread you've happily ignored the fact that people who are more socially active on this site get more views. Nothing you've said changes my opinion that the more moderators you can get to look at your stuff, the more likely you are to receive an RR.

You said yourself - the verifiers are pushed hard, so if they're reading something on Lush it's either something in the queue or something they already have an interest in reading. If they're reading something randomly on the home page they may as well be reading something in the queue. For the majority of quality authors, whose material will be passed without much problem, the only mod that will ever see a piece of work is the mod who verified it. Unless you can get the interest of other mods, your story will soon be lost amongst all the others.

I've not written in two years for this site, my last story got an RR months after it was published. If you're relying on the approving mod to recommend it, you're relying on the luck of the draw. The verifier for that last story actually scored it a 4 (which she was, of course, perfectly entitled to do).

Posted 25 May 2016 04:16

May I ask where you got that number? I'm curious what the numbers are for the different sections of the site.

The figure is based on the information published on the site home page and on the forum homepage

Taking the figures right now from the forum it tells me that 3289 people are on the site, 149 of which are members, 3140 guests. That actually makes 95.5% non-interactive visitors.

The homepage tells me 51 people are in the chat room - so about a third of the members currently here. While totting up the number of people viewing forum posts adds up to 23 so about 1 in 6. Guests of course can view the forum so that number may include non-interactive users.

74 people in chat rooms and forums, 3215 doing something else.

Posted 24 May 2016 02:31

I have been watching this and just had to add my My 2 cents

Whether you agree or disagree with the topic, EVERY member, especially a paying member, should have the right to post a topic of their choice. Posting off handed comments and pics just to get the thread closed because you do not agree is a pretty low act and shows more about you than the OP.

To the OP, the system will never change but thank you for the discussion. In my opinion, the only fair system would be that when someone submits their story, their name is not displayed to the mod.

BTW, I am surprised that you have not received any going by you average scores dontknow And I am surprised that after 4 years of absence, that mods are still using the term 'butthurt' and calling out members on the forum. See, nothing ever changes lol

Well said. I think it's an excellent idea not to show the author's name when approving a story. The name of the author shouldn't have any bearing on whether a story gets approved or not (or Recommended, for that matter). The best writers surely wouldn't have a problem with that - their quality will shine through whatever, right? It would also help stop a lot of the unnecessary grumbling when it comes to competitions too.

Every member should have the right to question the system without being told by those who are meant to be here to help that it's...

frankly... insulting
frankly insulting
offensive and an insult

Of course member suggestions can also be shrugged off and treated with derision...


is that really how you see the mods? some sort of power hungry entity that's out to make lush a poorer experience for members? btw, that's a very real question - i'd appreciate an honest answer.
I wouldn't mind answering this. I hope your appreciation of honesty extends to me too.

Do I see them as a power hungry entity? No, but I certainly understand why many people do. I can also understand why people are too frightened to admit to that. Mods become mods for their own reasons - some good some bad. Some people join this site and the only thing they want to be is a mod. There are those as well who would struggle to survive on here if they didn't have the security of being part of the mod team. It explains why some people would want to bother still being a mod, when all we ever hear is how arduous and thankless it is (I love that one by the way).

Usually the bad mods are got rid of without much fuss - if you know gossipy mods you can usually find out what happened in PM. When mods get consumed by power they don't usually do it in full public gaze - MrNudiePants going postal in the forum being a notable exception. Power trips aren't the problem though. What is the problem is the slow creep towards institutional thinking. "I deserve this because I make sacrifices for this website", "us mods are so unappreciated by THEM - let's have a group hug".

The RR system was added as a perk for mods. Whenever you add a perk for the mods, by definition you make things relatively worse for those who aren't mods. We all need to remember who the most important people are on this: the Authors. All of them, good or bad. 97% of the traffic on this site is not concerned with this forum or the chat rooms or private messages - it's here to read stories supplied by dozens of authors every single day

Posted 21 May 2016 15:20

To say that the system is corrupt and subject to cronyism is offensive and an insult to story moderators and the hours of work they do gratis. As Buz said, if you want an RR, submit quality writing, and to do that you have to work at it and learn. This is not like children's sports where you get a trophy for showing up.

Sorry, are you talking to me?

Posted 21 May 2016 02:46

Yeah but when you walk into a book store and see that fucking Brad recommended Twilight: New Moon it might as well be anonymous because you don't know fucking Brad. And if you do know Brad then you probably don't need to go to the store to get his recommend.

When video rental places still existed, the one I went to had "staff picks". It didn't say fucking Brad recommends the Little Mermaid.

That's exactly the point though. If Brad has recommended Twilight I'm probably not going to bother picking up any other of his recommendations. It's like when you see 5 star ratings on movie posters. I'm more likely to believe the 5 stars from magazines and reviewers whose opinion I respect rather 5 star reviews from celebrity gossip websites.

Posted 21 May 2016 01:05

The administration and other story moderators can and do see which mod gives an RR. This information is also available to the writer in their timeline. I assure everyone that these are monitored and, rarely, Nicola herself has reminded the moderating staff to carefully consider how and when these are awarded. Rest assured that we don't hand these out in a vacuum.

To me; that is how it should be. I do not see any reason a third party should be made aware of what mod awarded an RR to a story that was not theirs. Why it would be so critical for a person other than the writer or other mods to have that information is beyond me, but I assure you that the drama it would cause would quickly put an end to anyone like me awarding one. We have enough scrutiny and necessity to explain ourselves in threads like this to invite that kind of personal second guessing.

But that's exactly what makes the recommendation process utterly meaningless. If you walked into a bookshop and saw "Recommended by anonymous" you would be well within your rights to question the validity of the recommendation.

I appreciate the drama and difficulty involved in having a transparent system but it means we're left with an opaque system which, as you've alluded to, has and will naturally gravitate towards cronyism. It will always be questioned. It was an ill-concerned idea, albeit with the best intentions.

If people want to be recommended, the process is simple: get as many friends as you can who are mods. And make sure you get them to read your stuff. The more who read it, the more likely one of them will recommend it. It's playing a percentage game. If you're only relying on the person who approved it to give it an RR you're just relying on luck.

Topic Bad forum topic ideas
Posted 18 May 2016 04:28

Where are you today on the Bristol scale?

Topic Bad forum topic ideas
Posted 18 May 2016 04:05

What's the story behind your password?

Topic Bad forum topic ideas
Posted 18 May 2016 03:56

Say something unsettlingly creepy about the poster above

Actually, I think there's a whole section of the forum devoted to that

Topic Censorship or not?
Posted 18 May 2016 03:42

statement retracted as being counter productive

Oh great, now we have self-censorship added to the mix

Topic Should serial trolling be allowed in forums?
Posted 15 May 2016 13:24

This thread has gotten us nowhere. If I could, I'd shut it down. I started this thread because big mouthed insensitive comments keep getting made by the same people over and over. Do you honestly think I'm going to list them all here? Yes, Felix is most definitely someone I was talking about. Everyone knows it. I had stopped posting when Liz and Coco got involved. I had blocked Felix and Kiera, but I was bated back in. Eleven posts had been made before I responded to comments aimed in my direction. Eleven. I was baited and not very nicely either. Just delete the thread already. I get its inflammatory. That wasn't my intention, I just was trying to see what the silent majority thought. So punish me, and leave them be. Just please close this thread. I won't be responsible for anymore hostility spewing from anyone else's keyboard. And just to be clear. I respect the mods. The ones that decided to pop in, well...I still appreciate their dedication and helping out. I know it's not paid labor. There are a lot of mods. The last thing I wanted to do was offend them. It's not s job most would want and they keep this site going. Did o delete one? Yes but I realized they were redundant.
That's all I'm gonna say.

Please delete this thread.

I've waited 14 for you to reconsider your assertion that I threatened you. You take my advice as a threat but at the same time you say that those who think you're referring to people as fools as twisting your words. You can see how some people might struggle with your argument.

You think there's a silent majority that agrees with you. There isn't. Your friends don't make a majority. The silent majority don't give a shit either way. Trust me, your experience here will be a lot better here if you take a leaf out of their book.

If you can't bear to take note of anything I say, I strongly suggest you take note of the advice of others on this thread. Deleting this thread will throw a lot of good advice away.

Topic Should serial trolling be allowed in forums?
Posted 15 May 2016 06:10

Don't hold back, I haven't noticed the others holding back too much. At least Rachel showed some class and made valid points. I don't know if you realize this, but I blocked him and Kiera hours ago. It seems odd to me that mods are the few that can't let it go.

By the way, this is a very VALID question. An inconvenient truth that, for some reason, those that could do something choose not too. So, whether I post this shit or not, someone else will. It just makes you look like fools.

Also, I see no difference in maligning my opinion to completely deleting the post and censorship. Both make me question your character..

You really need to be careful when you start making psychological evaluations online. Taking Wikipedia outlines of personality disorders and shaping the bits you see as relevant, is something that could easily bite you in the ass.

You say "trolls" (your interpretation of what that means, at least) lack empathy. My experience couldn't be further from that. Real trolls know exactly how to piss individuals off, exactly which buttons need pressing. When I annoy someone on here, it really is no accident. If someone's opinion is laughable - i'll mock it, anything less gives it validity, and that's the last thing I want to bring across.

You say trolls suffer from a social disorder but ask yourself, who has the more apparent psychological problem? The troll or a person who can't stand people disagreeing with them. A person who also creates conspiracy theories to explain why things happen

Topic The inability to let someone go- an excuse for murder?
Posted 13 May 2016 21:00

I think my term 'cold blooded' was incorrect. I was meaning to imply premeditation, but of course the two aren't necessarily the same thing, are they? With a suitable degree of anger, entitlement or fear, one could maintain emotions through a 200 mile drive. Clearly nobody could argue that his actions lacked premeditation, so that should really have been in my wording.

And yes, I understand that you're not trying to justify his position TheAngryishLover. Understanding and condoning are not the same thing and I get that. If indeed he believes that he was justified in killing her then he truly is a dangerous person who should not be allowed out in society because his morals are totally at odds with the law.

I get that there is a sliding scale of all sorts of personality traits and values- I just have no idea how someone who has these beliefs gets to be an adult without having already been put away for all sorts of antisocial crimes. His responses to change in his personal relationships have all of the complexity of a two year old in full tantrum mode.

Is there a link you can provide for this story? The story I've found happened in Sheffield - he lived in Colchester. I can't find anything in the (albeit sketchy) reports about any motives behind the attack. All they say is that they were in business together. They don't even mention if he was married or not.

None of which justifies in any way what he did - and it wouldn't surprise me at all if the details of the case turn out exactly as you describe - but if we want to discuss why something happened we should be clear of the circumstances surrounding the case.