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I'm thinking about how lucky I am to have so many good and true friends I have here on lush. I adore all of them.

15 Jul 2012 18:08

Fox News Channel must have decided that one of their weather babes, Maria Molina, was showing too much of her fantastic breasts. Now she is, sadly, clothed more discreetly by the Fox wardrobe folks.

14 Jul 2012 14:32

Here in the USA we celebrate the 4th of July as our "Independence Day". Regardless of where you may live I hope everyone enjoys a fabulous fourth.

04 Jul 2012 02:56

I'm thinking about how damned hot it is outside and how hot and horny I am even in my air conditioned house.

28 Jun 2012 05:30

I'm sad today. When I was younger and in my prime a Cougar (Billie) and I became lovers. She passed away last night. This is the second of my former Cougar lovers to die, the first one being Melba who I wrote Lush stories about.

09 Jun 2012 14:16

I'm thinking about how horny I am, and wondering if anyone else is who might might work with me to solve our problem.

03 Jun 2012 05:43

As usual, I'm thinking about sex......what else is there to think about?

01 Apr 2012 16:19