Love Stories(1)


Jelly Legs

we found a good excuse to get away

I was sitting the other day, remembering us, in the early days. I had known you a year already, through some mutual friends. We both had partners and we were unhappy with our lots in life. You were a good friend , we laughed , listened to each other when we were sad or worried. I had only saw you as a friend till someone pointed out the way you watched me. From then on I was curious, I was...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Tamara's date

cyber friends meet for first time

Ashlyn was sitting on the park bench, her long black hair swept from her face by the breeze. She had wrapped her new shawl round her shoulders to stop the chill nipping at her skin, her long skirt clung to her shapely legs. She leaned back on the bench and watched the trees swaying along with the bushes while ducks from the nearby pond huddled in the undergrowth. She sighed and closed her...Read On