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Some people may have noticed my absence for a while. It was an enforced absence as I could not log onto Lush stories, using Google. Seeing as I am such a dinosaur with computers I had to wait for my Guru to swing pass. The answer was blindingly simple - bypass Google. How they have the right to censor me, at the age of 62, and prevent me from partaking of a relatively benign site beggars me.

26 Aug 2013 00:30

To ALL my Lush friends. I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Please keep yourselves safe so that our paths can again cross in the new year. Dave

20 Dec 2012 00:11

I hope everybody ha a HAPPY and SAFE Easter

05 Apr 2012 02:55

Farewell Whitney - Thanks for the music.

18 Feb 2012 22:35

Wishing everybody Meri Kirihimete and a Happy New Year. Have fun, but stay safe!!!

22 Dec 2011 13:16

The All Blacks have just won the Rugby World Cup, 2011. We as a country will now be able to go ahead into the future, knowing that we are not the eternal bridesmaids. 24 years is alog time between drinks.

25 Oct 2011 02:16

My soulmate seems to have disappeared. I am sad about that - it was her decision. I was very happy to have met the lady. Maybe one day she may reappear. I will be very happy. in the meantime I would like to meet others with whom I can have a good conversation with

24 Sep 2011 06:32

I am thinking what a great place it is here. I've read some very good stories and there are undoubtedlya lot I haven't read that are equally as good. I have had a lotg of fun on the forum. I have met my soulmate!!

03 May 2011 22:45