Flash Erotica(3)


Ending The Drought

She takes the first step toward ending her frustration...

He shut the door behind him and looked around the hotel room. "How long have you been married?" "Why would you bring that up?" He just shrugged, unzipping his pants. "Thirty-eight years. Does it matter?" "Probably matters to your husband. But if it doesn't matter to you, it doesn't matter to me." He had his cock in his hand. "Come here." I dropped to my knees and took his cock in...Read On



She wanted it rough...

We chose a safe word - Omaha - because she didn't want me to question if things were going too far. She told me I should just enjoy, not worry - she wanted it rough. And rough it was. After they left, I pulled back the covers to peer at her. There was semen drying in her hair and one eyebrow. Her neck and breasts were marked with red marks from bites and hickeys, her wrists chaffed...Read On


I Don't Know if She Comes When We Fuck

She knows what she wants...

I probably shouldn't admit this, but I don't know if she comes when we fuck. I've tried to go down on her and to finger her clit, but she stops me. She just wants to fuck. She licks my balls, wanks my dick, even sucks it - it's great, she's good at it. I want to come in her mouth, her hands. I want to shoot all over her tits, maybe her face. But she's just warming me up, revving my engine. ...Read On

Group Sex(2)


After the Reception

A sexy bridesmaid parties hard after the reception.

“Man, that is nice ,” Todd muttered to his cousin Steve as they watched the bridesmaid bend down to set the armload of presents she was carrying in the trunk of Brad’s car. Todd had been paired with her in the wedding party, and had danced with her quite a bit. As the evening wore on, with each dance his hand rode lower and lower, and she repeatedly pulled it back up to her waist. But after...Read On


He Plays A Round, So I Play Around

Too many gin and tonics lead to an afternoon gangbang for this married lady.

My husband and I sit on the deck of the Boothbay Country Club sipping gin and tonics and watching the golf – another glorious vacation day drifts by. A tournament is just finishing up, and another is about to start. He goes to get another drink, and when he comes back, he is excited. “I was just asked if I wanted to golf in this tournament that’s about to start. There’s a couple of teams...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Fucking Up My Life

Will her obsession with the wild side catch up with her this time?

I pound the steering wheel, impatiently waiting for a chance to pull into traffic. A sheriffs’ car appears several cars down in the opposite lane, signaling a turn into the driveway. Panicked, when a tiny gap appears in my lane, I shoot out onto the highway, saluted by the blaring horn of the driver I cut off. The officer barely looks at me as I pass him. The light is with me, and I see him...Read On