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Should I return to writing? After about 5 years I'm getting the itch again!!!!!!

21 Apr 2015 11:20

So sorry for not being around, I've been very poorly and writing hasn't been on my mind. I'm starting to feel better now so I hope to get going soon. Lots of love to you all xx

06 Aug 2012 15:29

I'm putting the final touches to a story I dreamt up a while ago, 1 horny student + 1 beautiful teacher = some sexy lesbian fun

11 Jul 2012 15:03

Apologies if anyone attempted to contact me via chat, I'm quite shy and I'm not very good at talking live! Thanks for the naughty messages and pictures though!! lol xx

19 Jun 2012 14:10

I hope everyone has enjoyed the stories so far, I wasn't sure if people would be interested in Stacy's Story or The Babysitter. (I made a big mistake in The Babysitter! Can't believe I didn't spot it!!!) I know my stories are slighty soppy, but I think erotica can be better than porn.

18 Jun 2012 12:28

I love writing, I want to be different to other authors. I hate it when stories rush into the 'good sexy bits' It's like a badly scripted porn movie. I want to feel like I'm there, experiencing the same emotions as the characters I read about. I hope I can give you, the readers, something you will remember and, perhaps, revisit from time to time.

16 Jun 2012 10:26