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After a VERY long hiatus, I may be working on something new. We'll see.

18 Mar 2016 15:43

That moment where you have an orgasm so intense, that you get a cramp in your leg.

15 Nov 2012 12:18

Considering becoming a lesbian, men are starting to piss me the hell off.

23 Oct 2012 19:06

Never trust, Lushies. Just never do it.

27 Aug 2012 18:30

Lotta blood flow in my pussy now

26 Aug 2012 21:41

Sorry guys, not much in the mood to talk. Kinda shaken up.

22 Aug 2012 20:07

Pink balls, damn you...

21 Aug 2012 20:43

Time to start writing, I think I owe you guys something new!

20 Aug 2012 17:52

These days it's just seemin like no body cares.

20 Aug 2012 08:25

This will sound weird... but I'm very much in the mood to perform oral...

16 Aug 2012 08:57

That dangerous naked sprint to your room in the middle of the night!

15 Aug 2012 22:51


13 Aug 2012 18:52

My harsh, yet loving thought of the day: If you've got a "small cock," a girl knows it , and said girl is STILL chasing you, that's love. Some men are just too stupid to notice. Welp, I'm single, ready to mingle

09 Aug 2012 07:43

Hanging around the house naked, hell yeah

12 Jul 2012 13:44

Pink balls= gone

09 Jul 2012 20:17

Suffering from pink balls >.<

09 Jul 2012 14:30

Boobs are heavy... lol

08 Jul 2012 15:20

New story, hopefully getting published today! Might be a little long, but worth it in my opinion...

06 Jul 2012 07:47

Alright my little Lushies, I'm starting something new. Walking away from my series, and starting something else. Hopefull you will enjoy.

03 Jul 2012 11:04

Okay, does my writing REALLY suck that badly?

02 Jul 2012 13:10

Hey everyone! I know you've been waiting, but I promise I'll have a great new part for you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 Jun 2012 21:40

Playing with boobs, this is a fun thing.

18 Jun 2012 20:08