The Learning Curve - Fulfilment

Celia and Mel explore their bi-sexual nature, Mark is involved

THE LEARNING CURVE - FULFILLMENT It all followed from a late-night call that Mel took while I was in the shower. When I came out, I could see something had changed. “Tell me,” I said. “It was Celia. She says Rob has offered to baby-sit next time - if it would be OK with us if she came instead. She thinks she might be bi, and wants to find out.” “Seriously?” “Yes.” And then, carefully,...Read On



End of Season

A couple show their skill on the beach

Hand in hand they stroll along the corniche towards their usual place. He is tall, muscular, dark with a hint of five o’clock shadow. She is slender and small, blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. He is early thirties, she perhaps five or ten years younger. They find their secluded spot towards the end of the beach and spread a blanket on the sand. He sheds his denim shorts, she...Read On

First Time(2)


Better late

A pre-planned meeting in a hotel bedroom with a chosen stranger

They are in the hotel room, waiting. The television is on but they are watching without seeing. He flicks round the channels, switches off. She takes a sip of wine from her glass. "Nervous?" he asks. "Yes. We knew we would be." "You know you can always opt out. We could just go home." "Yes, I know. But now that we've come this far ... I mean, it's taken us a long time."...Read On


Education ... Education

Successful businessman recalls his introduction to threesome sex

“You left school at sixteen, no A levels, no chance of a degree,” said the girl, “yet here you are running your own company, successful, three-hundred-plus employees, plans to expand. There has to be a secret.” She switched on the mini-recorder, pushed it across the desk and sat back. If she meant it as some kind of challenge, I didn’t rise to it. I had been interviewed often enough...Read On

Group Sex(17)


An Ordinary Couple - conclusion

Harold and Charmian are not swingers, but every now and then they like to spice up their sex life by letting another couple watch while they fuck. They visit Barry and Laura who themselves are not swingers but are looking forward to seeing a live fuck for the first time. They get on well together and, at the end of Part One, Charmian has had two explosive orgasms. Now Harold has just shot...Read On


The Orchard of Infinite Delight - Conclusion

Evelyn and Jenny take their relationship further

From THE ORCHARD OF INFINITE DELIGHT - PART ONE The orgasm was huge, overpowering. I collapsed on to my stomach, my hand clasping my groin to prolong the sensation. After a while I was aware of Evelyn’s voice, softly beside my ear. “Thank you for being so trusting. I wanted it to be special for you.” “Special doesn’t do it justice,” I said. “But what about you? Do...Read On


A Little Get-together

Unbridled sex among the political and moneyed classes

The man was kneeling astride the woman. After fucking her he had removed the condom and had spent a pleasant few minutes sliding his still erect cock between her ample tits. Now he was approaching the end. While his right hand, fondled a nipple, his left was pumping fast along his shaft. His breathing came in irregular gasps as he urged himself towards the point of no return. The woman...Read On


The Ledger - conclusion

Amateur couple enhancing the sex lives of others

They called themselves, for reasons that became apparent, Katherine and Petruccio. She was 43, he 47. They were an educated, sophisticated couple, slightly nervous although that was commonplace with many who came to us. Sitting together on a couch facing us, they made an attractive pair. She crossed and uncrossed her legs two or three times. Good legs. I imagined running my hands up the...Read On


The Ledger - part one

A couple who discover how to enhance the sex lives of others

The weather was warm for the time of year. The woman wore a dark print dress, dark stockings and matching shoes with a medium heel. Her partner was in an open-necked shirt under an expensive casual top, grey slacks. They were both in their forties, well groomed and seemingly slightly nervous. I wondered what the woman was wearing underneath the dress. Some of the couples who had come to us in...Read On


La Douzaine

New worlds open with an invitation to an exclusive club

A bead of sweat surfaced on the young man's temple, traced a path across his cheek and dripped on to his chest, apparently unnoticed so deep was his concentration on maintaining his metronomic penetration of the blonde woman who knelt before him. Each stroke was slow and measured, the full length of his shaft withdrawn and carefully reinserted. His hands on her hips drew her on to him, eased...Read On


That Old Black Magic

Diplomat's wife has her first black cock

We were watching the ten o’clock news, Vee beside me on the sofa, when I thought I saw him. Just a group shot on the red carpet at the Cannes Festival. The camera didn’t linger and in a few seconds the image had disappeared. Vee, aware that something had caught my attention, raised an eyebrow. I said, “Ntombe. There was a suggestion about the south of France, wasn’t there? When...Read On


Déja Vu

A young man is drawn into the sexual desires of an older couple

The memory of that evening, more than twenty years ago now, remains lodged in the deep recesses of my brain, probably permanently. In the immediate aftermath it completely took over my masturbation fantasies. I had only to close my eyes and picture Alice in all her lascivious openness and my cock would spring to life, demanding the attention of my hand. Of course, as other women came into...Read On


A Beginner's Guide to FFM

An introduction to threesomes

I came away from lunch with Valerie with mixed emotions. Was I shocked? Not really. This, after all, wasn't some behind-the-times country village; this was 21st Century fashionable Hampstead where supposedly unorthodox relationships weren't uncommon. What were once regarded as bedroom secrets have become dinner party small talk. So, no, I wasn't shocked. I admit, though, I was surprised....Read On


Sex and sympathy

Tragedy that ends in a voyage of sexual discovery for three intelligent people

This is an attempt to describe how the tragic death of my brother led in time to the transformation of my sex life. Written down now, that looks cold and callous. In fact, it was anything but; it has been a journey of discovery that has enriched those of us involved and who have reached the point at which we are comfortable with ourselves and each other and with what we do together. To...Read On


Sally's Fantasy

Momentarily, I am disconcerted. My habit of letting my mind drift away to sex is not usually a problem; usually I can absorb what's being said at the same time. It's a useful trick because I think about sex a lot. If it becomes too intense, i make an excuse, slip away to the ladies room, lock myself in a cubicle and deal with it. If I'm that aroused, it doesn't take long. This time, though,...Read On


Lunch with Sue

A woman's account of how her sexual frustration was relieved by family and friends

My thirty-ninth birthday was approaching, I was taking stock of my sexual situation and I wasn't impressed. A cv including two ex-husbands and several former lovers was nothing to boast about. Nor was my current solitary state. No doubt I was responsible for some of the difficulties but that didn't make me feel any better when I looked back. Although not all the problems and shortcomings...Read On


Neighbourhood Watch

The phone call was a surprise. After some inconsequential small talk, the caller dropped his voice in asking, "Does the term ‘watch and be watched' ring any bells with your two?" Mark paused before committing himself. Eventually, he said, "It might." "We hoped it might." "We?" "Pam and I." Mark waited for further elucidation. "We're planning a little get-together for...Read On



Faltering passion rekindled by a third party

The man, who calls himself Michael, has his penis in his right hand, guiding it. It isn't enormous, but large enough, the condom-protected swollen head protruding above his fingers. He lets it rest against the puffy labia, teasing her with the anticipation. He looks down at me. From my chair beside the bed, I lean forward and focus the digital camera acquired specifically to...Read On


The Videographer

A vouple's attempt to improve their sex life provides an unexpected bonus

If anyone had asked them - though nobody ever did - they would have said they were just an average couple. Which begs the question what is average: who knows what an average couple gets up to when the bedroom door is closed? Speculation on that subject is best left for another time while we consider this average couple. They are Beryl and John. They live in a semi-detached house like...Read On


The House at Number Seventeen

A nostalgic revisiting with an unexpected outcome

Theodore F Walker was back in Vienna. Passers-by would have seen a slim man in his early fifties strolling in the early spring evening, apparently with no fixed objective. In that they would have been mistaken. Theo was early for his appointment by design: it gave him time to make a small detour. At the narrow entrance to Auergasse he paused briefly. The door to Number Seventeen was...Read On


Soirée at Lady T's

Seduction of gallery owner by client leads to evening of debauchery

Her name was Casey Fernandez. She was 34, shoulder-length hair the colour and sheen of a horse-chestnut fresh from its case, deep dark eyes, high cheek bones, a mouth that promised much and (as I discovered) delivered more. We were not exactly living together all the time, which explains how it came about that we had been fucking several times a week for more than three months before she told...Read On



Two Women: Isabel's Return

Readers asked for a sequel to Tim's Temptation - this is it

"Harder if you like" "I don't want to hurt you." "It's all right now. Please do it." She was astride him, her eyes drawn momentarily to a small bead of perspiration running from his forehead to the grey flecks at his temple, then looking down on the finger tips tightening their grip on her nipples. At the start this would have hurt but now, with her juices flowing, she liked the...Read On


Tim's Temptation - part one (corrected)

There was an error in our previous submission - please read this as Part One

Tim stepped out of the shower that Saturday morning, towelled himself and contemplated an unsatisfied erection. Christina, his partner, was away on a company weekend seminar and wouldn’t be back until the following evening, which left only one solution. In the bedroom, he sorted through Chris’s lingerie drawer, chose a pair of pale blue knickers and retired to the bed. Wrapping the...Read On


Tim-s Temptation - part three

The third stage of incest

“Would you mind if I asked you something?” “Of course not,” said Tim. He was driving Isabel to the airport at the end of a memorable weekend. Isabel was a twenty-year-old from Edinburgh whom Tim’s partner, Christina, had met during an office seminar. The two women had ended up in bed together, a first for them both, although Chris had concealed the fact from her new friend. The age...Read On


Tim's Temptation - part two

The second stage of incest

“Have you decided?” Christina asked. They had been fucking for nearly an hour: Chris on her back, ankles on his shoulders, Tim buried deep inside her; next, Chris on her knees, Tim penetrating from behind with long, slow strokes; then Chris on top, nipples pert, beads of sweat on her bobbing tits. Having already come twice, Chris was thoroughly wet and ready for more but Tim, finally unable...Read On



The Orchard of Infinite Delight

Two women explore a new passionate relationship

I was introduced to Evelyn when I joined the Philharmonic Chorus for the first time. The nervous wait to learn that I had successfully passed a series of auditions was over, but I had much to learn. Evelyn, a mezzo like myself, was asked to guide me through the early stages. In time she would lead me through other experiences that had nothing to do with singing. At first I was totally...Read On



Net Gains (1)

She beands over for him

When we discovered Horny Amateurs - Post Your Own we never dreamt itmight suddenly disappear. But it did. There one day, gone the next. No explanation. Never returned. Sad, because it really was one of the best, reserved for genuine amateurs to post their clips. No expertly lit twenty-something blondes with silicone tits and fake money shots. On HA the camera work was not always the best...Read On



Lady Audrey's Birthday

A 65-year-old is discovering her sexuality

On the day in March 2001 when her husband suffered a heart attack and died, Lady Ausrey made a decision: downsize. After a minimal period of mourning she began to act. Among the first tog were the Belgravia mansion with its numerous staff and the Bentley, which she had always considered ostentatious. She traded them in for the penthouse suite in a block of exclusive apartments on...Read On


Net Gains (2)

Husband films his wife being fucked

The clip we wrote about in Net Gains (1) was largely a mystery: we knew nothing of the couple engaged in a very erotic encounter, nor of the person filming. We just enjoyed it for what it was for 11 minutes and 14 seconds. It still turns us on today. But now we can recommend a much longer clip (32 minutes) and this time we know just about everything. First, we must introduce our friends...Read On


Late Night Treatment

Hair salon with extras

When Laura Ford-Ramsey removed her coat and handed it to Karen, it was no surprise that underneath she wore only bra and knickers, suspender belt, stockings and high heels. Mrs Ford-Ramsey had been a client at Valentino for more than a year and for most of that time it had been her custom to arrive for her fortnightly beauty treatment semi-undressed. She knew she had no reason to be...Read On


Helping Hands - Billy's Story

A frustrated but loving wife finds a solution.

Teresa and I first got to know each other at college. We'd both had unhappy encounters with young men - overgrown boys, really - who were eager for sex but lacked experience, patience, technique, everything you look for in a compatible lover. Not that we were experts ourselves but there was an inescapable mood of hedonism at the time that led us to discuss what we might be missing. Perhaps it...Read On


Helping Hands

A widower's odyssey of discovery

Next month I shall be sixty-seven years old. Before then there will be the fifth anniversary of the day my darling Dorothy was taken from me. A merciful release, said people who had known of her illness; and so it was. I still think of her, of course, and that is why I cannot help feeling just a little guilty about the turn my life has taken in the intervening years. Sex was never that...Read On



The Freinds of Paul and Sally - Part Three

Continuing under spanking because Parts 1 2 are there but this is more group sex with anal

The availability of Mike and Selma's bed-and-breakfast facility over a whole week-end had seemed too good an opportunity to miss. On the Saturday, the agenda was not quite continuous sex but almost. In the evening we finally broke off to bath and change before spending a couple of hours at a local restaurant. Though that was not without incident. Sally confessed afterwards that she had...Read On


The Friends of Paul and Sally - Part Two

Submitted here because Part One featured spanking; this could be in anal, bisexual or group.

One thing we agreed on during our periods of rest and discussion was that sex among the eight of us had improved, and was continuing to improve, over time. The more we lost our inhibitions, the more ready we became to articulate personal needs or wishes. Once expressed, the more easily were they fulfilled. It was during this get-together, for example, that Selma confessed for the first time...Read On


The Friends of Paul and Sally - part one

Like-minded friends contribute material for Paul and Sally's stories

Nowadays, watching Sally is complete pleasure. I admit that in the early days I was nervous, wondering whether I would be jealous, wondering whether she would find a larger cock preferable to mine, and a dozen other doubts. I need not have been apprehensive. Sally has always made it clear that I am, and will remain, her number one priority. The people we meet and enjoy add to our...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


Terry Deever - a Very Lucky Man

A woman explores her sexual development at the age of forty-eight

Terry Deever’s cock is hard, and getting harder. He is in the drawing room of a large house in the most well-to-do area of the city. A woman (whose age he judges to be about fifty) is sitting next to him on the sofa. She is running her hand along the inside of his thigh, into his groin. She says, “I want you to fuck me? Can you do that?” When he doesn’t reply she continues, “My cunt is...Read On


An Ordinary Couple

A couple put on a show for a husband and wife who have never before seen a live fuck

I was watching from the sitting room window when they arrived shortly after two o’clock that Saturday afternoon. I had put our car away and closed the garage door so they had room to park on our drive. They came in a Volkswagen Polo, about seven years old. He held the door politely while she climbed out. Laura, watching beside me, said, “They look nice enough. Ordinary people.” “That’s...Read On


Third Party

How a 62-year old Dane solved the problem of a married couple's need for refreshment

We took a long time - several months - before choosing. The decision was important because we are not an irresponsible young couple playing the field. We are both nearer fifty than forty, in the third decade of our marriage, still very much in love but wise enough to recognise that sex, though pleasurable, was fast becoming routine. Before we got together we had both enjoyed...Read On


A Lesson in Lust

Real sex and phone sex - double pleasure for the music teacher

I knocked softly, waited a respectful fifteen seconds before entering. The name plate said baldly: R B James, Head Teacher. The letters MSc to which R B James was entitled were absent. The term Head Teacher rather than Principal - the correct form for the appointment - was a small token of defiance. Behind the desk R B James completed filling in a form and transferred it to a...Read On


Harry's Quest - part two

Continuing the story of Harry's discovery of the many faces of sex

Casting the dismal memory of Marina aside, he looked at his watch. Nine oclock. Much too early for bed. Or at least, for his own bed. He turned to the back pages of his contacts book and made a few calls. After three invitations to leave a message after the tone and one sorry, Im washing my hair, he gave up. He knew of one or two watering holes where his acquaintances would be but a night...Read On


Harry's Quest - part one

Harry finds that sex comes in various forms with various partners

Harry closed his eyes and accepted that he now had no choice but to let himself go. The eruption from his balls was imminent. He always thought this moment was like the big duet between Florestan and Leonora in "Fidelio", the two voices rising in rapture, up and up in an ecstatic crescendo. "O namenlose Freude" they sing, "O nameless joy." And for Harry, the big O was precisely the...Read On



The Learning Curve

Mature couple spice up their sex life with a fabulous voyeur

THE LEARNING CURVE This is a largely true story. The two people are known to us and have asked us to write it for them. They want to let others know that if you focus on exactly what you want, and are patient, it can happen. We have obviously changed names and one or two other details to protect their identity. There is more which we are allowed to tell if readers would like it. We...Read On