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A typical Indiian Housewife who while fucking her husband always thinks (fantasy) of being fucked by other men. I am fair complexioned, figure 34C-25-37. Love to chat dirty. Have a secret life like many other people. But do not want to openly discuss with all. Love guys n gals. Always wet n ready. Always available on kik priyabhatia1107.

Priya Bhatia
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19 Jan 2018 05:59
Gangbangs are my ultimate fantasies. My fantasies are weird. I am not a good writer, but never short of plots. Love to watch porn, read stories, talk dirty. Love being degraded.
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The ones having helpless women at the mercy of mean men.
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Soft, Sensual


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Topic: What part of a girl you look at first when you see her? What turns you on about girls?
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 23:32

most men look at what I want to show.[/quo


Topic: Squirting
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 23:28

I think all credit goes to the guys who cwn make us squirt. If thats so they should feel proud if themselves for having this talent. No point showing wny other reaction

Topic: Clit stimulation
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 23:22

Well in my case thumb rule is like this.......
Do not touch there untill i am wet n in heat.

Very interesting to me. Can I assume by this that being "touched there" does not GET you wet and PUT you in heat? Interesting for me because the wife is the opposite, clitoral stimulation GETS her wet and in heat needing to be.....

May be it differs from person to person. I gave my views on the subject purely on the basis of my past experience. If your wife gets turned on by starting from there then u should consider urself lucky one as u dont have to do much then.

Topic: Clit stimulation
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 00:58

A fan myself of being masturbated by hand, or foot for that matter, I'm wondering how women feel about clitoral stimulation.

Here is why I ask: We were having a very enjoyable evening in bed, stimulating girlfriend with my finger, very pleasurable it seemed for both. This was a slow, intimate time, she continued to "take it" until she came massively, squirting and wetting the bed badly. I've never came without physical stimulation but this almost made me, I was dripping precum like crazy.

Having said that, other times I'll be stimulating her and she just pushes my hand away and says "do me" when I would rather keep playing with her.

I try to take care of my nails but occasionally she'll say you're sharp and this obviously ruins the mood for both of us. Perhaps I need professional nail work? Or should she just encourage me to use a different finger?

Do you like it a little or until you cum? How offensive is it if there happens to be a sharp piece of nail that catches you?

Swirls, vs back and forth, soft, hard, slow, fast?

It would seem obvious there are many different likes and dislikes. However, hearing your thoughts may provide some commonality.

Curious as I really enjoy the intimacy of playing.

Would appreciate your time and energy to reply.

Well in my case thumb rule is like this.......
Do not touch there untill i am wet n in heat.
When you feel i am wkrked good then start to focus on my clit.
Go real slow and soft. Dont be in a hurry. Use flat finger or thumb or tongue.
Slowly pick up the pace and when you feel i am all yours........do anything u want.......biting....pulling......pinching.......anyfhing...... And for Vod s sake...... Do Not Stop Untill I Cum.....do not stop even if i tell yoy to....or even if i fight to......

Topic: About those bikinis
Posted: 11 Jan 2018 04:07

(Without violating age restrictions of course) You probably grew up wearing all kinds of bathing suits, and most likely many bikinis. I was recently reading a story by Christie called "Self Destructive"
and it had a line in it where the man grabbed her in a hug and "the first thing to go was the clasp of my bikini top, and when I went to grab it, he undid the ties to the sides of the bikini bottom" or something similar. That of course got me thinking about how sexy string bikinis are. Just a tug or two on a string and the woman is totally exposed.

So my question is, (again, without getting into the age thing) how did you feel the moment you realized how close to totally naked you were in a string bikini and you knew at that point you were showing off your body to be sexy? I can imagine you for the first time in front of the mirror actually turning and inspecting to see how much they could see of your skin. That moment when you went from "time to go swimming!" to "I hope it turns them on!" Thanks!

The first time it hit my mind when i was 20 or so and a male friend of mine told me about how most guys feel so fascinated about having a glimps of our bras n panties. He told me they do all sort of things like dropping a coin on the flour...hiding under the steps n watch us climbing the stairs....betting about the colour of our panties...............
Then i realised how sexy we could be or fell by having proper choice of our under stuff.
Then later on i ve been consistently receiving gifts from my boyfrnds n husband different kinds of sexy under stuff for their sheer pleasure.
When i wear them n model for my men i feel sooooo vulnerable feeling lust n hunger in their eyes.
I guess its more a thing for the pleasure of guys than to cover our body and shame.

Topic: A question about your "Big O" (especially for the more experienced gals)
Posted: 11 Jan 2018 03:48

Think back to those first few orgasms ... how do orgasms today seem different?? Do you find them to be easier to reach?? What about the "quality" ?? Why do you feel this way??

Thanks for taking time to answer this.


All depends on the approach of u guys. And yes ofcourse.....my mental n physical state. Cant really compare with earlier days

Topic: Older Women in College Boy Dorms/Fraternities
Posted: 11 Jan 2018 03:39

New member and want to ask the older women here about one of my favorite fetishes - milfs with younger strangers. I have spoken with some older women that have had sex with college guys in their dorms or even go to college parties with young guys. One woman was 44 and let a college guy pick her up after he hit on her at a coffee shop. They went to his dorm and she fucked him and his roommate. Another likes to go various places to hunt for young guys, including college campuses. If she meets a shy guy (her type) she will coax him into taking him back to his dorm room for a few hours.

Do any women here like to do the same?

Not my fetish or some kind of fantasy.
But i m open to it if the guys are sensible n experienced enough

Topic: How would you react if your partner asked you about induced lactation
Posted: 02 Jan 2018 00:30

Thinking about bringing it up with my girlfriend but I'm not sure how she'd take it. I am interested in getting some female opinion on whether they would also enjoy something like this.

Personally.....it will be a YES from my side.
But as you know.....opinions n interests vary from person to person.
Your girl friend may react negative to this.

Topic: Stockings with Skinny Jeans?
Posted: 30 Dec 2017 03:07


Topic: Nipples
Posted: 30 Dec 2017 03:05

In many porn scenes women grab their breasts but generally not their nipples while in the throws of an orgasm. In your love making sessions do you like to play with your nipples?

In my case my nipples are so sensitive that holding or pinching them gets very painful. So in normal course i do not prefer being touched or pinched except being licked n sucked.
But when my heat takes control over me i do not mind them even being bitten or beaten. Pinching n twisting would then be a mild act.

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