Toy Test

A trip to the toy store is rewarding!

The Friday night beer-drinking event was a fair standing thing for me and Kevin. When he met the girl of his dreams, the utterly delightful Katrina, I figured our drinking days were numbered. To my surprise, they increased a little over time. They tried to fix me up from time to time but nothing took. I was always on the road. I think part of my hard-drinking Friday nights was a direct...Read On


Old Friends 2

The wife wants to play, too...

Three weeks passed without me hearing a single thing from Bobby. I went through all manner of feelings. Horror, because we’d done it again. Pleasure, because we’d done it again. But mostly I was disappointed. Three weeks without contact? I wasn’t that bad. So when my cell phone rang Friday afternoon and I saw it was Bobby’s number I felt a vast sense of relief. We spoke briefly. He was...Read On


Old Friends

Old friends rekindle their friends, and remember that one night...

I haven’t seen Bobby in probably fifteen years. We were best friends growing up although our lives took on radically divergent paths. He knocked a girl up when he was still in high school and took the Army route to clean up his act. I went to college and got that degree everyone said I needed. I ended up going to law school, and now I’m a corporate lawyer. I’m on the verge of being a big shot,...Read On

College Sex(2)


Snowed In Saturday Night

Relieve some boredom on a snowed-in Saturday night

Kari pulled the curtain aside and looked out of the window. It was not just snowing outside. It looked like a fucking avalanche of snowflakes. It gave the air a slight grayish tint, or that could have been the filthy window. She chose to believe that it was the snow. “Its coming down now,” Kari reported dutifully to her roommate Beth. Kari turned and met Beth’s gaze and both girls shared a...Read On


Kari Watches

The roommate left the door open...

Kari looked down at the open book, finding the passage that she wanted. Just before entering it into her paper, she scanned the words that she had just written. Her face furrowed in a frown, as she suddenly concentrated on her just-completed writing. “Awww, hell,” she muttered softly since she was in the library and screaming “fuck!” at the top of her lungs would probably be frowned upon....Read On



Special Delivery 2

Anna remembers that she has my panties...

When I woke the following morning, I laid in bed for a long time, staring at the ceiling and thinking. Without a doubt, Anna’s discovery and willingness to use it against me resulted in one of the most powerful sexual experiences of my life. Even now, still wearing the panties, my cock stirred just from the memory. Bending over to lick my cum off of her ass was an especially clear recollection. ...Read On


Special Delivery

My special delivery was given to her by mistake

My apartment complex is one of those boring, corporate, cookie-cutter types where the layouts are identical and maximized for renting. I had been there for about a year when Anna moved into the apartment next to mine. Right away she made sure I knew that she had a boyfriend, and did she ever! His name was Kevin, and he was tall, muscular and exceedingly arrogant. I did not like him, and...Read On



Country Cuckold 2

Rachel has a night planned for us

When I got home from spending the day working down the road to install the new back deck, I was not expecting what I got. Frankly, I was expecting nothing more than to grab a tall glass of ice water, and maybe sit on our back porch and while away the Friday evening hours slowly. Maybe I would get the chance to make love to my wife, or maybe I’d just sit and do nothing. Both would be nice,...Read On

Fantasy & Sci-Fi(1)


Prince Achmad's Trial

The boy becomes a man

The Prince donned the regal blazing purple that proclaimed his status in the world. He was on the Observation Platform, and before him was a throng of his subjects who were all crying and cheering and clapping in their own way. The heavy, gold clasp at his neck closed with a satisfying thunk, which allowed him to raise all four of his arms to wave at his people. Seeing his acknowledgement...Read On



The Goddess Lisa

Inspired by a page 6 plus-sized lady pic!

We have corresponded, of course. That’s how it is done in this service. For an on-line dating service, it is standard in its operations if not in its clientele. After a lengthy three-week dance of emails, we had the first of our phone calls. The first was pleasant, lasting forty-five minutes. The next two were longer and more detailed, to the point. It was after the third one and...Read On

Group Sex(1)


The Game

What will the gamers have to do to win?

Eileen had texted me earlier in the day. “Game night tonight. 8. Coming?” My text was sent almost immediately, and without much forethought: “Yes.” At eight sharp, I knocked on Eileen’s door. The afternoon had been spent wondering what game she had for me this evening. I wondered how she would be dressed. I wondered whether this game would be as exciting and enjoyable as our previous...Read On



Liquor Raid

Stella finds out what happens behind the walls during a liquor raid

“Really? Its in here?” Stella asked in a breathless yet amused tone. “It's right across the street from the police station!” she objected. “Shh!” Wilma hushed her. “Don't announce it Stel!” They pushed through the doors of the bank that was, in fact, across the street from the police station. Confident, Wilma walked through the marble-floor halls, her shoes clicking loudly with each step....Read On



I love my job!

Specializing in erotic photography...

I have two websites. One drives 10% of my internet traffic and 90% of my work, but it's the other that drives 90% of the traffic but that 10% of work I utterly love. I am a photographer. I do the usual - weddings, engagements, families. It pays well but it's a time-consuming, difficult job. A few years ago I was asked to take nude photos of a friend of mine who was pregnant with her first...Read On


Together Pleasure

Two college kids explore together...

We all had to go on this team-building trip. I’d just won an election to be my college’s Greek system’s treasurer. The President and VP were there, along with eight or nine other “chairpersons.” The women had the exact same grouping of individuals, so there were eighteen of us spread between three vans. Her name was Jen, and she was a cute but not gorgeous girl, my year, totally different...Read On


Becoming pantywriter

One night I gave into my darker desires...

Not long after I moved into my own apartment I found myself gravitating towards very "different" porn sites. I used the standard sites often enough, and I always enjoyed fantasizing about the sex that I watched on the computer screen. But there were nights that I felt a different pull. I felt ambivalent about straight up porn. I decided that there were only so many ways that ordinary porn...Read On

Quickie Sex(2)


For Her Collection

The party-goers find a quiet, dark corner

The party swirled loud and raucous around them. The place had hit its full swing about an hour ago, and the noise and wildness grew from there. People were growing drunker and losing their inhibitions. More than a few quick-couples had skirted off into the shadows of the expansion mansion. Exactly what he was planning on doing with her. They did not touch; their eyes maintained a...Read On


Mom's Morning Delight

Seeing the son's friend masturbating leads to hot sex

The vinyl slats of the window blinds failed to keep the sun’s early morning rays from my face. I blinked once, twice, and then finally brought my hands up to my face and rubbed my face hard with my hands. “Goddamn sun,” I muttered softly under my breath. I threw the covers aside, and sat up on the side of the bed. My head swam slightly. As more awareness came to me, I realized that I had to...Read On



Storytelling Seduction

A storyteller's tale of pleasure and seduction

I slowed the door down before it slammed loudly, and eased it shut and locked. I shifted the laptop over my shoulder and turned to walk down the hall. Distantly, I saw another person doing the same thing as me. Her skirt-and-jacket combination looked tastefully chosen even from this distance, and as she walked down the hall I saw the unmistakeable pose of a woman holding the handheld to her...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


Making the Drop

Doing the job

Outside, the rain hit the side of the house hard, the pelting sound soft and soothing inside the house. Gusts of wind occasionaly whistled through that window in the back that never quite shut all of the way. I sat at the table. There was a couple of keys of coke, one of H, some guns and fifty grand in cash. The boys had just gotten back from the deal. Their trips always made me nervous, not...Read On


Caught in the Storm

The last motel had one last room for them both...

"I'll be careful, Mrs. H.," Robbie said confidently. "I've been making the drive now for four years, and we're leaving ahead of the storm. It shouldn't catch up to us." Mrs. Henry looked back and forth between the slightly grubby college senior and her daughter, Emily. She did not want to let Emily drive back to school with him, but she had little choice in the matter. It had been planned...Read On


The Girl Next Door

She used to be a girl on the street, but now she's so much more...

As her hot, wet mouth took in my erect meat, I had a brief moment of vertigo. This couldn’t be the neighbor's daughter I watched grow up. Yet it was. God help me, it was. ____________________ Beth and her sister Katrina grew up in the house directly across the street from my family. I had two boys, and they were within months in age of the two girls. The close proximity meant that the...Read On


Tonight's Need

She awaits his arrival with an animal hunger

Slowly she paces back and forth, turning sharply at each end, to walk back over the same path. Had one seen this behavior in a tiger behind its bars in a zoo, an onlooker would have understood immediately. The animal caged lusts to escape. Sue is that caged animal, and she lusts, but not to escape. She lusts for his return. She lusts for his touch, for his maleness, for his muscular chest and...Read On

Wife Lovers(2)


Country Cuckold

A first journey into cuckoldry

We live along a back road. The back of our house faces the woods, and about one hundred yards into the woods the land slopes steeply into a narrow ravine. The setup has given us incredible privacy, and the lush greenery seems to protect us during the summer months. We love our home, and its simplicity and privacy. Lately, the privacy has been the best part! Rachel is an attorney, and last...Read On


Pie Treat

A wild sexy welcome home ends with a couple of surprises

When the garage door finally closed behind me, securing my car in the garage, I let out a tremendous sigh. I was so exhausted - what a week! I felt the tiredness fall over me like a heavy cloak, weighing me down, dragging me down. I rolled my head on my shoulders just to try and work some of the tightness out of my neck. The door to the garage opened and my wife moved into the light. I turned...Read On