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I’ve been writing kinky stories for about 30 years now, originally for my own pleasure, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet now also for others’ pleasure. I really appreciate the, erm, appreciative comments, and endeavour to read as much of other authors on Lush as I possibly can and return the favour.

In personal matters I’m instinctively libertarian and anti-moralistic. I was going to say that I’m very much of the mind, to paraphrase, that consenting adults may do whatever they like, as long as they don’t do it in the street and scare the horses; although actually it would be rather fun if people did do it in the street, and I like a good reluctance story – reading and writing them.

Careful readers will no doubt notice that women’s legs encased in nylon hold a special fascination for me. I’ve written many cuckold stories and stories with wives (preferably involved with people other than their husbands). I think this all stems from the time many years ago when I first encountered men’s mags and became obsessed with the couple of pages featuring pictures of “Readers’ Wives” rather than the glamorous models who littered the other 98 pages. As a teenager I would make up fantasies about what people I saw or met got up to in the bedroom (or elsewhere), and this habit continues to fuel the stories I write.

Straight love stories and straight sex stories have never really gripped my attention. I incline to the view that one of the most vital roles of art is to provide what life itself for the most part does not (at least not for most people), or at the very least to provide an intensified, exaggerated or heightened version of reality. I’m in basic agreement with Freud that civilization requires a great deal of repression, which creates considerable psychological tension. In my view, art can help to relieve that tension, if used as an arena for the expression of otherwise repressed desires.

As regards the delights of Lush, I’m happy to add new friends, but I feel compelled to point out that I don’t have very much time at all in which to chat – though I’m always happy to exchange e-mails for whatever reason. I’m especially grateful that it is a place where I can explore my decades’ old penchant for “readers’ wives” and single women alike and partake of others’ various intimate fantasies and real life adventures. Once or twice I’ve been asked if a certain story is truth or fiction, and while not wishing to rub anybody up the wrong way, that’s for me alone to know. By the same token, I don’t much care if particular stories are real or fantasies, as long as they hold my attention. Occasionally I’ve thought it might be fun to write a story at somebody else’s behest. I’m still unsure about it, but if you do have a request, let me know. No promises, except that I’ll think about it.

Any other questions? Drop me a line.

Martin Morecock
Wherever my imagination takes me
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20 Jan 2017 22:28
Almost anything and everything, I think. Sex, obviously; but beyond that creative expression, music, history, really anything pertaining to social life.
Favorite Books:
Mainly non-fiction these days. Favourites? Depends on what I find useful at any given moment. When I do read fiction it tends to be detective fiction.
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The lively, the ramshackle, and that which sounds like it had to be made to preserve the artist's sanity.


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Topic: Share some of your stories - invitation to self-promote
Posted: 17 Jan 2017 03:44

Yeah, as one who sucks at self-promotion, thanks for the opportunity!

1) The one you wish more people had seen.
I’m going to go with ”The Chain”, which is actually a series, but all of the episodes are free-standing. It’s a victim, I think, of series syndrome, with very long individual episodes and being in a category (Fantasy & Sci-Fi) that is a (fairly) niche taste to begin with (not to mention nondescript titles). The basic premise is that of the chain letter, with people receiving a mysterious envelope through the mail, which leads them to experience their deepest sexual desires and passing the gift on to someone else. I suppose the stories are a form of ‘magical realism’. I wish more people had read those stories because I had a lot of fun writing them, and still sometimes consider extending the chain. Maybe when or if I get round to E-book format.

2) Character that you've written that you'd most like to spend a night with
I’m going to cheat here, because the “if they were real” part of the question is debatable. I had a particular real life acquaintance in mind while writing ”After the Book Cub”, on whom Karen is loosely based. Nothing can ever happen, because her husband is far from the acquiescent figure he is in the story – but you can always fantasize, can’t you?

3) Most interesting female character.
Again, a series. Catherine in “Dirty Little Secrets”, whose husband’s work takes him abroad every other week. She makes videos of herself to send him, while knowing that she has a secret admirer watching through the window as she pleasures herself. That’s how it starts. Then things spiral. Not all the parts are narrated by Catherine, but the fact that I kept the series up for 11 parts is testament to how interested I was in following her transformation from being ‘a bit naughty’ to… Well, make up your own mind!

4) Most interesting male character.
One I have yet to create, I think. No one character, rather the basically amoral men in the majority of my Cuckold stories. Amoral characters hold a particular fascination for me – in the stories I read as well as the ones I write.

5) Story whose success surprised you.
I’m always surprised whenever I’m awarded an RR or an EP. I mean I wouldn’t submit stories if I didn’t think they were any good, but I’ll freely admit that there are authors on Lush whose stories I consider far superior to my own. The biggest surprise is “The Ride Home”, perhaps because it gave me a “breakthrough” of sorts. Not only is it an RR, but the response to it from readers in general far exceeded any expectations I had, not least because it was a bit of an experiment. I was reading a novel at the time, which I didn’t much like, but the style stuck with me, and it’s that stylistic influence that makes “The Ride Home” a story that many readers seem to respond to as being a bit different (even if I wimped out at the end). Years later I still get the occasional PM about it. I’ve half promised to try and write something else in that style, but I can’t seem to get back into that headspace.

6) A story you were nervous about posting.
All of them. Every story submission is presaged by questions like, “Is this too silly?”, “Is this too outlandish?”, “Is there enough of a plot?”, “Is it too juvenile?”. And so on. There are quite a few unfinished or unpublished stories on my hard drive which I just didn’t feel were good enough or going anywhere. But the one published story that sticks in my mind as a “nearly didn’t appear” is my entry for the fetish competition, “Living Doll”. It exemplifies perfectly the rather odd thing that the stories I’m most uncertain about, are often those that seem to strike the most enthusiastic chord with many readers. I was really, really ambivalent about the merits of “Living Doll”, but the readers who like it are extremely enthusiastic, a bit like the situation with “The Ride Home”. Maybe I should dust off some of those unpublished works.

7) your raunchiest story.
All of them. Well, not quite, but as I state (somewhat pretentiously) in my profile, “I incline to the view that one of the most vital roles of art is to provide what life itself for the most part does not (at least not for most people), or at the very least to provide an intensified, exaggerated or heightened version of reality.” Thus, to me, writing about cuddly, marital sex holds no appeal. If I had to pick one story, it would be “Throwing Prudence to the Wind”, once you’ve got past the explanation of how Prudence gets to find herself in the middle of an orgy.

8) your sappiest story
None of them. I don’t do sappy. Really. There’s a reason I haven’t written anything in the “Love Stories” category. I just can’t do it. It’s like my taste in music. At the moment I’m excessively fond of the song “All Is Equal in Love” by Meilyr Jones, but that’s my fill of sappy for the year. If I could write something with the same kind of ambience as songs like “Heart of Oak” by Richard Hawley or “Pure” by The Lightning Seeds, I’d do it, but story writing is as much about knowing your limitations as knowing your strengths.

9) the one you're proudest of.
The one I’m proudest of is “Fare Dodging”, my first Flash story. The reason for this is that brevity really isn’t my thing (as you can tell if you’ve read this far). So to manage to produce a coherent story that stuck to a thousand word limit is probably my greatest personal achievement as a story writer.

10) a story you want to mention just because.
Once a story’s published, I’m more or less done with it, and I become preoccupied with whatever I’m working on, or whatever ideas I have in my head. Right now the story that’s occupying my thoughts is a Reluctance story, working title “Slut-In-A-Box”. Coming soon to whatever device you log onto Lush from.

Topic: What do you think about people who have no pics on their profiles?
Posted: 17 Jan 2017 01:50

In a perfect world, adults would be grown up about adult stuff. In the real world, some grown-ups are shockingly judgmental about adult stuff. Ergo it's perfectly natural for people to want to preserve their anonymity. Nevertheless, not uploading any kind of avatar is a bit dull.

Topic: As an American Citizen, do you really wish some other country was the super power?
Posted: 16 Jan 2017 03:27

I'm not American, but I have had this argument with people in Europe who criticize the US. As you suggest, there's not not going to be a global superpower - so if there's a void, who do you want? There are only two feasible candidates; China and Russia. That's not for me. That's not to say that the US couldn't handle international relations better, but out of the available options it's still the best one.

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our "Holiday Hijinks" Story Competition
Posted: 14 Jan 2017 02:46

Unlike the judges, I didn't manage to read too many of the entries over the festive season, but congratulations to the winners and honourable mentions. I've clearly got some catching up to do.

Topic: What is your favorite Beatles song?
Posted: 14 Jan 2017 02:28

I hold "A Day in the Life" as the Beatles' greatest moment, though on average I rate a few other bands of the era higher.

Topic: Writing a Whole Novel...?
Posted: 11 Jan 2017 05:42

I think George Orwell got it more or less right:

“Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout with some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.”

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our Fetish Stories Competition
Posted: 17 Nov 2016 04:58

Damn! I have to raise my game, clearly!

In all seriousness, some great entries and deserving prize winners.

Thanks to everyone who voted and commented and expressed their appreciation.

An honourable mention of my own to timojen for "Finding Rachel's Switch". Wish I'd written it myself.

Topic: Why Democrats Lost the Presidency
Posted: 13 Nov 2016 13:54

To defeat your opponent you have to know and understand them.

This, I think. The oft-mentioned similarities with the Brexit vote in the UK are actually quite instructive, if you look at the responses from the losing sides. In both cases there's a kind of ourtraged righteousness which manifests as branding those who voted on the winning side as "racists, bigots, etc, etc". The losing sides are refusing to give up on their sense that they are self-evidently "right" about everything, and this a) prevents them from doing the necessary soul-searching to move forward, and b) explains why they lost in the first place - i.e. their inherent sense of their own "rightness" prevented them from taking the opposite sides' views seriously enough to counter them with arguments that would sway voters.

The ultimate failure is this idea that the opposing side is misguided and just plain wrong. No doubt there are genuine racists and bigots who voted for Brexit and for Trump, but there is also a large section of people who had perfectly reasonable reasons for voting the way they did which have nothing to do with bigotry, but everything to do with their own life situations. The Remain Campaign and the Democrats failed to take these reasons into account, because their own sense of righteousness prevented them from seeing such reasons as legitimate and thus taking them seriously, and consequently they paid the price. To take an analogy from sports; to win you have to play to your strengths, but you also have to take into account your opponent's strengths and adjust your tactics to nullify them.

Not being an American, I didn't vote in the presidential election (but since a large part of my income is tied up with a large American multinational, the result might potentially effect me personally in some way that's impossible to foresee at present). What I can say, however, is that ever since I was first entitled to vote, I've felt increasingly disenfranchised with every passing election, to the point now where I routinely seek out some candidate who doesn't stand a snowman's chance in hell of winning anything. I feel that it's important to vote, but faced with two evils, I would rather opt for some other alternative rather than do the tactical "lesser of two evils" thing, because every vote for the one of two evils only perpetuates the system as is, and that's the way I would have felt had I been voting in the presidential election.

PS. On the Electoral College. It's quite possible that the system needs tweaking. However, bear in mind that it militates against a situation where elections are won and lost in large urban areas and smaller rural or more sparsely populated areas are thus completely neglected by the powers that be.

Topic: Trump the Traitor - Stepping Back on Repealing Obamacare
Posted: 12 Nov 2016 06:29

From saviour to traitor in four short days. Almost makes me feel sorry for the guy. Welcome to the world of football manage... sorry... politics, Donald.

Topic: You look in the Mirror....and say.....
Posted: 02 Nov 2016 07:54

When did the hair on my chain start to grow faster than the hair on top of my head?

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