First time for everything

A few glasses of wine succeeded in getting my husband to do what I've been asking for,

I've been with my husband for several years now. He and I, have what most would call "vanilla" sex. In fact, he always considered me to be the pure one out of the two of us because I had never experimented or had many sex partners while I was in college. Ironically enough, I'm the one who started the conversation of anal sex. He was reluctant at best. It all started from one incredible...Read On



First time for Everything, Part 4

Matt and I continue our journey to see just how far we can take it.

Things have been slowing down for Matt and I over the past few weeks. With the holidays fast approaching and both of our jobs needing more from us, we haven't had much energy left for anything but working and sleeping. And as sad it is to admit, anyone who's been in a long term relationship knows that when the sex life starts to slip, fuses get shorter and shorter. Arguing about petty things...Read On


First Time for Everything, Part 2

I never realized how big of a can of worms I was opening with my husband until now.

So Matt and I finally had some incredible anal sex (thanks in part to quite a fair share of wine). He thought it was hot, and of course so did I. However, it's been two weeks and here we are, back to vanilla sex as usual. I was at least slightly disappointed when he made no attempts to relive our sexy first time giving anal a whirl. I had given up hope and started to think that this was...Read On

Group Sex(4)


First Time for Everything, The Gift Part 3

Matt's birthday weekend continues with a surprise for me this time

As soon as I read Matt's text message about getting ready, I put myself into action. Not sure exactly what he meant by "more to follow", I decided to stay ahead of the curve and get everything done sooner rather than later. I changed the sheets as instructed, showered and shaved, and cleaned our home from top to bottom, making sure that there wasn't a morsel of dirt anywhere to be found....Read On


First Time for Everything, The Gift Part 2

Matt's birthday weekend continues and I am going along for the ride

I awoke the next morning in a daze. The smell of our sex still lingered in our bedroom, being overpowered only by the smell of breakfast down the hall. It was then I realized that Katy was still curled up in bed with me; Matt was the one missing. Trying, and failing not to wake her, we got up out of bed and joined Matt in the kitchen. "Good morning ladies," Matt greeted us with his sexy grin...Read On


First Time for Everything, The Gift

I give Matt the birthday gift of a lifetime

For those of you who haven't read my prior stories, I'll give you a bit of a back story. My husband Matt and I have been married for a few years now and things were getting overwhelmingly stale. I couldn't take it anymore and on one drunken night decided to turn up the heat with him. Since then we've enjoyed all of each other, and I now especially crave my husband's lust for dominating...Read On


What a Winter Wonderland

A few days away with friends turns into a couple of wild nights.

With winter finally upon up, my husband and I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and have a ski weekend. We found a resort that had executive cabins, doting more privacy, luxurious, fireplaces, hot tubs, etc. I convinced my longtime friend Dan to come along, pooling our money to rent the cabin, saying it’d give me a chance to get to know his girlfriend Katy better. She’s kind of...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


First time for Everything, Part 3

My attempt at control creats a sexy power struggle in the bedroom

I cancelled my Pilates class to come home early, saying I didn't feel well. Well, I felt fine, just super horny. I spoke to Matt earlier in the day and he was the exact same, telling me he couldn't wait for me to get home from work to have me. "The past few weeks have been so crazy. I want to keep going! I'm wicked excited for you to get home. I bought some wine." He had said. "This all...Read On