Through The Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass Eileen was eighteen and her life was far from perfect.   In her view, her only small perfection was her body.   It was absolutely stunning.   Her face was beautiful but she was terribly shy and she always looked down or away whenever anyone admired her looks.   Her two guilty pleasures in life were that she loved seeing herself naked in the mirror and she loved...Read On


Through the Looking Glass - Part II The Discovery

Part II The Discovery - Through the Looking Glass. Anne’s stride had purpose.   She had heard something and Robert was nowhere to be found.   She panicked slightly hoping that Robert was alright.   She hoped he had not hurt himself on one of his early morning walks around the property that she knew he enjoyed so much.    She realised that she had virtually ignored him since the shower...Read On


Through The Looking Glass - Part III The Seduction

Part III The Seduction – Through the Looking Glass. As Robert drove his cock home he felt his pulse race and his cock twitched as his balls constricted.   Eileen curled her toes and arched her back to meet his thrust.    This was her fourth orgasm and she was feeling loved and very sexy.   She felt her dad’s cock throb and release a blast of lubricating cum in her cunt and...Read On