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A typical Indiian Housewife who while fucking her husband always thinks (fantasy) of being fucked by other men. I am fair complexioned, figure 34C-25-37. Love to chat dirty. Have a secret life like many other people. But do not want to openly discuss with all. Love guys n gals. Always wet n ready.

Priya Bhatia
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New Delhi, India
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24 Jan 2017 19:33
Gangbangs are my ultimate fantasies. My fantasies are weird. I am not a good writer, but never short of plots. Love to watch porn, read stories, talk dirty. Love being degraded.
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The ones having helpless women at the mercy of mean men.
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Soft, Sensual


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28 Dec 2011
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Topic: What would you do?
Posted: 22 Jan 2017 19:19

You come home and find your man masterbating. What do you do?

Would let him finish his work without letting him know that i m watching. And at the right time i will be there on my knees capturing that precious thing not letting it go wasted.

Topic: What fantasy turns you on the most?
Posted: 07 Jan 2017 05:19

But you forgot the part about being grabbed off the street and thrown in the back of a van. All before these other factors can get started.

U gave new dimension to my fantasy. Thank you so much.
And yesssss. Now i will include as well.

Topic: What fantasy turns you on the most?
Posted: 06 Jan 2017 03:58

I believe for most guys it is the threesome FFM but my wife won't tell me hers she just says she likes it all. We do all kinds of role playing and fifty shades of grey experience.

Kidnapped bound helpless at the mercy of gang of atleast a dozen men. Doing things to me in many ways that one sees in porn videos.

Topic: Choose any two
Posted: 30 Oct 2016 02:54

Which two ways would you like to have sex with me?
Deep throat ( I'm very good at it)

Chose any two

All these idiots are missing out on ur gorgeous tits. If i had w cock i wud ve demanded a tit fuck from u. (Ofcourse other options not to be ignored). Lol

Topic: What Girls Say As They Cum
Posted: 30 Oct 2016 02:45

how do you verbally share your pleasure ??

Lots of groans.......

Topic: A question about the sensitivity of your pussy
Posted: 27 Oct 2016 12:20

Ladies I'm very turned on by this so I would like to know from you. In porn movies you see a guy eating a woman's pussy and as if she can take it so easily and she can even do her laundry while being given oral . But in regular movies that have sex scenes or erotic scenes (not porn), sometimes they have scenes where the guy goes down on her and the pleasure is so intense that she can't take it. That's facial expression on a woman is so hot. I watched one movie and I don't remember the name, she was talking on the phone with someone and a guy came into the room and started going down on her, after a while she couldn't take it anymore from the pleasure so she dropped the phone. That expression on her face was so sexy. I watched another realistic amateur video where the guy went down under pussy and she sat up from a lying down position and tried to stop him as the pleasure was so intense. In the movie ' Holy smoke' Kate Winslet teachers the guy how to eat pussy and she tells the him to slowly kiss around it first because otherwise she won't be able to take it.

Now my question is do any of you feel so much pleasure down there that you need the guy to go slowly ? In porn a woman can do a laundry while getting eaten, whereas in those realistic movies there much more sensitive down there. I love it when a woman is so sensitive that she can't take

Can you ladies givie me feedback ? How sensitive are you when being given oral ? Are some woman really that sensitive that you would respond like in the movies ? Are any of you that sensitive that you can handle it unless it go slow ? There has to me some of you at least who are so sensitive that you wouldn't be able to suddenly take it .....

Give some real life stories if possible

I guess it is the same thing when a guy is working in his office and his secretary comes under his table n starts sucking his cock. The pleasure is immediate n keeps building up.

Topic: Bellybutton orgasms
Posted: 27 Oct 2016 12:12

I am asked similar questions before on this forum but not exactly this. Ladies I have heard that some women can have an orgasm if their bellybutton is played with, or licked. Is your bellybutton or navel and erogenous zone ? Would any of you have an orgasm by having your bellybutton teased or licked ? Or do you feel any pleasurable feelings in your pussy if your navel is stimulated ?

There is for sure some connection between my belly button n my pussy. Fingering my belly button sends soft electric waves to my pussy. But i doubt it can ever be so intense to cause orgasm.

Topic: Have you ever flashed anyone to get something in return?
Posted: 27 Oct 2016 12:03

to enter pubs or get free drinks or anything similar

Done it in a less crowded metro rail station. For fun only....when i m waiting for my train.

Topic: why do females find anal intercourse fun
Posted: 27 Oct 2016 11:57

I'm not sure where you got the idea that the prostate is a pleasure inducing organ. Not having one myself, I can't address this personally, but both my boyfriends (both straight) say they find prostate exams very UN-pleasurable. Women find a lot of pleasure from penetration. It's kinda our thing! We get it in the vagina, our mouths, and our asses. I know a lot of girls don't really enjoy anal, but some of us love it. I think it's less a gender thing than it is a personal preference. I happen to enjoy it, but a few of my girlfriends absolutely hate it. I think it's interesting that most straight men hate anal penetration, but most gay guys love it. How does your prostate-pleasure theory explain that?

To me its both psycological as well ass physical thing. Its true that we females find pleasure in being penetrated. Physically......it stimulates our pleasure zones in some way or other. In case of anal its more pleasure (in my case) when my pussy has already been used and pleasured. There being thin partition when my ass is being used it multiplies the pleasure of my pussy and i love it.
Psychologically it gives me the feeling of being taken. Used. Being controlled...... Being a perverted sluts. And all this feeling adds to my pleasure many folds.

Topic: If you agree for a Threesome and given option of FFM or FMM , which would you opt ? why ??
Posted: 20 Oct 2016 05:49

Well...... when I am in the mood to give pleasure.... I would love to have FFM. Because I love giving pleasure to a female body.
But I am Horny as Hell and I mean business...... LOL....... I will go for MMF.

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Hope you don't get to tied up to chat...
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wrap that legs around my hips baby as I power drill had tight twat....mmmm...hearing u moan a su beg for more
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Have a great day. Hope it isn't to much of a pain in the ass.
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Sometimes one just isn't enough....

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yeah baby...love the ways your jugs wobble as I pound your hot tight twat

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yeah baby...I know u waiting for that 2nd dick to sink in that tight biutt hole of yours....let me probe it now
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