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A Full House

A Game of Choice

Age Doesn't Matter

Alexis And Her Sisters Are Punished

Alexis Spanked

Alexis Submits

Alexis Turns The Tables

Alexis is Grounded

Amanda's Investigative Report

Amanda's Third Report

Auntie Sarah Spanks Part One

Auntie Sarah Spanks - Part Three

Auntie Sarah Spanks Part Two

Back From Uni

Betty Spanked Again

Betty Spanks

Betty and David Concede Control

Caught Lying

Caught Out - Chapter 2

Caught Out - Chapter One

Caught and Punished by His Sister

Charlotte Takes Charge

Charlotte’s Mum Actions Mrs. Denver’s Letter

Charlotte’s Punishment Letter


Dad Makes Two

Daniel Goes First - Part 1

Daniel Goes First - Part 2

Daniel Lies

Daniel’s New Girlfriend

Disciplined at Work

Disciplined at Work by the New Girl

Ellie’s Private Punishment

Ellie’s Punishment

Emily Watches Nina Being Spanked

Hannah’s Mum Spanks Nina

His Wish

Jane Takes Charge

Jenny Is Disciplined By Mrs Denver

Jenny's Detention

Jenny's Punishment Letter Ordeal - the Finale

Jenny's Punishment Letter Ordeal Continues

Jenny’s Punishment Letter

Kelly’s Punishment Letter

Laura At Teacher’s Camp

Laura Takes a Spanking

Laura's Bad Decision

Laura’s Boyfriend

Laura’s Chummy Mummy

Laura’s Music Lesson

Laura’s Shopping Experience

Laura’s Temper

Laura’s Weekend at the Heads House

Lisa’s Cousins

Lisa’s Story

Live The Dream

Miss Bentner Takes Charge of Elizabeth - Part 2

Miss Bentner Takes Charge of Elizabeth: Part 1

Miss Bentner Takes Charge of Emma

Mother and Daughter Punishment Letter Ordeal

Mother and Daughter’s Discipline

Mrs Denver – The Prequel

Mrs Denver – The Prequel Continues

Mrs Denver’s Double Spanking – The Aftermath

Mrs Denver’s Parent Discipline Scheme

Mrs Denver’s Parent Discipline Scheme - Part 2

Mrs Howard Spanks

Mrs Howard Spanks Marsha

Mrs Howard Spanks Mother and Daughter

Mrs Howard spanks Ellie

Mrs. Denver

Mrs. Denver Deals With Charlotte

Mrs. Denver Spanks Mother and Daughter - Part One

Mrs. Denver Spanks Mother and Daughter - Part Two

Mrs. Denver’s Parent Discipline Meeting

New Rules at The Condominium

Nikki Sees Mrs Denver Once Again


Nina Finds Love and Discipline

Nina Gets Spanked for Lying

Nina Goes Home For a Break

Nina Humbled

Nina Is Late for Jenifer

Nina Never Learns

Nina Submits to Emma

Nina and Hannah Get Spanked

Nina and Makalea

Nina and Makalea Meet the Step Daughters

Nina and Makalea – Two days later

Nina is Spanked by a Client

Nina is Spanked for Masturbating

Nina's Discipline Spanking

Nina, The Downfall

Nina’s Double Spanking

Nina’s Office Related Spanking

Nina’s Party

Officer Campbell

Open Day at the Academy - Part 1

Open Day at the Academy - Part 2

Peter is Spanked by his Wife and Mother

Protect and Correct


Retribution Part 2

Retribution Part 3

Retribution Part 4

Retribution Part 5

Retribution Part 6

Retribution – The Grandparents Turn

Roles Reversed

Ryan and His dad Get Spanked

Ryan's Barter

Sally and Her Mum

Sally's Mum

Sarah Being Disciplined at the Office

Sarah Disciplined at the Bridge Evening

Sarah Humiliated by her Step-Granny

Sarah Is Humiliated By Megan

Sarah Spanks Her Lazy Husband

Sarah is Humiliated at the Office Party

Sarah' Humiliation at the Office

Sarah’s Humiliation

Spanked For Bad Figures

Spanked For Free

Spanked For Free Again

Spanked by His Sisters

Spanked by His Wife

Spanked by Their Housekeeper

Spanked by the Boss

Spanking and Sex

Summer Camp - Chapter 2

Summer Camp - Chapter One

Summer Camp -Chapter 3

The Aftermath

The Generation Gap - Traversed

The Humiliation of Alexis

The Threesome

When Mistakes Happen - Chapter 3

When Mistakes Happen – Chapter 1

When Mistakes Happen – Chapter 4

When Mistakes Happen – Chapter 5

When Mistakes happen - Chapter 2