phantom741's Blog Entries

05 Jun 2013 07:11

After being away on one of my tour trips have returned with a new story to share hopefully next week, and will then continue with my "Little Sister" series. A big thank you to all those followers.

24 Mar 2013 07:07

After more encouraging comments maybe I should make a further attempt and complete "My Little Sister's Sexual Escapades". Thank you again.
Welcome to my new friends. I appreciate your support and your excellent stories! Maybe I'll get it right yet, like you!

23 Mar 2013 05:44

To my friends and all those who have read my stories with encouraging comments, "I Thank you for your great support! I achieved something I never dreamt of attempting.
It is time to bid you all a fond farewell and may we meet again soon in this exciting world we live in and I leave you with these two quotations of encouragement:

"Climb every mountain
Fjord every stream
Follow every highway
Untill you find your dream"" Julie Andrews 'The Sound of Music".

"It's never too late
Nothing is impossible

Au revoir

13 Jan 2013 04:24

Hey, would love to chat to some of you beautiful people!!

12 Jan 2013 23:48

This is such a fun site! It allows one to express those inner most feelings and desires freely without offending others. Although only a "newby" to all this I have thoroughly enjoyed writing the four stories so far.
The number of viewers and encouraging comments received are most gratifying and I thank you all for your time.
This has spurred me on to write more even though I did not think that I could write one!
I am excited about my next story as well. This will be ready in a fortnight.
I trust that I am meeting your expectations and hopefully you leave wanting more!
Thank you all for your support.