Straight Sex(2)


Cooling Down

Cooling you down on a much too warm night...

You can't see anything because of the blindfold... you feel me kiss your lips, mine are cold... you open your mouth slightly and feel me slide a piece of ice from my mouth to yours...while you have the ice you feel me lightly use tiny cold kisses on your cheek, and across your forehead. You pass the ice back when my tongue reaches inside your mouth and I let it melt there before brushing...Read On


hotel room

I blindfold you and explore your body...

We were staying in a hotel after seeing a concert together... I showered, came back out of the bathroom and you’re laying there in just black underwear and your tank top, mmm, I love black against your smooth skin… I walk toward the foot of the bed and smiling, your legs spread slightly without you even thinking. I crawl up the bed straddling you, my legs dragging up the outside of your...Read On