Group Sex(7)


P90sex adventure part 1

A couple pushes the limit when they meet new friends.

The P90SEX Adventure Part #1 Friday night has become our favourite night of the week to go out. Today, in particular, is a perfect summer night with temperatures around 27 o C. My wife, Allie, looks beautiful in her skirt which falls just above her knees, and her top is just see-through enough. I mean you have to look to be able to see her beautiful breasts but if the lighting is right,...Read On


P90SEX adventures part 2A

A group of six friends pick up where they left of the night before. The P90SEX game is taken to a n

The P90SEX Adventures Part #2A What an experience; last night was simply incredible! Who’d have known that this type of thing happened behind the closed doors of none other than the Penthouse suite of a reputable downtown hotel? Such beautiful views from both the inside and out! Allie and I laid in our own bed back in our hotel room, not saying a word. We had spent a lot of energy...Read On


P90SEX Allie’s squash tournament

Allie enters a squash tournament where the winner takes it all!

“Ouch!” Allie yelped. “That really hurt." Allie began frantically rubbing her ass after receiving the full velocity of a squash ball right on her butt cheek. Dave rushed over to apologize and to assist her in any way he could. “I’m so sorry. I hope you’re OK," he said apologetically. “This is going to leave a mark on my ass for sure. I did not realize that the competition was so fierce...Read On


P90SEX Chaper 3: The beach party

The perfect beach party. Allie, Andre and their friends discover new ways to party

P90SEX Chapter 3: THE BEACH PARTY From in front of my computer, I called out to my wife who was in the next room, “Allie, I just got an email from Natalie. She says that we can arrive at her place any time from three o’clock this Friday. I might schedule myself off so that we can get there early.” “Great idea," Allie replied. “I’ll make plans to take the day off too so that we can...Read On


P90sex Party Games for Adults Only

Allie and her friends are playing some very sexy games.

The smell of breakfast came wafting up from the kitchen. Andre slowly became aware of his surroundings and moved Allie into him to kiss her. After the energy that was spent last night, they were both famished. He could hear the sound of their friends’ voices coming from downstairs and with all of the culinary smells that filled their bedroom, they made a concerted effort to get out of bed...Read On

Show Time

A surprise invitation to mysterious Caribbean resort turns out to be a fantasy come true for Allie.

Show Time (The names of the participants have been changed to protect their reputation and anonymity.) James Randal was sitting in the living room of his Hollywood mansion watching the end of a live sex show that his friend had recorded for him, when his phone rang. “James, have you watched the DVD yet?” Stephen chirped through the phone. James had known Stephen since they were in...Read On


The P90SEX Adventures Part 2B

This is the continuation from part 2A.

The P90SEX Adventures Part 2B Note, please read part 2A before, this is the continuation from part 2A. The girls headed back into the shower with the six guys behind them. Inside the shower the guys encircled the girls. From where we sat we could no longer see them. The dancers stood discussing the upcoming act with the girls privately, before the circle opened up and the girls...Read On