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Topic Do I still need to wear a sports bra ?
Posted 20 May 2015 11:26


Of course, I am my AV too - but I always wear a running bra. OMKN you remain deliciously merciless! Haha xx

I bet Adriana doesn't need to wear a sports bra

Topic Do You Consider Yourself To Be A Feminist?
Posted 20 May 2015 06:38

I think I shouldn't reply anymore.

It's probably for the best. At the moment it looks like you're getting ever closer to saying "actually, it's about ethics in games journalism"

Topic Do You Consider Yourself To Be A Feminist?
Posted 20 May 2015 05:33

Buddy, read my elaborated arguments against feminism and take your shot.

I have, and they're not particularly enlightening. You say that feminism is flawed because some feminists hold extreme views (personally I wouldn't say these people are feminists, I'd call them misandrists). Using your logic conservatives are just moderate fascists and liberals are just moderate communists.

You talk of collectivism as if being a woman is somehow a life choice. You seem to be able to grasp the need for everyone to be treated on a basis that ignores gender but you seem to be blind to the fact that systematic inequalities exist.

You seem to like flipping arguments so let's flip one of yours...

You say - "Demanding an individual to be given opportunity, attention and regard solely based on gender is not rational."

I would say - "Denying an individual opportunity, attention and regard solely based on gender is not rational"

Most level headed people would say that feminism has more to do with the second statement than it does with the first.

Topic Do You Consider Yourself To Be A Feminist?
Posted 20 May 2015 02:41

Woah. So I'm not a feminist, I must hate women. Wonderful.

What you've done there is what's known as a False Dilemma. Attacking binary thought like this is one of the great things about feminism.

Topic how rare is your personality quiz
Posted 20 May 2015 02:23

Old bubble burster up there - we all want to feel a bit rare and special sometimes.

I gave it a whirl and apparently I'm very rare. Exactly the answer I wanted.

Your personality type is dominant, driven, poised, and self-aware.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 6% of all men
You are Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving.

Topic Textured condoms
Posted 20 May 2015 02:12

I have been using one band and type of condom forever (Okamoto Platinum) but the girl I am seeing right now has these pleasure for her ribbed condoms.

Does the texture condoms make a difference? Does it enhance the pleasure?

Why not wear them inside out so they're ribbed for your pleasure instead

Topic Do I still need to wear a sports bra ?
Posted 20 May 2015 02:08

Real world: Of course you do.

Fantasy world in which you actually look like that morphed pic of the Twilight girls: Hell no.

Topic Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted 20 May 2015 01:25

If you click on the 3 horizontal white lines in the top left, you should see a desktop link there. Let me know if you have any problems. A few people had this issue, which is why we added the second link.

Also, the mobile version of Chrome has the very useful "Request desktop site" feature which overrides the redirect to the mobile site

Topic what is the female equivalent of...
Posted 18 May 2015 00:44


Topic Slutty or Classy?
Posted 18 May 2015 00:00

So I'm curious...

Your in a bar, and want to get lucky tonight. You look around for a gal (or guy if that's your thing) to try and chat up. There are three woman at the bar.

A slutty girl/boy, clearly easy, pretty much a sure thing.
A classy woman/man, you're gonna have to try hard with this one.
A gal/bloke somewhere in the middle, can't really tell if their a slut or not.

Who do you offer a drink?

So we're purely going on how they look in this bar situation.

It would have to be the woman in the middle ground as she would be the only one - from sight - to be comfortable with herself. The classy one is uncomfortable with the situation and given the responses so far she'd be right to feel that way as she's going to be batting off unwanted attention all evening.

The "slut" is obviously compensating for something. Approach her if you must but don't be surprised if she has her arms around someone else's neck when you come back from the toilet.

To be honest, if they are together I won't be approaching any of them. Three women who are so externally diverse have either been friends for a hell of a long time or they're related. Either way, if I don't get signals informing me otherwise, approaching any of them isn't going to add anything to their evening.

Topic how rare is your personality quiz
Posted 17 May 2015 14:25

There are 16 different personality types on the system - each with an average of 6.25%

Given that, you can't really class anything near 6.25% as "rare".

Topic Would you meet someone off Lush for sex?
Posted 17 May 2015 07:13

How about meet two Lushies at the same time maybe?

I've been lucky enough to meet two lushies at once. Sadly (for me) just for a drink not for sex, but had a fun time.

Topic Mom arrested on terrorism for Facebook rant that called for "Death to all white cops nationwide
Posted 16 May 2015 03:46

cliques often do that

Slow down, your subtext is showing

Topic Sexy Sub Seeking Discreet Online Master
Posted 15 May 2015 07:19

Hello. I am an older submissive at 54 seeking an older ( preferably at least 40) experienced online Master/Mentor. I am considered to be sexy, fun and energetic. I weigh about 125 pounds, blue eyes, 5'6 athletic and in good shape. I love the outdoors, photography, riding horses and camping.

I will not do webcams or skype so please do not ask. I do have erotic photos I will share if we become friends. I am not looking for a one time thing or someone just wanting a sub to get them off. I am looking for an ongoing relationship for online only

I seek a Master who wants and desires only ONE sub as I do not share. A Dom who is a REAL Dom, and if you are a real Dom you know what I mean by that statement. Not a player, switch or she male. I do not play with other females. I am strictly one on one.

So check out my profile and if you think you might be interested or need to know more and have questions please contact me through here by email.

Thank You for your time

This should be posted here

Topic Your Politics: Summed Up
Posted 14 May 2015 08:59

I wouldn't say that these are based on UKIP policies at all. In fact, they could be considered a broad spectrum of policies from other parties.

There is no such thing as a laissez faire market. There has to be regulation. All businesses are regulated in one form another and regulation is necessary to benefit the whole economy.

Ireland's problems were as a result of irresponsible lending and, like Greece, irresponsible tax avoidance. Providing affordable housing will create many thousands of jobs and create many more service industries as well as developing better infrastructure. If we can find £150B for Trident and a new rail network then a housing boom will be peanuts in comparison.

Research tells me that under the old grammar school system there was a higher standard of education and as for scrap heap , well, many of those who failed their 11+ went on to good state education and a supporting apprenticeship scheme s . As an employer , I can tell you that the state of some CV s that cross my desk are appalling, especially from graduates!

No idea what life was like in the 1950's and I wouldn't advocate a return to it either. All I do know is that since the war we have tried ideology after ideology and it doesn't work. A country should be run like a business. Generate income to fund services and provide investment for future growth. It's not rocket science. It's basic common sense. We just need to change people's thinking, cut out the ideology crap and get a board of directors who know what they are doing to run the place. Simples!

This whole system you want of "anti-politics" is a complete farce dreamt up by the backers of UKIP.

Why on earth do you think that doctors and nurses would run the NHS any better - do you seriously think that BA is run by a pilot?

You say you want to get rid of career politicians but then you want to create a whole new level of elected government! You want to fill government with company directors? It already is - that's half the problem.

Topic Your Politics: Summed Up
Posted 14 May 2015 08:35

I took the test that was proposed earlier in this thread ( ):

Economic Left/Right: -5.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.05

I wouldn't exactly label myself as a 'leftist libertarian' however... SocialLibertarianAuthoritarian-4.05.jpg

Sound like you've just experienced cognitive dissonance - the difference between what you think you are and what you actually are. Go with what you think you are rather than what this test tells you. The authors of this test are a group of anti-globalisation campaigners, so it will have a tendency towards the left.

The leftward leaning statements are meant to make you sound evil if you disagree. The reverse is true of the more right wing statements.

I really wouldn't trust the results of this test

Topic A little note about multi-part stories.
Posted 13 May 2015 10:51

To write flash fiction well, one has to be very selective about the word choice and how to convey much without using lots of filling .... but being sparse is entirely different and doesn't make that cut. To me, flash is similar to a well written poem - convey not just the scene, but evoke an emotion. That's a winner!

The disappointing thing in my opinion about the stories appearing in the FE category is they just seem to be shortened stories; as if the author has seen it as a challenge to write a normal story that limboes in under 1000 words. For me the challenge is to come with a piece of stand alone erotica rather than something that has to "make sense".

We do seem to have an increase of authors coming in and immediately starting multi-chapter works. I wonder if many of them have come from a rival site and think this is the best way to start without actually developing interest in their writing through stand-alone stories.

Topic What's a good, sexy female name for an erotic story?
Posted 11 May 2015 07:16

Hootie McBoobs

Topic What is the best Mid Range DSLR Camera for your money?
Posted 11 May 2015 05:42

A kind soul sent me this link:

I'm leaning towards a Nikon, although you seem to get a lot of camera for your money with Canons too.

To be fair, they've both led the market from day one.

What sort of zoom are you looking for? That lens will give you the equivalent of 3x zoom, which for most photography is fine but if you already have a compact with 20x or more optical zoom you might find 3x a bit limiting especially if you want to get into wildlife or sports photography, or you fancy becoming a paparazzo

Topic What is the best Mid Range DSLR Camera for your money?
Posted 11 May 2015 04:18

It looks like my budget restricts me to entry level cameras:

It might be better buying a second hand mid-range one instead, although you don't get any guarantees it isn't faulty.

Most of the Nikons on that list don't have an AF motor built in - they rely on one in the lens if you want that function. (You want that function)

This looks pretty good... Link

Topic Your Politics: Summed Up
Posted 11 May 2015 03:23


Cut. Cut. Cut. Taxation should be kept to the minimum. High taxation hurts the less well off - pensioners and low paid workers. It also encourages tax avoidance and tax evasion; encourages (socialist) governments to waste money on non productive services or industries and it also acts as a disincentive for people to work hard.

Build. Build. Build.
We need more housing. Open up the greenbelt areas. Bypass planning objections and build. Housing not only provides homes but creates jobs, which in turn increases the tax take. Service providers as well as infrastructure providers will build as well. It's a win, win situation all round.

Encourage more private education. Bring back grammar schools. Get rid of OFSTED and get back to proper GCE exam standards. Means test University fees so that only higher rate tax payers pay on a sliding income scale. Increase fees for foreign students (including EU countries) so that UK citizens have priority.

National Health Service
Encourage the private sector to take over some of the services. Strip out areas middle management - number crunchers and consultants. Force the pharmaceutical companies to provide medicines at marginal cost through higher taxation. Bring back matrons and put hospital management under the control of doctors and nursing professionals.

Keep Trident, increase the size of our armed forces and spend more on equipment. Defence suppliers should also be treated the same way as the pharmaceutical companies. (They too have ripped us off for years!)

Hold a Referendum and then get out. It's a failure and it's just a Franco-German empire run by bureaucrats from Luxembourg and Belgium.

Foreign Policy
The Armed Forces should only be used to defend the UK and its direct interests.

Law and Order
Increase the size of the police force. Reinstate the death penalty for capital crimes and end parole. A jail term should be served in full.

Follow the Australian system. If you have a skill that is in short supply here and a high level of capital, then, welcome. Our infrastructure needs sorting first before we relax immigration policy.

Parliament etc.,
Cut the number of MP's to 500. Replace House of Lords with an elected assembly. Cabinet members must have a CV that makes them fit for the position. We need to discourage the blight of career politicians who have no experience of either the real world or working in the department they are to run. Also, all MP's should not be able to hold any other paid employment.

Banks should forced to lend more to industry. Casino banking should be banned and executive bonuses be restricted to the equivalent of one month's salary.

A bunch of naive UKIP policies based on whatever the tabloid press thinks will sell newspapers.

You seem to be insisting on a free market but at the same time insisting on a extreme left wing notion of forcing the business practices of banks and pharmaceuticals

Build, build, build? Just like they did in Ireland? Reducing demand will cause prices to collapse - that's basic economics. Good news for first time buyers. Horrendous news for all those people who invested in the housing market - throwing millions into negative equity. Also devastating news for all those private pension companies and insurance companies who have huge sums of money tied up in the only decent investment vehicle in the UK - property.

Bring back grammar schools? Because we need children to have their life plan decided at 11 years old! Failed your 11+? That's the scrap heap for you. Still it would create an underclass for you to shit on.

Life wasn't so great in the 1950s - don't think returning to it would improve things for you

Topic What is the best Mid Range DSLR Camera for your money?
Posted 10 May 2015 08:38

I'd strongly recommend something from the Nikon range. I've had my D80 for years now and I love it. I've had three Canon compacts but find their DSLRs too fiddly in my hands. The grip on it feels far too small but that might make it perfect for people with smaller hands.

Buying the body and lens separately will probably prove better in the long run. Most Nikon's come with an 18-55mm lens which you'll soon find limiting. I have an 18-130mm lens on mine which has proven to a great all-rounder for me. You don't want to be swapping lenses on a DSLR because getting dust off your sensor is a pain in the arse. The slightly larger all glass lens can make it a bit weighty to carry around all day so that's another thing you might want to consider.

Go somewhere you can pick them up and play with them. Canon or Nikon - if it feels right, it probably is right.

Topic Remember your loved one – by putting their ashes in a dildo...
Posted 01 May 2015 07:33

At least they're not branding it as Ashes4Gashes

Topic Primal Instincts
Posted 01 May 2015 03:23

The id is a powerful thing and can make us do and say pretty stupid things if we let it.

This man isn't tapping into his repressed caveman - he's blaming women for all the shit in his life. "Wouldn't it be easier if i just took what i wanted?" - no shit. Trouble is, there's always going to be a bigger caveman around the next corner who wants what you've just taken - and guess what he's going to do to you to get it.

Current debates about "rape culture" and other forms of misogyny can sometimes derail the fact many men have thoughts like this and it's nothing to do with society or how they were brought up - horrifyingly it seems to be innate. What rape culture does allow is for this guy to somehow work out some fucked up way of justifying his dangerous urges.

Topic Profile Playlists - Grooveshark just shut down
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Topic Profile Playlists - Grooveshark just shut down
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Topic Profile Playlists - Grooveshark just shut down
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Topic Profile Playlists - Grooveshark just shut down
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Topic Something fun to play with
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Topic Pet Pevs
Posted 29 Apr 2015 01:42

Incorrect spelling....
haha Zing!