First Time(2)


Big And Beautiful

“Oh she’s all yours. Hope you’ve got a condom.”

It allstarted my Junior year of high school, on the end-of-the-year band and choir trip to Washington, DC. I was seventeen, with short black hair, and a dark complexion. I was on the heavy side, okay, I was huge. But I wore my weight with pride, I didn’t want to be a teenie tiny stick. I was proud of my curves, and the weight brought with it a large ass and size D boobs. If you ask me,...Read On


Big And Beautiful Part II

Make sure you read the first part, so that you understand!

Time froze. We looked at Mr. Brown and tried to imagine whathe saw. Two of his students, a junior and senior, the senior laying on top. I pushed Damien off and fixed my skirt, which had gotten hiked up. “Uhm…” I said. “Mr. Harris. Ms. Washington.” He said. “I’m going to pretend I never came in, okay? And I’m going to beg you to be safe.” He went out. “Okay, now you’re mine!”...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)



An excerpt from a private story, just to hold you all over.

“Want to?”She asked seductively. “If I ever say no to that, slap me.” She pushed me back and climbed onto me. We kissed as she grinded me. “Whoa.” “You're not a virgin anymore, I am not going easy on you.” She kissed my neck and slid down my body. She smiled slyly and undid my belt and jeans. I leaned up and allowed her to pull off my pants and my boxers. “So you're a show-er....Read On



No Hands

Bet I can make you cum with no hands!

My husband, Luke, and I had just gotten into an argument and now he was trying desperately to make it up to me. I wasn’t in the mood for it. “Oh, come on, Reina! Let me love you!” “You can love me all you want, Lucas, from your side of the bed.” “Fine. You’re gonna want it, I know it.” We got into bed, and to further prove my point of annoyance with him, I went to sleep with my...Read On


Shall We Make A Bet?

Special thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for helping me out :)

We made a bet. That’s how this Hell started. You got home and found me, then laughed at me while I beat my cock for a fifth time that day. “You could never live without cumming. I don’t think any man can.” “Yes we can,” I moaned. “It’s you women that can’t do without it. You’re built for sex.” “Nope, I bet I could go a lot longer than you. You wake up hard.” “And forgive me, but...Read On

Love Poems(1)



I'm not saying that I love you What am I kidding? I definitely do I have no clue how to go on How to live my life Without you You're the object of my affection The one that I always see The one I dream of most I just want to have you here To hold me, love me But for you, that feeling's ghost Love me, why don't you? Why do you torture me so? Can't you see my pain? Why am I even trying?...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Afternoon Delight

Continuation of No Hands

I woke up disheveled. Luke was snoring away, looking like an angel. I sighed and got up off the couch, heading toward our room. “Hey, where you going?” I guess my movement woke him up. “To clean up, last night, well, this morning was crazy,” I answered, “Go back to sleep, baby, don’t want you sleeping on the job.” I kissed his lips gently. “Alright.” He turned over and went back to...Read On



What Boundaries?

His dad had just caught me with no shirt on.

My boyfriend, Carl and I had been dating for a few months now. Senior year in high school was really looking up. Our relationship wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for one reason. My boyfriend’s dad hated me. Why? Because I wasn’t “attractive.” I’ll give him that though. I didn’t have the most beautiful face, and my tangled deep brown hair was nearly always pulled back into a ponytail. My...Read On

Straight Sex(6)


Big And Beautiful Part III

I was so lost in ecstasy that I almost didn't notice that we were being watched.

The minute we got back out to the main party, we ran intoChristine. She was drunk, I could tell already, she took a long look at me and smiled her ass off. “Sooooo! My pretty little Maya got her brains fucked out, eh? Nice job! I told you May, he wanted you. I fucking told you!” Before she could say anymore, or I could yell at her for embarrassing me, she got pulled away by Brad Murray,...Read On


Big and Beautiful Part IV

It was kind of trippy to realize that I would get to… study under him.

Getting back home to Jersey was nearly unbearable. They had kept us out all damn day doing the most pointless activities. Damien and I just hung out at each location, trying to make out without being caught. When time came to leave and head home for real, we were allowed to switch buses, and nearly every girl on my bus ran for the hills. Damien switched to my bus and we sat in the back, alone....Read On


Conversational Love: Story One

Something new! Enjoy!

Taking a very short break from my original series, so I'll leave you all something to get horny over in the meantime! ;) "Why are you so miserable? Come on, tell me." "Well, I'm kinda peckish, but mostly 'cause I miss you." "Why do you text me so much?" "Because I just want to talk to you, even if only for a moment." "Why don't you call me instead?" "Because I never know what to...Read On


Love Is Forever Part Two

Let's continue...

As John and I pulled back up to the house, Luke and Danielle stood on the front step, and Johns father, Dominic, stood on the lawn with his arms folded. His face was unreadable. All the men in the family looked the same somewhat. Dominic has blue eyes and brown hair, just like Luke The brown hair applied to John, too, but he got his eyes from his mom. Danielle has reddish-brown hair and...Read On


What Boundaries? Part Three

Be sure to read the parts before!

After our romp in thewoods, we finally made it over to Stella's. My mom was at the front, hostessing. She owns the joint, but when people can't come in, she's more than happy to step in and take over their spot. She's such a sweet person. Her face and appearance just breathe sweet. She has a petite frame, and light skin. She doesn't look her age, or even like she has two kids. For 39, my mom is...Read On


What Boundaries? Part Two

The shit, it's hit the fan.

After having sex with my boyfriend’s father, all I could think about was the grief of cheating. But I could never confess. I’d lose him. I can’t. We’ve got a future. “You little whore.” Mr. Dames laughed. “I can’t wait to tell my son all about how I fucked his little bitch.” I fixed my clothes and grabbed him by his collar. “Look,” I began, “If anyone finds out about this, especially...Read On



She's The Man

No sex yet, bear with me, guys.

It was at Charlottan Court University that I first saw him. Short, black locks, brown eyes, muscular, fair-skinned. I thought that I'd finally found the guy that I wanted to pursue during my first semester of college. It was then that I remembered that I was enrolled at a strictly female university. I approached cautiously, holding my lunch in one hand and a paper cup of apple juice in...Read On


She's The Man II

Discoveries, discoveries...

We spent the entire rest of the day moving me into my new room. Jay was silent most of that time. He only spoke to ask and answer questions. As soon as we were done, Jay gave me a weary smile and turned to go. “Hey, where are you going?” “I'm- I'm going to my room,” he answered, his voice was barely above a whisper. “Stay, hang out a while.” He looked back at me, his face gave away...Read On