I Sleep Naked

Sleeping naked has its advantages

I sleep naked. I have since I was young. My friends knew it, girls that slept at my apartment discovered it and my eventual wife put up with it. I have tried to sleep with clothes on but, I just can’t. After our kids were born and they became old enough to walk and talk, my wife would complain that one of the kids might walk into our room one night while I was accidently uncovered. Because I...Read On


Nikki - Chapter 2

We learn a little more about each other.

(End of Nikki – Chapter 1) I help Nikki stand up and we kissed with more passion than before. Our cum mixing together in our mouths and each of us swallowing the sweet mixture. I looked into Nikki’s eye and said “Nikki, I have never in my life had more love or passion for a woman and have never had the intensity of enjoying the best pussy I’ve ever had, than I just had with you! I love...Read On


Nikki - Chapter 3

Six weeks is a long time!

(End of Chapter 2) I pulled my dick out and fell into an out-of-breath heap next to Nikki. I looked at her and she was sweating, trying to catch her breath, and smiling! Damn, I love her smile! Nikki said “I’ve never done that before. That means you did get to take my cherry! My ass cherry!” I couldn’t do or say anything. I just laid there, smiling! I pulled Nikki to me and kissed her with...Read On




Bad events allow two people to get together in a surprise ending

Standing there behind the small group that had gathered at the cemetery, I couldn’t help but feel sad for her. And at the same time, feel guilty. There she was, a beautiful woman at the young age of 19, four months pregnant and burying her husband of two years. I felt sad for her because no one should have to go through this type of thing, especially at this young age. I felt guilty because...Read On