Olivia's Rosebud Blossoms

Olivia gets an enema and so much more

We became online friends. Her interest had been piqued by enema scenes that I had included in my stories. She admitted that she had never had anything “back there” before. I was surprised at her interest in enemas, although not entirely shocked. I should back up a little. I’m a fifty plus guy and Olivia is an eighteen year old blond, a beautiful but seemingly innocent young lady. Well,...Read On



Olivia Takes Spring Break - First Night

Daddy adds discipline...

We drove home from the beach with the top down. I told Olivia to take down her top also. She giggled and said, “Oh, Daddy, you're so funny!” I replied, “I'm not trying to be funny, Livie, I'm serious. I want you to ride home topless!” “What? Why,” she whined. “Because it would please me and I said so, that's why.” “But...” “No buts,” I interrupted. “just do it.” At that she...Read On


Souls Found

Rachel and Laura discover their hidden souls...

She was the quintessential girl next door, eighteen, blond, blue eyes, and a body that most forty year old women would kill to have. Rachel was finally free of the petty drama of high school and spending her summer preparing for her freshman year at college. She had a job at a small dress shop where she had been working after school and on weekends for the last two years. She had also done...Read On


Daddy Marks His Property, Part 7

Stephie goes to the salon...

Friday rolled around and I delivered Stephanie to the tattoo shop to get filled in by Shawna. Before leaving the plaza, I walked down to the waxing salon to speak with the manager that Shawna told me to talk to. Her name was Rita and she was a stunning Cuban hottie, about 5’ 3” and very well put together. She was displaying cleavage that was more than ample for a woman of her height and...Read On


Daddy Marks His Property, Part 6

Jealousy is not allowed...

Daddy Marks His Property, Part 6 When we got home from lunch and shopping, I called Shawna to see how she was doing. When she picked up I said, “How’s my little girl doing?” regretting it as soon as it left my lips. I knew Stephanie heard me and I didn’t want her to think… “Hi, Daddy,” she said cheerfully, “How are you this afternoon? I had a great time last night. I’ve never had...Read On


Daddy Marks His Property, Part 5

The morning after

“You’re welcome, baby girl, you were fantastic,” I said to Shawna softly as I stroked her head and kissed her face. “You were fantastic. Did you enjoy that?” “Yes…Daddy,” she said reluctantly. “I haven’t ever experienced anything so powerful, sexually, that is.” “You know, you don’t have to call me Daddy, right?” “Yes, sir.” “And you don’t have to call me sir, either.” “I know, but...Read On


Daddy Marks His Property, Part 4

Shawna comes for dinner (pun intended)

I just sat in my chair and watched the two young fillies make out. They were reaching a fever pitch. Shawna was running her hands all over Stephanie’s lithe, naked body, taking in everything. She was squeezing Stephie’s tiny, pert breasts, tweaking her already womanly nipples, cupping her ass and squeezing it as well. Their mouths were busy lustily kissing, still tasting the remnants of...Read On


Daddy Marks His Property, Part 3

Shawna comes to dinner

Shawna was in her zone. She worked at the outline of Stephie's tat with remarkable precision. It had taken her only a half hour to sketch the outline and she had started to ink it in. Suddenly her phone rang, she picked it up and I said, "How's it going, girls?" "Oh, just fine, D. Stephie has been very cooperative and I've got a good start on getting the outline inked in. Another hour or so...Read On


Daddy Marks His Property, Part 2

The piercings go in and the girls get to know each other

After Stephie had resumed her previous position, I picked up the forceps left dangling from her pussy lip, took the large curved needle from Shawna, and placed it where I wanted. The sharp point of the surgical steel made Stephie jump a little. I quickly withdrew the needle and reminded her to keep still. Shawna offered up, "It helps if you don't touch the skin until you are pushing it...Read On


Daddy Marks His Property, Part 1

We decided it was time to mark my new girl...

Daddy Marks His Property, Part 1 This is a continuation of the series "Daddy's New Girl." It would be helpful if you read those first. After several months of Stephanie learning her station and how I liked my house kept, etc., I felt it was time to have her marked. We had talked about tattoos as she was much like most other young girls these days. I must admit that I love the...Read On


Daddy's New Girl

House rules

Daddy's New Girl, Part 8 House Rules After Stephanie finished her "snack," she crawled into my arms and we fell fast asleep, both of us exhausted. We awoke the next morning around 9:00. I followed Stephie into the bathroom and let her have the toilet first. Again, I stood in front of her to watch. She was a little hesitant, but didn't want to cross me so she pushed herself to get...Read On


Daddy's New Girl, Part 7

Stephie's opening

Daddy's New Girl, Part 7 Stephanie's Opening Being a little older now, I don't always sleep through the night. I woke up about 2:00 and got up to use the john. I came back to bed and looked at my new little princess of the house. She was so cute, sleeping peacefully on her side. She had one knee higher than the other. I pulled back the covers being the horny old dog that I am. I lit...Read On


Daddy's New Girl, Part 6

Stephie Learns to Suck

Still laughing on our way to the bedroom about the plight of our "guest" for the evening we began to get ready for bed. Stephie thought she would just pop on a new nightie and hop into bed. I had different plans. I was hornier than a ten dick tomcat. All the punishment going around all night, and no release was driving me insane. "Princess?" "Yes, Daddy." "What do you think you're doing...Read On


Daddy's New Girl, Part 5

Stephanie is Avenged

Daddy's New Girl, Part 5 Stephanie is Avenged. Previously, Stephanie had been groped by her sales lady while being measured in a fitting room. Having been confronted about this, the sales lady had been ordered to bring gifts (which she stole from work) as a token of her apology. She was now submitting to further punishment and seemed to be relishing in her plight, especially to be...Read On


Daddy's New Girl, Part 4

Stephie gets an apology

After finishing our pizza I told Stephanie to clean up and wash our glasses and then to hop in the shower to freshen up after our long shopping spree. I could see it was almost 7:00 so I took my cell phone into my study and closed the door. Stephanie had headed for the shower, at least I could hear water running. I took out my business card that I had written down the sales clerk's info on...Read On


Daddy's New Girl, Part 3

Stephanie goes shopping

After passing out together at sunrise, we slept until about noon. I awoke to see the nineteen year old slut I had literally plucked from the curb the night before. She was still sleeping, breathing deeply, her pert breasts heaving up and down slowly in rhythm with her breathing. I noticed the wet spot she had left on the bed from our combined love juices. Her smoothly shaved cunny was...Read On


Daddy's New Girl, Part 2

Daddy plants his seed

It only took a couple of minutes and she was fast asleep in my arms. I just sat and held her, relishing the moment. I contemplated what I might do for her if she were willing to leave her abusive pimp. After reflecting for a while I scooped her up and carried her to my bed. I laid her gently on the bed and pulled the covers up to her neck. I went and did my thing in the bathroom and slid...Read On


Daddy's New Girl

No real sex yet, but sets the stage...

While driving home from dinner one night I thought, why not cruise the Hooker Highway for a little sensory enjoyment. I like to see the various tarts out strutting their stuff on a hot night. Leering at them and making them think I might be their next john. Just a little game I like to play now and then. I was almost at the end of my cruise when I saw her. She was almost angelic in her...Read On


A First for Both

We both wanted to explore this new and exciting lifestyle.

A First for Both We had met online on a site for those interested in BDSM, etc. There had already been many emails and phone conversations as well as a meet and greet for lunch. We were both about to embark on a new journey for both of us. She as a sub and me as a dom. We had made arrangements for a Friday evening meeting at a restaurant. At my instruction she was supposed to select a...Read On



Olivia Takes Spring Break

She wanted to spend Spring Break with her Daddy...

It was her freshman year at college and it should have been exciting. The new adventure of being away from home, making new friends and embarking on her education. When she texted me she was anything but excited; frustrated was more like it. She had just caught a break for a while as her roommate had gone out with her parents. You see, her roommate didn’t even like to discuss sex, let alone...Read On


Olivia's Encore

Olivia asks for more...

I woke up and looked at the clock, 3:30 AM; my usual time to get up to answer nature’s call. Getting older sucks. I eased out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I didn’t want to disturb the little angel next to me. I got a drink of water and eased back into bed trying not to disturb Olivia. Regardless of my efforts, Olivia stirred. She opened one eye, asked me what time it was. I told...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)

The Cunning Linguist and the Other 'Ingus'

A long time fantasy realized...

For as long as I can recall, I’ve always had a fantasy of having a woman, dressed in magnificent lingerie and tall heels, squat over my face as I minister to her goodies. I have always loved pictures of women squatting while dressed to the nines in expensive undergarments and sexy, sleek heels. I had met Samantha at the rehearsal dinner the night before. It was a casual cookout. She appeared...Read On



Daddy Snaps

I wrote this on another site. Enjoy.

Daddy Snaps 11/9/2006 Upon entering the house after a particularly rough day at work you start in on me. I rue the day you started your change to womanhood. It doesn't help that your sweet mother, my wife, died when you were 11, leaving us on our own. Having struggled through your early puberty with the help of your aunt from time to time, we have arrived at your senior year. You are...Read On