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I ran into this incredible guy in Sydney. He's some kinda lawyer and he was teaching me all about aircraft leasing and shit. Actually very interesting. Zenie (one of my Filipino crew) was totally into the guy, but for some reason he wanted me. He was older and quite evasive about everything so I'm pretty sure he's married. Anyways in the end he took me to his suite at the Park Hyatt. He was insane and I think I came about seven times? I lost count frankly. His suite had a balcony overlooking the Opera House and I bent over and he fucked me from behind. His cock was pretty big and I came looking at the harbour. What a fucking crazy night. He wants me to see him in Hong Kong but he seems like a secret agent and says not to text him? Must be a wife hidden away. Lucky girl to fuck a guy like that every night.

10 Aug 2013 22:50

Overnight in Hong Kong tonight. Don't know if they will roster me for tomorrow to Sydney, but if they don't I'll come on. Lushies hope you're all having a very sexy time. Going clubbing tonight in lankwai.....who knows what we'll get up to. Horny girls, horny men.....should be a blast!

13 Jun 2013 02:06

Okay gang I'm off to the airport. A connecting flight today that terminates in Mumbai. Overnight in Mumbai should be fun. My crew is so so this time. A couple of girls I don't get along with. Oh well. Can't wait for my leg to Sydney next week. I love Sydney.

28 May 2013 22:42

Okay well I have tried to "fix" my story and I hope it gets approved this time. Hey I never went to university so be kind right. Anyways it's fun to write, but not as much fun as the real life adventure. Hope a few of you read it.

28 May 2013 21:57

Just landed a couple of hours ago. I guess I need to edit my story and try to re-submit.

24 May 2013 09:35

Well I never ever thought I'd write a story, but hey I have. I hope you are all kind for my "first time" and don't be like too mean. If people like it then I'll try again. Who knows. Anyways it's about my last layover in Dubai. Hope you guys like it.

15 May 2013 23:19

During my layover in Paris this Canadian guy took me out to the most expensive restaurant I've ever been to with his friends. I, of course, fucked his brains out in gratitude. He now thinks all UK girls are fucking wild sex vixens and wants to move to London. Aren't men so cute.

27 Apr 2013 06:58