Developing a Taste For It (Chapter 2)

Now that she HAD developed a taste for it, her appetite became evident.

The next day, Cathie appeared at ten o’clock on the dot; it was something that Addie admired about his wife, her punctuality. He watched from his glass-walled office as she got off the elevator and walked purposely toward her husband’s office. He chuckled as he watched all of the men, old execs and interns alike turn to stare after her as she passed. She had on his favorite dress, stark...Read On


Developing a Taste For It (Prelude)

The best way to get his wife into a threesome was to get her liking the idea of it first.

“Are you crazy, Adrian?” she said in that stuck-up tone she often used. “Are you on drugs?” “Oh, c’mon, Cathie, don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it.” He said as he poured the martinis. “It’s not like we would be cheating on each other or anything.” “Oh, sure!” she said as she crossed her arms and looked away from him, “YOU get two girls, and I’m supposed to be okay with it?”...Read On

Gay Male(2)


A Time of Discovery

Getting older doesn't mean you can't have new experiences.

Adrian had not had sex in eleven years! Well, at least not in the traditional sense of two people mutually satisfying each other and wrestling in the throes of passion. When his wife passed away, he was at loose ends. He had been out of the dating scene for almost 30 years, and all of his female friends were either married, or so straight-laced you would have thought that they wore corsets to...Read On


First Time With a Guy

You're never too old to experience new things.

A forty-year-old man, nearly 20 years younger than me made contact through a nudist website I belonged to and we began to correspond about things. We exchanged a few pics and discovered that we were both in the same area. Then one day he was pushing to meet. I didn’t know about that, I mean, it’s one thing to enjoy fantasies… but to really… you know… with a guy and all… I suppose that’s why...Read On

Group Sex(2)


My Very First Threesome

Meeting new neighbors can be an enlightening experience.

I had just finished moving into my new condo and was very hot and sweaty. The air conditioner had not yet been able to overcome the door standing open for two hours as I moved boxes and things. Even a quick, cool shower failed to compensate for the oppressive heat of the summer. “Well,” I thought to myself, “Good time to check out the pool.” I slipped on my trunks and grabbed a towel. I...Read On

The Privileged Life

The Boss introduces his Summer Intern to life among the Privileged Class.

Adrian looked hastily at his Rolex “I don’t want to be late!” he chided himself. He didn’t realize that he had stepped off the curb until the screech of tires and a blast from a taxi’s horn made him jump back. “Easy, Old Man” he thought to himself, “focus on what’s waitng for you down the street.” It took most of his will to not run full-tilt to the boutique, but he hurried across the street...Read On



Photographing Emma 2

Uncle and niece continue to improve their photography AND sexual skills

She was so nervous… and yet she seemed to have an air of flamboyance, daring, and… well… just having fun. Her hands fluttered against her chest, above the black sleeveless tunic she wore. The hem was mid-thigh and her long, smooth legs disappeared tantalizingly within. The fact that she knew she wore no underwear made her smile, creating deep dimples in her cheeks, indicating how much she...Read On


Stunning In Black

She may have been his neice, but this photo shoot would bring them even closer.

There is just nothing quite as stunning as a young woman in black. The idea of the basic black dress with a string of pearls is a classic design element that has never seemed to have gone out of fashion through all of the years. Throw into the mix the basic black lingerie, and the only way to describe it is… stunning, stunned, unable to think clearly. The contrast of creamy white skin...Read On


The Houseguest

He forgot he had a houseguest, but it opened a door they had not walked through before..

My daughter visited me so infrequently, that I had completely forgotten I was not alone in the house this time. I usually start my day with a nice masturbation, and today was no exception. I closed my eyes and brought up the image of my 17 year old daughter taking a shower. I had glimpsed her through the frosted glass shower door, so my mind just filled in the missing sharpness. Whether it...Read On


What I REALLY Wanted to Happen

Fantasies often complete those things undone in life that you might never try, but wish you had

Perhaps you, too, have relatives that, occasionally ‘fire your imagination’ with erotic ideas and thoughts. I had a niece who, once during a visit to my apartment, had left the bathroom door open (to this day, I don’t know if it was on purpose or not) as she was getting ready for her bath. She was seventeen and in her senior year, headed to college soon, but she had led such a sheltered...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Orally Yours

Whether it's your first, or whether it's been long ago, the mouth still does the best job.

Is it just friendship that draws us, Or the lust of us causes, That stirring I felt years gone by? For so many years without it, By someone else? “I doubt it.” Yet awakening is surely nearby. I see you kneeling before me, Trembling hands reaching toward me, I moan as you undo my fly. Like a juicy orange you unpeel, “What is that I now feel?” Your hand caressing my thigh! ...Read On