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Might delete this

25 May 2012 12:43

So my ex beat the shit out of me then pressed charges on me. wow

11 May 2012 16:30

I still want you by my side just to help me dry the tears ive cried

03 Apr 2012 11:48

Im not doing this for you Im doing this to save my sanity. So yes it may sting or might hurt for a while but the pain will fade away just like me.

16 Mar 2012 22:55

Boy you step up, ill step up too

22 Feb 2012 09:11

Just pump my heart with Novocain please im tired of feeling.

17 Feb 2012 21:39

I thought I knew you. What did I know? Im not sure if you have made it for the better or for the worse. I did all I could to prove myself. Now I am not sure if I am the one who needs to do the proving. Love was what drove me and Love is what has me running now. It an odd feeling to run from a person you love just because the love has become fear. What ever will I do

03 Feb 2012 07:13

I knew something wasnt right today. Of course it would be this.

31 Jan 2012 13:01

Havnt been able to sleep. Something doesnt feel right.

31 Jan 2012 04:02

Stuck on another roller coaster. This should be interesting -_-

28 Jan 2012 16:49

I cant be caged up... Im the type of girl where I can hold a relationship but I cant be caged. Im faithful but you gotta let me think for myself you gotta let me run let me be crazy and wild and if you should be the same with me it will be wonderful

27 Jan 2012 12:18

Im not even sure if this is worth my time anymore. Babe Im not gonna go out of my way to prove to you that I am good enough

27 Jan 2012 12:05

As I lay there last night my body wanted to melt. Melt into the warmth of arms around it. Listening to two steady hearts beat. No words, just warmth and friction

26 Jan 2012 09:51

I am in love with this day. No drama kickin it real. This is just an everyday thing

24 Jan 2012 16:28

I cant get this block out of my head

23 Jan 2012 13:54

Baby you got me, and aint nowhere that I’d be, then with your arms around me, back and forth you rock me yeah, so I surrender, to every word you whisper, every door you enter, I will let you in

Goodnight Loves

22 Jan 2012 23:22

Im out. Much love

22 Jan 2012 13:25

What in a nightmare but a broken dream?

22 Jan 2012 12:13