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Topic Married Women
Posted 11 Feb 2015 06:29

Would you have sex with a married woman and if you have how did she compare to a single woman?

Yes, and I have.

I think the more interesting comparison is not been 'married' and 'single', but between 'in a relationship' and 'not in a relationship'.

I suspect, based on my own experiences, that sex with someone in a relationship is more likely to be a physical activity, without obligations. Whereas sex with someone not in a relationship includes the possibility for all sorts of emotional interactions too.

Topic Do guys really imagine having sex with all of their female friends?
Posted 10 Feb 2015 09:36

Many, but not all.

There are some who I don't find sexually attractive - great friends, but not sexually attractive
There are some who are off limits because it would really mess up inter- or intra- family relationships.
There are some with whom it would be illegal, in this country.

Topic How long beetween cumming
Posted 21 Jan 2015 11:48

Don't get concerned about intervals until the phrase 'multiple orgasms' means one in winter, one in summer.crybaby

Topic Just for porn or is it true?
Posted 24 Nov 2014 09:22

It's not something I prefer to happen.

For me, the sensation of being brought to a climax when enveloped by a lady's mouth, pussy or other opening is far, far more sensually satisfying than teh sensation of using my hand, even with teh visual stimulation that accompanies it.

Topic Do you guys enjoy watching your cocks being inside your lover's mouth?
Posted 24 Nov 2014 09:18

Most definitely I like seeing and watching my cock in her mouth - so, please, nothing too subdued when it comes to the lighting level.

Topic Does it turn you on when a woman licks your nipples during sex?
Posted 24 Nov 2014 07:04

Hey guys does it turn you when a woman licks your nipples during sex or tugs your nipple piercing?
No, not at all.

But there are other places..................

Topic Guys, have you had sex, either anal or oral with another guy
Posted 24 Nov 2014 07:02

I am a late convert being bisexual and wonder how many guys on lush have had sex with a guy
What a strange question for 'Ask the Gals'. d'oh!

Topic How big are your cocks
Posted 14 Nov 2014 03:29

At rest: 2.5 inches
Ready: 6 inches

Topic How often are you told "No" when it comes to sex?
Posted 07 Nov 2014 08:54

Unfortunately my wife's prolapse means that I have been living with an apologetic 'No' for some considerable time now.

Topic How did you guys feel when you lost your virginity?
Posted 02 Nov 2014 03:16

It was with my fiancée and I was left feeling that making love was rather over-rated.

I discovered later, with the lady who's now my wife, that making love actually involves physical as well as emotional participation by both parties and can then result in the most earth shattering climaxes.

To be explicit, when I lost my virginity, my fiancée allowed me to use her body, gave the impression she was enjoying the activity, but didn't participate in an active way.

Topic Favorite football team?
Posted 16 Sep 2014 09:51

Every team that beats Manchester United.

Topic Her orgasm or yours?
Posted 14 Sep 2014 06:04

I'm totally in agreement with your views.

Topic Guys, have you ever paid a woman for sex?
Posted 11 Sep 2014 00:29

Marriage is the price men pay for sex. Sex is the price women pay for marriage.

Topic do you prefer big or small boobs??
Posted 05 Sep 2014 09:32

I prefer them in even numbers.
Many years ago a friend was the principal at a technical college that trained, amongst other students, apprentices and technicians working for a manufacturer of ladies underwear.

A crucial part of the training course was the design and manufacture of bras for ladies with more than two breasts, which meant design and build of bras for women with four, five or six breasts. The recommended approach was to produce a garment that provided maximum concealment of all but two breasts.

I presume that nowadays this training would also include design and manufacture of bras for ladies who had undergone one or more mastectomies.

Topic What is the sexiest thing a girl can wear to bed?
Posted 08 Aug 2014 06:31

Small dabs of a gentle perfume in all the right places - nothing too overpowering.

Topic Guys, have you ever paid a woman for sex?
Posted 04 Aug 2014 09:40

Someone once wrote that men don't pay women for sex, what they pay for is the freedom to walk away afterwards.

Topic What does it feel like?
Posted 31 Jul 2014 14:31

I have always wondered what an erection feels like. It looks uncomfortable to me, but the boys just love it. What does it feel like to lose physical control of your organ when you are aroused, and what does a male orgasm feel like?

So Jacquie, have we answered your questions? Or are more descriptions needed?

Topic What does it feel like?
Posted 29 Jul 2014 07:56

I overlooked one other feature of having an erection, that applies to men who who have a foreskin.

For these men an erection is likely to uncover the head of the penis and this exposes a much more sensitive set of nerve endings to whatever might make contact with the head.

To get some idea of the difference in sensation try this....

Press your tongue against the inside of your cheek and then rub your finger over the outside of your cheek - remember the feeling you get in your tongue.

Now stick your tongue out and rub your finger over the part of the tongue that felt your finger through your cheek.

That's about like the difference in sensitivity.

Incidentally, it's probably best not to try this in the office as colleagues may well ask what your doing Lwinking

Topic What does it feel like?
Posted 28 Jul 2014 09:46

I have always wondered what an erection feels like. If your nipples become erect we you're aroused then the sensation is a bit like that, but nipples have smaller mass so are less affected by gravity.

It looks uncomfortable to me, but the boys just love it. Obviously if an erection is constrained by tight underwear or other means then it can be more than uncomfortable. If you're ever with a man who's aroused and he starts trying, surreptitiously or openly, to rearrange himself in teh underpants area, then he's reacting to feeling uncomfortable.

What does it feel like to lose physical control of your organ when you are aroused, and what does a male orgasm feel like? What it feels like is very dependent on the circumstances and can range from severely embarrassing to absolutely marvellous. And generally a male orgasm that isn't premature, is the culmination of a most wonderful experience.

Hope that helps........

Topic Escorts - Poll
Posted 01 Jul 2014 08:40

Hi Danielle

I think you're going to get answers that can't be properly compared. The problem is that the cost/hour will vary by geography, both within a country and between countries.

I've just made a quick check in the part of the UK where I live and the 'normal' GFE rate is not more than $150 per hour. That seems to be what the market will bear round here.

Topic Escorts
Posted 30 Jun 2014 06:21

CunningLinguist143 may be right about my expertise, or alternatively I may have an adequate imagination to give the impression of being an expert.

You'll just have to make your own minds up, which it isevil4

Topic Escorts
Posted 27 Jun 2014 05:20

In no particular order: age (not too young), nationality (so language won't be a problem - I like someone to talk to), services offered, location, feedback reports.

Topic Prince Albert (PA) piercing
Posted 18 Apr 2014 10:14

If your partner has a PA is there a point at which you ask them to remove it? And if you ask them to remove it, why?
If it's left in, does it increase your enjoyment?

Topic have you ever been paid for sex?
Posted 27 Jan 2014 09:25

At some time before WW1, the author George Bernard Shaw asked a Duchess if she would sleep with him for £500. (£500 was alot of money)
The considered response was "Yes".
"Would you sleep with me for £5?" he then asked.
"What sort of lady do you think I am?"
"I thought we'd established that and were just discussing your price," said Shaw.

Topic Prince Albert's
Posted 06 Jan 2014 05:25

To start the count - I have one and have found that some ladies love it, some like it, others don't. I guess it's like all sorts of other things you may or may not have that show us up as all different.

Topic Circumsized or not
Posted 10 Oct 2013 01:28

Do you prefer men who are circumsized, or not, or doesn't it make any difference?

Topic Where did you lose your virginity?
Posted 18 Aug 2013 03:43

On a rug, in front of a roaring fire, whilst babysitting at a friend's house. And it was many, many years ago when the Pill was very avant garde!