First Time(1)


Deidre - Chapter 1

After severasl false starts, Deidre finally loses her virginity to her girl friend's guy

Deidre Paris Waterman High School – Senior Year I am a very, nasty, very promiscuous lady; if anyone really considers me a lady at all. Even though I started doing gang-bangs at the age of 18, it still took me quite a while to formulate my current perverted outlook on sex. Do you find that surprising? You shouldn’t. It really takes a while to get as extreme as I am. But if...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Deidre Chapter 2

Dee's intro to sex continues with her prom and a sexy graduation party

Deidre Paris Waterman   Chapter 2   High School – The Prom & Graduation As I said at the outset of chapter one, I am a very, nasty, very promiscuous lady; if anyone really considers me a lady at all. In summary, I began dating Johnny, after he asked me to the Prom. We had what I thought was satisfying sex only to learn that I was still a virgin. My best friend Elsie...Read On


The Cocksman

He takes her to a rock concert, let's her bare her breasts and they meet her teacher, an ex-nun

This will serve as the introduction to the novel-length tale of my sexual adventures. I won’t start at the beginning, but will take you on a rambling sortie through my life as one memory triggers another. I will tell you that I was born into a wealthy family, and from early on, learned how to use others to achieve my purposes; most of which involved one form of sexual activity or...Read On



I Am Number Eight

A woman, bored with her sex life, sends a list of 'Wants' to a Dominant, who replies.

God knows why I started reading porn. Well I mean his particular porn. But I did, and I kept reading it. I read everything he had written then tried other authors but they didn’t touch me the way he did. I reread everything I could find by him and felt an exhilaration I’d never known before. Could a writer really do this to me? The answer of course was yes, there were many examples of this...Read On

Love Stories(1)



He seduces one girl at a wedding, then makes arrangements for another in his room later

Megan By Paris Waterman It was a typical wedding. Two hundred or more guests, most from Sully's side. I learned that Shelly had a very small family and that only a few of her friends were making the trip from Philly to Jersey City. As best man, I was to be paired up with Tracy, the Maid of Honor. I wasn't getting laid there. She was engaged and her boyfriend was going to be there. Now...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


A Hot August Night

Noreen becomes interested in her boyfriend's buddy, Ray. When he leaves she makes a move.

Late on a hot August afternoon I boarded the subway at 14 th Street, and sat down in the next to last available seat. At the following stop a black couple, obviously lovers, boarded and she took the seat next to me, with him standing in front of the two of us; leaving me staring at his right hip. I’d been kinda edgy all afternoon; knew my period was coming because I was as horny as a cat on...Read On



Well, He Was So Persistent

Inger wants a pair of shoes. He offers money if she'll pose. But thats only the start.

The cab pulled to the curb in front of the twelve-story apartment on 36 th Street in Manhattan at 12:20 AM, and a short-haired blonde got out, flashing a glimpse of thigh that caused a passer-by walking his dog to stumble before regaining his balance and moving on.  It was just starting to snow as the blonde entered the lobby and pressed the button for 725. “Inger, is that you?” A...Read On

Wife Lovers(2)


A Playful Conversation

Wife, possibly roleplaying, tells him to fuck her friend. He tells her her has how.

For some reason, Abby, my wife of seven years, had begun telling me about her girlfriend Kayla’s having a crush on me. Now, understand me here, I love my Abby. I’m very happy with her and always have been. And, while I’m as horny as the next guy in looking at other women, and yes, even envisioning them in bed with me, or us, I’ve never even thought about actually doing it. So imagine...Read On


Jill's Story

Jill's husband goes off for a month, lonely she thinks he's cheating and goes clubbing, meets a guy

Jill’s Story By Paris Waterman Jill loved to watch Evan come. She had a particular fascination with watching his face as it scrunched up as he clenched his teeth. It was almost a ritual; the cheeks of his ass would clamp together, his eyes would roll up in his head and he would emit the longest groan as he ejaculated. Because of this she would ask him to cum on her abundantly...Read On