Jess's Revenge - Mistress Donna - Chapter 1

Meeting a Mistress online proves to be my downfall

This story is part truth, part fantasy For several years my wife, Jess, and I would get into swinging occasionally. I never quite figured out what her problem was. She would suddenly tell me that she was done, no more swinging. Sometimes telling me she wanted a divorce, other times she would just say she was done fucking me and I would have to get sex elsewhere. I'm still not sure if it...Read On



Slave Surprise

Fantasy story I wrote for one of my girlfriends.

SLAVE SURPRISE! By: perverse_cowboy I get a text from you, telling me to be at a local High End Hotel at 7:00 PM. I am to pick up a key to room 528, under the name of "Woodcock" from the desk and follow written instructions that I will find on the table in the room. When I pick up the key, the man behind the desk gives me a wink and a devilish smile. "I’m sure you will enjoy your...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Beginning My Swinger Life - Part One

My three year fling with a married woman just started my addiction!

I think I've always known I was a sex addict to some degree. I've always loved reading erotica, but only half believed the stories, that is until I met Laura. I was in college and I had met a girl in a town near my home. She was younger, and inexperienced when it came to sex, but willing to try anything I suggested. I saw her on weekends when I came home from school. It had only been...Read On