pancakez's Blog Entries

23 Oct 2014 18:27

Just started reading the Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini, dragons, yay!

04 Sep 2014 16:44

Destroyed my legs today cycling cross country for 22 miles. D:

01 Aug 2014 12:11

I seem to have attracted a record number of wierdo tryhard friend requests this week, something I did? :O

Especially find the ones amusing that say they enjoyed my profile and are looking to "train me as a sub", they must have been enjoying my profile so much they didn't read the entire section about me hating dominants!

28 Jul 2014 22:58

Reading the book Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, love this author!

28 Jul 2014 15:54

Never wished for winter so much in my life, this summer is killing me! Only so far you can strip down in public before you get arrested..

26 Aug 2013 13:07

Got a new story coming soon!~

28 May 2013 20:54

God why am I awake at 5 am..

14 Apr 2013 06:57

Been a bad girl this weekend.. maybe I will write another story about it.. blush xx

31 Mar 2013 03:48

Thank you all so much for your kind words on my second story, really means a lot! xxx

24 Mar 2013 04:03

So sorry for being away so long! Had to buy a new computer, now I am poor! Will try to get around to replying to everyone as soon as I can! Mwah! xx

01 Mar 2013 17:37

Going out with my gurls tomorrow night, first time in the new town! :]

26 Feb 2013 04:41

So I just woke up and heard some very excited male noises coming from my friend Chloe's room on the way back from the kitchen.. didn't take her and our new house mate very long to make friends..

25 Feb 2013 07:03

I vow never to attempt writing again whilst sick, after reading through it again it sounds so repetitive I'm embarassed.

24 Feb 2013 15:41

Submitted my first story for approval, fingers crossed. Don't be too harsh, my first time!

24 Feb 2013 06:38

Just my luck, caught flu and quarantined in my room by my lovely caring housemates! >.<

23 Feb 2013 17:39

My first official day in Lushland, what to do first, when should I start writing? To much to think about!