Only His Toy Part 3

For the first time, as Master released his sperm inside of me, I heard him moan. He moaned my name again as he continued to pump into me relieving him of his orgasm fluids. He moaned my name again and again, and with pleasure I had never heard from him before. His body soon fell on to mine, but as I was about to get up for I knew our "session" today was over, he grabbed my waist and held me...Read On


Only His Toy Pt2

He caressed my shoulders and forearms with gentle strokes, something that usually did not happen first. My breathing was still becoming ragged just by his touch. It always did this. Master looked at me intently, as though he was trying to understand something difficult "Are you well?" I basically repeated. He didn't answer. His hands found my zipper and roughly pulled the dress down. Seeing...Read On


Only his toy

I was his toy. There was no other explanation than that. He used me, but personally, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the way he threw me around and fucked me roughly. He didn't love me, this seemed obvious to me. But of course, I loved him. The first time we met, we were considered a couple. We would buy dinner and chat for a while, to get to know each other. Although on my part I considered it as...Read On

Love Poems(8)


Collared and Caged

I feel it tighten around my neck as I look up into his eyes that pierce right through mine I can smell the fresh leather, I can feel the metal studs pushing into my flesh I moan as I hear the clasp shut, He steps back to admire his new pet “You belong to me and only me now” He attaches the leash, and smiles down at me, He kisses my head and leads me to my cage. He shuts the door and...Read On



Devour this ecstasy Penetrate me Feel me on the inside Thrust into me Trust in me I shall never tell I will show you a girl You have never seen before The innocent whore I'll scream and moan away my fears Don't worry baby, they can not hear So hold me close And fuck me hard Whatever you please Sometimes I hate it But I crave this kind of love Pull my hair Work your fingers through Cause I'm...Read On


Remembering You

I lay here tonight thinking of you And the naughty things you used to say The beautiful things you used to do to me What I would give to feel your hands over my breasts again And your fingers in places I shall not confess Your lips tenderly over mine While your slowly zipping down your pants this whole time You lick me up and down, the moans escape my lips You lower me to my knees, so I can...Read On


Wanting of Him

Something about wanting

Lust is that look he gives you that you can't resist. It's how you crave him to pin you at the wrist. Lust is how wild you feel when his hands are on your skin. Lust is the inner voice, begging him to shove you against the wall. The temptation for him to rip off your pants And fuck you in the hall....Read On


My Affair

The essence of him, it quenches my desire. Every sexual word he whispers, fuels the fire The passion in his eyes, sends me over the edge Beneath him, on top, beside, I don't care Just as long as my husband doesn't know of my affair...Read On


Last meeting

Something about a man.

The last time we met, Sometime in April I look back at that meeting, Feeling lost inside, Missing you more and more Sitting next to you on the couch, having you hold me close Whispering sweet nothings in my ear Making me blush and and snuggle closer to you You told me your ambitions, you told me your story I told you mine, and you didn't turn away from my dark past You gripped me tighter and...Read On



When you look at me with those eyes, with that oh so insinuating smirk, and that damn sexy, deep voice. That's when you can take away all my will, all of my reasons to not continue. That's the way you took away my past, showed me how pleasurable your dark and relentless world is. That's why I'm totally in lust with you. ...Read On


Lust is not forever

His breath against your lips, hands interwoven, ankles together. Skin burning against skin, You can forget just for a moment. Your past falls away, you are scar free You can ignore the whole world And the life that awaits you after you leave his bed Instead, there is just this gentle kiss His cologne is all you smell, his lips are all you taste His skin is all you feel, brushing against...Read On