A Week At The Office - Part Four

BDSM, slave, Master

I swallow my nerves, and look up at You.   “As You wish, Master.   I am Your slave and I exist for Your pleasure.”   We have spoken about this quite a few times now, and I always thought I would be completely ready when the time came.   But the time has come, and I feel as if everything is moving in slow motion.   I desperately want You to do this – to be able to give myself to You...Read On


A Week At The Office - Part One

slave spends a week working as PA to her Master

As I walk in I am a little nervous.   I report to reception and give my name.   The lady behind the desk smiles and makes small talk as she signs me in, then with a, “follow me” she leads me down a short corridor into a small but fairly busy office.   I am looking around as inconspicuously as I can, trying to find You among the people, but a quick recce tells me You are not here.   I...Read On


A Week At The Office - Part Three

A little tamer than previous parts, but more to come!

I fold my arms and do likewise, determined to do well in this task that You have set me.   I gradually get used to the feeling and my breathing becomes regular again, but I start to panic as the film ends and I swear I can hear the toy buzzing deep in my ass… then I realise that You have changed it to a pulsing sensation, and I find that I can barely hear it myself. You look at me...Read On


A Week At The Office - Part Two

The week continues...

As I pull into the car park the next morning, and park in the numbered bay that has been reserved for me, I am a little surprised to see that I am here before You.   I glance at my watch and see that I am in fact 20 minutes early.   I know how You despise lateness, and I am determined to make You especially proud of me this week.   As I shift in my seat, I can tell that my pussy is...Read On


An Interlude In The Country


We are in Your car heading towards the hotel, and I am in a flurry of sexual excitement, desperate to have Your cock inside me.   I’m not good at waiting at the best of times, and the fact You are so calm and collected – as always – and without a hint of need makes me worse.   I’m really pushing my luck, occasionally dancing my fingers over your crotch and things and letting my hands...Read On