Improbable Passion

Mature lovers behave like teenagers in pursuit of forbidden fruit

They had done this before. But this assignment was different, very different. It could not be planned. It had serious time constraints and even higher risk possibilities. But it was worth it. They would proceed with extreme caution. As they had less than twenty four hours to prepare, it was filled with tension, anxiety, desire and intrigue. This opportunity was actually non-negotiable....Read On

College Sex(2)


Youthful Lust and Curiosity

One step closer to womanhood.

Part 1: Naked Obsession Brian settled into his college life with an overwhelming workload, by day and by night. He was so thankful when all options for college accommodation were exhausted. His parents were left with no other choice but a one bedroomed, furnished apartment, across the road from the college. Frankly, he missed the freedom of home and especially mother’s cooking. Whenever...Read On


Youthful Lust and Curiosity - Part II

A very special invitation by two young beauties

The next morning at ten a.m. the phone rang. “Hello Mrs Smith, it's Cathy here.” “Oh, hello Cathy. Thank you for entertaining Brian last night. He says he had a great time. How can I help you?” “Our pleasure Mrs Smith. It was great fun. We were wondering whether he would be available to answer a few more questions about college as I want to enroll for next year?’ “I’m sure he can...Read On

First Time(1)

Perfect Love

An introductory date developed into something special which neither of us anticipated !

She loves the great outdoors and particularly wildlife and as this first meeting is for a very special lady I needed to make sure that it was well-organized. I could not arrange the wildlife as we only had a few hours available so I decided on a champagne picnic in the nearby hills. The day was perfect, as it usually is in summer on the highveld. I arrived punctually five minutes before...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Into Africa with a Scandanavian Flavour : Part II The Wild Introduction

Their sexual needs dominate the Wild.

Their intent was obvious. The unspoken word confirmed it all. Frankly I could not wait any longer either. How could two adult men even think of divorcing these amazing beauties? They were so perfect in every respect and a rare species indeed! Why was I the lucky one? These thoughts kept flooding my mind whilst only selected downlighters of the motorhome were switched on as well as the...Read On



My Little Sister's Sexual Escapades: Part VI : The Hot Re-union

Little Sister plans a hot re-union for big brother

She (little sister’s best friend, Jacky) stood there smiling but I noticed her eyes stealing a peek at my hardness. “Shall I get dressed,” I suggested. “No, no!” they shouted in unison.  “Just stay where you are.” And with that Jacky perched herself on the bed next to me and my dear little sister hopped onto the other side and crossed her legs. In the process she exposed herself...Read On


My Little Sister's Sexual Escapades; Part III; Restricted Access

Her mischievious mind did not allow limited access!

Later I awoke with a start. I realised that my soft cock was still inside my sister sister’s pussy, and that immediately started a reaction! Her finger was still inside Jacky’s pussy and that added to my rapidly developing hard-on, and Jacky’s beautiful nipple was still inside my mouth! Well all that only took a few seconds and I was instantly hard and throbbing once again. What a journey and...Read On


Little Sister's Sexual Escapes : Part VII

Little Sister and her best friend reward big brother for his sterling performance in bed!

I did not need to go anywhere. My body just needed to rest and re-group after all the activity. But they insisted. They gently eased their sexy little frames off my body and supported me all the way into the shower after adjusting the tepid water into a misty spray. “Would you like to start on that gorgeous head of hair and back whilst I do the legs?” Jacky suggested. Little...Read On


My Little Sisters Sexual Escapades. Part IV : College Capers

Little sisters insatiable sexual appetite.

Part IV: College Capers I settled into my college life with an overwhelming work load, both day and night. I was so thankful when all options for college residence were exhausted and my parents were left with the only choice of a one bedroomed furnished apartment, across the road from the college. When Cathy (my younger sister) heard this her eyes began to sparkle again and her...Read On


My Little Sister's Sexual Escapades, Part V: The Surprise

My little sister's first visit to my college digs.

After a busy afternoon walking through the campus and gathering details about the Fine Arts department for my little sister and particularly for our mother, we were satisfied that she had enough information to respond intelligently to mother’s anticipated inquisition regarding a possible study venue the following year. She was even fortunate enough to speak to one of the senior lecturers...Read On


My Little Sister's Sexual Escapades; Part II Teenage Challenges: Her Virginity

She is besotted with my cock and continually digs for more!

My sister’s imaginative antics continued even though she was almost seventeen. Clearly she was infatuated with my cock and created every opportunity to touch it, play with it, put her hand on it or in my crotch, and of course make it cum as often as possible. One evening whilst the family was enjoying a meal together at a steakhouse and I was in deep conversation with my parents I felt...Read On


My Little Sister's Sexual Escapades - Part 1: Teenage Antics

My sister's sexual encounters, accelerated by my willy!

At the age of sixteen my younger sister had developed physically into a beautiful young lady. Her figure was to-die-for according to her close friends who clearly envied her body. Not only was she blessed with stunning looks, beautiful hair, well developed boobs, and a tailored waistline but also a model’s legs that went on forever. In short she was a show-stopper. But her outward maturity...Read On


My Little Sister .......and my Willy!

A light-hearted account of a younger sister's sexual development influenced by brother's Willy.

Part 1: Innocent Curiosity. Being two years older than my little sister my “seniority” compelled me to protect her at all times. So much so that I would often let her have my favourite chocolate or biscuit when there was only one left. I was her hero. Even my parents acknowledged that. She watched me like a hawk. She knew more about me than my parents or closest friends did, especially if...Read On



Massage Extraordinaire - Part III

The third visit to this masseur proved to be as different as the previous two were

Massage Extraordinaire – Part III A few weeks later I returned for the third time totally convinced that this visit could not be too different from my two previous ones which were absolutely outstanding. How wrong I was again! I knocked at the front door. This long legged beauty in the shortest white mini met me with a huge smile (on her face) and a breathtaking hug. I felt my already...Read On


Massage Extraordinaire - Part II

The first massage was so different and so good that I had to return for more!

After that amazing massage I needed to return, not for any other reason than to experience the first time again, if that was possible. Little did I know that this was to be completely different as well! A few weeks later I knocked at the door. It was answered by this tall, long legged beauty in thick soled, patent leather high heels, wearing the shortest mini skirt imaginable. So short that...Read On


Massage Extraordinaire - Part One

An innocent sports massage with many surprises!

She met me at her front door, a tall long legged blonde with a well shaped figure. She wore the shortest mini that allowed her pink panties to peek out of her nicely rounded bum as she led me into her massage room. All this left me speechless. I could barely greet her so took a deep breath instead. Once I’d regained composure I timidly smiled as I certainly did not want to be part of a...Read On



Into Africa with a Scandanavian Flavour

A Tour Guide relates an exceptionally arousing experience.

As an experienced 4x4 tourist guide I am often requested to undertake personalized tours into the African bush for smaller groups with specific requirements. Being an independent operator I am entirely flexible and can usually accommodate everyone’s needs for which I charge a basic daily rate over and above the tour expenses. Recently I received this unusual email from two...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Into Africa with a Scandinavian Flavour - Part III: Wild Sex

Wild sex in the wild.

The two day trip into Luangwa National Park would have been uneventful had it not been for all the hot passion experienced inside the motorhome. Due to the soaring temperatures the girls were topless most of the time, and completely naked when relaxing on the double-bed at the back. This proved to be most distracting whilst driving without glancing up into the rear view mirror. Ria...Read On