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18 Mar 2015 22:16

Heading out on next camping adventure "Yep nuding up again" LOL

13 Mar 2015 20:14

Skinny Dipping last weekend

11 Sep 2014 07:37

A friend has recently reminded me of one of my passions for all you adventurers out there haybe you might find this stimulating

21 Jun 2014 08:12

Just got back from epic trip FNQ including Daintree (WoW) most of the time I was sky Clad

15 Apr 2014 05:14

Heading up north tomorrow going to explore some beach in FNQ. Will post some pics

24 Aug 2012 02:58

Back at the beach bit cold but good to be away again

20 Mar 2012 19:42

Sorry guys and girls been away working blah blah blah

12 Feb 2012 05:23

working my arse off at the moment. Thought i might get some relax from watching some hotel in house porn. NOPE it was shit going to bed. WHAT AT BUGGER

05 Feb 2012 04:28

God work sucks LOL

11 Jan 2012 23:08

home from beach trip - One day early as work has called me back one day early. The price I pay for taking my ipad camping.

09 Jan 2012 05:45

I'm in a tent nude On the beach

09 Jan 2012 00:21

I'm on the beach

08 Jan 2012 14:00

Heading off on my beach adventure

05 Jan 2012 22:36

OK... I have made up my mind another week and not nude on a beach and I will go mad. Look out Byron Bay here I come!

30 Dec 2011 22:34

A change of avatar, for the new year. Not sure if the Klingon warrior (be' pu') avatar will get a run in the near future. For those that remember please comment if I should.

29 Dec 2011 05:58

A lot is going on but I am happy

26 Dec 2011 04:30

I really love life...

24 Dec 2011 02:22

Merry Christmas to all in Lush

20 Dec 2011 04:25

Life is good, it is raining but the day is bright

26 May 2011 08:00

Wow I have hear a saying "Absence make the heart grow stronger" so to all those lovely friends that have welcomed me back Thank you from the bottom of my heart

11 May 2011 06:57

I have returned people ..... Been a while but here I am

30 Jan 2011 04:57

Hay Bro I am beached as! I mean I am Beach As Bro,,,,,,,,

27 Jan 2011 00:14

Disorder in the American Courts:

ATTORNEY: What was the first thing your husband said to you that morning? WITNESS: He said , 'Where am I, Cathy?' ATTORNEY: And why did that upset you? WITNESS: My name is Susan!

20 Jan 2011 04:38

Check out my Forum Poll for a new Avatar.

10 Jan 2011 15:14

Hi all I am back from a well..... Interesting camping trip ended up moving around a lot trying to miss the RAIN... But in the End very enjoyable and had FUN!

01 Jan 2011 14:58

I am planning my first camping trip for 2011, Rain Hail or shine I am off next weekend to the sea shore.

29 Dec 2010 20:21

Hey Happy new year to all my friends!

21 Dec 2010 19:20

Merry Christmas to all

16 Dec 2010 04:58

OMG: I am now getting seriously worried. Oh not about Lush but about my Avatar. Recently in well trying to play the part of a Klingon (ha ha) I have been doing research on the web into Klingon stuff and there is no joke a entire REAL community lives out there. AND IT IS BIG. Oh don't think you are safe if you live in Reunion Is in the Indian Ocean yes they are there talking Klingon.

It hit me hard, no not when I found the Klingon Sex Manual, I was expecting something like that. Or when I found language translators or that they have a university with degrees and post grad courses or that they are on every continent including Antarctica. Nope what really got me was when they the Klingon Language Institute (KLI) claim that Shakespeare was actually a Klingon (named "Wil'yum Shek'sper") and they (KLI) have written and published Hamlet Prince of Denmark: The Restored Klingon Version (ISBN 0-9644345-1-2) that did my head in.

Guidance required do I change my Avatar?

14 Dec 2010 15:27

You last said "Ok I have been quizzed by a few people regarding Klingon Sex nga'chuq .

A lot of human's consider nga'chuq just some form of S&M but nga'chuq it's very important in romantic relationship for Klingons. First the IoD (man), must be well versed in Klingon poetry and should have studied mellota' Klingon opera.

It is true that biting and pain are important parts of the process. Klingon mating rituals involve dominative and combative attitudes and rituals. It is considered a good omen if during the wedding night a clavicle is broken.

If your interested in understand this topic further there is a excellent resource, use this link to read the Klingon Sex Manual by Spiletta42

Warning: Klingon sexual practices may be potentially dangerous to humans. Please, for the love of Kahless, don't try this at home!