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08 Jul 2017 07:01

08 Jul 2017 06:59

There is nothing better then listening to Il Divo before going to be~

10 Mar 2016 00:16

10 Mar 2016 00:06

There is nothing in the world better the a pug hug!

09 May 2014 10:25

Here in Ohio there is more snow on the way! Where is spring? Certainly not here!

29 Mar 2014 10:08

This world is full of inconsiderate just saw a woman hit a car and run away and when she was caught she said she thought she heard something~ Show some consideration please this poor man i felt so bad for him

03 Mar 2014 11:19

Just waiting to see if we flood or not ! If i don't get on her tomorrow i have floated away!

20 Feb 2014 22:37

It is good to be the queen!

27 Dec 2013 10:58

There is nothing better the love of good friends they make not having family alot better~

22 Sep 2013 23:26

Love love love my friends

14 Feb 2012 16:12

Love love love my friends

14 Feb 2012 16:12

I am feeling better dealing with all the stuff that has happened to me this month I am not sure it is ever going to get better

28 Oct 2011 16:03

miss you wish you were here for one last hug or conversation

28 Jun 2011 11:48

I want a True Blood sandwich right now !

24 Jun 2011 10:44

Love Love Love Bad things and Jace Everett and love love True Blood

20 Jun 2011 18:25

I need to be among friends right now RIP Scott you were an amazing friend and a wonderful musician you touched so many lives and I don't think you ever knew it.

09 Jun 2011 12:14

I am lacking sexual desire and it is because I have found out I am starting early menopause how do I fix my lack of sexual desire caused by menopaue.

04 Jun 2011 22:10

Love American Idol! Go Scotty!!! Lauren is good but Scotty is better

19 May 2011 19:44

To all my friends I have been super busy and I haven't been here for awhile I will be back when I can. I love you all

17 May 2011 13:06

I am just thinking about things and I just can't figure out what in the world is going on here. All I want is one person in my life who understands that money isn't the only thing in life. I am tired of always giving and giving and never ever getting anything in return. Just once I would like to be the one who takes instead of gives. It would be nice to have someone love and cerish me for exactly who I am.

13 May 2011 14:33

It is going to start raining and I hate storms with a passion they scare the hell out of me

12 May 2011 10:37

I think all we can do is live life the way you want to and not care so much about what people may say but that is easier said then done for me.

02 May 2011 20:36

I am so glad I am back I had major computer issues I didn't do it on purpose.

01 May 2011 15:48

Had fun last night never knew a dog could burp as loud as Bear did.

25 Mar 2011 18:59

I have no tolerance for stupid people today!

24 Mar 2011 16:31

there are certain things you don't ask a mom and you wonder why I defriended you

23 Mar 2011 18:21


22 Mar 2011 18:12

I am trying to figure out what makes me feel good. I give and give and give but I don't ask for anyone to give back to me. I don't want to be selfish and ask. Because Would feel selfish if I asked.

19 Mar 2011 21:25

I am trying to find my sensual self again she was lost along time ago and I wonder weather I will ever find her again

19 Mar 2011 08:10