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Topic How long do you need to
Posted 07 Aug 2017 18:08

Be with someone for anal sex to happen and if you would on a one night stand, how soon in to that night do you start thinking about doing anal?

If i give honest view then i dont remember a single occassion when i had a chance to think anal. Yet it rarely happens that my sex session ends without anal.
If i critically analyse my sex life experiiences i wud fine my sex initiating through caressing teasing oral n other forms of foreplays. And then i am so involved in it that i surrender to their will unconditionaly. And it happens.........

Topic Can you feel it, Can you feel it !!!
Posted 07 Aug 2017 17:55

Wow! I didn't even know that was a thing guys did, and I live with TWO of them! No, I've never done this. I'm quite happy to feel my hand when I'm masturbating. lol

Same with me
G........ Guys know many tricks????????

Topic Cum Over Me?
Posted 26 Jul 2017 03:29

Thank you for replying.
Just met a woman who asked me to, she seemed to enjoy it a lot.

Lucky boy

Topic forceful sex
Posted 26 Jul 2017 03:21

Not talking rape! Just where guy toss's you on bed tearing clothes off and ravishing you body,kissing,sucking and licking every part of you.Then d tmounting you thrusting cock into your pussy and fucks you like there is no tomorrow.

Is that big turn on for you or do you like softer touch. Always had hard being real forceful with woman

Softness n tenderness is supposed to be associated with women. In my horny days i love men to be more rough n aggressive. It coukd be a sudden act leaving me shocked. Tearing cloths n ravishing my body.......fantastic. But forceful thrusting in my pussy......well i would enjoy when i am well wet n ready for it

Topic Ladies what do you think about a guy ejaculating multiple times in bed?
Posted 26 Jul 2017 03:10

Most women Iv met in the past thought good sex is supposed to be like this:
The woman has multiple orgasms, It doesn't matter how soon she orgasms,cums,female ejaculates. The guy is expected to last for hours or even all night until they want him to finish/cum/ejaculate.

I think theres kind of a double standard because its ok for women to get their pleasure quick but not so ok for the guy to get his pleasure quick.

Obviously I can understand that happens because women can usually keep going and usually when a guy is done theres a good chance sex might be over.

Im curious what women would think if a guy had sex for an hour then ejaculated gave them oral or something for a minute or two until he's not sensitive and then continued having sex with them and did the same a few times throughout sex but the overall session lasted for a good 3-4 hours without stopping? Would that still be considered good sex considering he didn't stop pleasing her? or would women think of it as a different session each time he ejaculates?

Women are usually mently n physically prepared to give pleasure rather than care for their own pleasure. The senario on which you are asking our an ideal one which may be the ultimate dream of every woman......that while giving true pleasure to her man multiple times she also had 3*4 hrs of heaven ride. But dont you think it is more hypothetical rather than real?

Topic Cum Over Me?
Posted 26 Jul 2017 02:53

Do you like men coming over you?

For example; have you laid back on your bed naked and asked a guy to stand over you masturbating and wait for him to cum over you.

Well....... It happened once when i had a night with four horny men. That session came to end when they laid me in the bath tub n jerked all over my body.
I must admit i kinda enjoyed the act as i felt like being a true slut.
Thereafter on many occassions my tits have been on the receiving end when the guys did cum over them. I think it gives the guy a lot pleasure......not sure why

Topic That urgent need to cum
Posted 19 Jul 2017 02:43

Do you women get a really urgent need to cum sometimes?
Does this lead to just having to get some quick relief and perhaps in unexpected places?

Yes. It is very common with women that while having sex men are finished quite early than us. This leaves us soooooo horny....especially when they do lot of hard work on our body before entering ourssex and our bodies are so involved. This leaves us so horny n wanting anything for a most needed relief.
And it happens in public place also when my mind is thinking sex. Or when i am aware of the fact that some interesting part of my body is at display for the pleasure of a stranger or a coworker or a close one and i feel being stripped by his lustfilled eyes. It makes me horny to the point that i need a release at that instant.

Topic Married women sharing question.
Posted 17 Jul 2017 05:17

Do you like idea of husband sharing you with other men?

While wife has started this fantasy of mine by sucking two guys off out side of bar,two separate occasions. We have not got to point of big fat cock stud pumping her pussy and /or mouth full of cum. She seems to enjoy the sucking guys off,but hesitates to get fucked like good little slut(meant in BEST way) yet.

If you have been shared do you prefer husband just watch and have his fun later or do you want both of Them at once? Me I am open for both as long as I am second or later in pussy.

Wish my husband ever desires so.
If he ever shares me....... I will be open to any ...... and i mean anyyyyyyyyyy idea or situation he may put me in.

Topic FMM Threesomes
Posted 17 Jul 2017 05:07

Ladies, Do you find the idea of a Woman on Man on Man Threesome exciting? I ask because I have two female friends who have each, independently from each other (they do not know one another), mentioned that they are turned on by the thought of a guy sucking another guy's cock. I know its a long standing truth that many men are turned on by lesbians and bisexual women. This is the first I have heard a woman express erotic thoughts of gay/bisexuality in men. Both have asked me if I would ever consider it. Fact of the matter is, I would for them! However, I have no desire to do it alone with a man, only with a woman watching. And I have no desire to do anything else with a man except suck his cock.
Thoughts on the subject?

Well ............ In my case........ I like FMM because i get to savour two cocks simultaneously.
And the idea of dp is also thrilling though not very often in my case.
But the idea of watching a man sucking a man ........ Not my thing

Topic Accidental upskirts when out !!!!
Posted 17 Jul 2017 04:51

When you wear a shot skirt or dress to go out you know that your bound to flash just happens. So can you consider it "accidental" when you know it will happen? I've flashed on purpose ummmmmmmmm "accidentaly" too, but that's another issue all together.

I completely agree with you. If i am out wearing a short skirts.....and may be without intentions are crystal those also who get a lucky glimps my upskirt

Topic What do you want your partner to do with your cum?
Posted 17 Jul 2017 04:20

Cum should never be wasted! If they're not going to swallow it, then snowball me and I will!!

Mmmmm........ Me too

Topic What do you want your partner to do with your cum?
Posted 17 Jul 2017 01:00

I think my name here gives my answer away, but after a blowjob, I love to be kissed.

Mind sharing some cum with me?

Topic What do you want your partner to do with your cum?
Posted 16 Jul 2017 16:49

I've seen it all, and experienced a lot too.

What's your favorite thing for your partner to do with the mess after you're finished?

Cum on guys............. I m curious........ Share ur thoughts.
Well in general...... I assume no one wants his precious thing get wasted. In my case there is usuallya demand from the men to eat it.
What could be urs?

Topic What do you want your partner to do with your cum?
Posted 16 Jul 2017 16:48

I've seen it all, and experienced a lot too.

What's your favorite thing for your partner to do with the mess after you're finished?

Cum on guys............. I m curious........ Share ur thoughts.
Well in general...... I assume no one wants his precious thing get wasted. In my case there is usuallya demand from the men to eat it.
What could be urs?

Topic We all know every girls body is different. But what's some things in general, every girl likes sexually?
Posted 15 Jul 2017 16:33

We all know every girl is unique when it comes to their body but what are some things that will drive all women crazy?

I think its natural that when a woman breast feeds she gets utter pleasure
In my opinion sucking on my tits n biting my nipples lightly can make me horny as hell
More or less it should be the case with most women

Topic bisexual ladies do you prefer oral sex from a man or a woman?
Posted 28 Jun 2017 03:13

WOMEN...... She knows exactly when and where to hit.

Topic fingering or oral
Posted 28 Jun 2017 03:11

I know it varies but in general, which one gives you more intense orgasms? and can you explain why?

Fingering........ Because my g-spot gets the required attention by fingers and not by tongue.
My G Spot orgasms are more intense than clitoral

Topic Accidental upskirts when out !!!!
Posted 28 Jun 2017 03:07

My husband loves me to make it look like Im having accidental upskirst when we are out showing my panties off in bars,restaurant, s & shops.

Anyone else enjoy doing this?

My top 3.

1.We where in a shoe shop and being helped by young lad, he got close up view.

2. In a pub sat on a stool with a group of builder's sat oppersite who all kept swapping seats to look.

3. My ex boss, he was trying so hard no to look so I removed panties to get his attention, he never left his seat alll day.

And do the men really think we don't know there looking?

I think one way or other........ more or less....... we women enjoy flashing outdoors and seeing strangers drooling at us.
Nobody ever forced me but I myself enjoy some sort of flashing, especially at a metro station waiting for my train. Or even in a mall or grossery store bending my knees to show my bare assets to the public.
God knows whether the men know its intentionally done or mere accident, but they certainly think it was rub of the green their way.

Topic Penis Size - a question for the gals.
Posted 28 Jun 2017 02:55

Across on the Crowd Sourcing forum there's a question about why 'most' men exaggerate the size of the prize. (Although no proof is given to the claims made.)

The consensus appears to be that the 'normal' erect size falls in the 5-6 inch category.
The bar being set high with the proliferation of 8-10 inches in porn seems to be the most common answer given for any exaggeration made. (Although it's generally an assumption being made rather than people saying that's why they have done it.)

My question to you gals is -

If you were chatting to someone on this site, would you rather that they were truthful and told you that they had a 5" boner, or that they exaggerate it up a bit?

(Or is the idea of exaggerating so ingrained that you would assume that saying 5" actually meant smaller?)

I think the men are so obsessed with proving their manhood that they associate it with the size of their penis. Lush is no exception and I have never met a man here who claims to have size below 10:. It appears that everyone on earth except the men with whom I have had sex, has a baseball bat hanging between his legs.
Never seen that in real. But at the same time porn movies do display the size of even more than 10:. So I cannot say that it is a fairy tail.

Topic Best position for anal
Posted 28 Jun 2017 02:48

My choice is certainly a missionery position. Spooning is second best. Reason.......I want to be completely relaxed before being intruded there.

Topic Being a to no if woman can feel the sperm. Being Ejaculation in her.Or just the penis pumping
Posted 28 Jun 2017 02:44

Being a to no if woman can feel the sperm Being Ejaculation in her.Or just the penis pumping

Perhaps due to the fact that I am also lost in my own estacy.............(Lust I would say)...... I ve never felt a cum hitting me inside.
But I can judge the event when he gets so tensed and groans or growls at the time he cums. Thats it

Topic Groped in Public - Does it happen?
Posted 24 Apr 2017 15:57

Has any of you been groped in public on your tits, pussy or ass?
Where did it happen?
How did you react or would you react if it did happen?

In my country though its the era of women empowerment and liberalisation i ve to deal wigh this apmost every single day. During rush hours both going to work or coming home in the crowded trains i get groped shamelessly by youngs n olds. Cant do much as we still are afraid of raising a voice in public.
They grab my tits. Pinch my nipples. Squeez my ass. Even try to hike my dress n rowm their hands around. When i try to turn around everyone seems innocent.

Topic just a little bit interested..
Posted 24 Mar 2017 06:59

People have said before that all Women are... at least a little bit gay inside. Not necessarily homosexual, but maybe a little bit interested.

How many of you beleive this to be true?
Is this true about yourself? Are any of you..... just a little bit interested?dontknow

In my case.....yes i m attracted towards others bcuz of their dressing sense.....posturr......speach.......posture etc. Not necezsarily for sex

Topic Ladies who enojy anal
Posted 24 Mar 2017 06:54

In my view for women its more psychological than physical. We find pleasure in doing taboo n in surrendering to desires of men. For men it can be physical....they only know

Topic Full movie porn sites.
Posted 24 Mar 2017 06:45 wud do

Topic Dirty talk during sex
Posted 13 Mar 2017 13:09

Do you ladies like dirty talk during sex?

Do words like whore or slut turn you on or off

What words turn you on the most

I love being humiliated wigh dirty words during sex. Especially when i am forced to plead or beg for sex using those words.
Sometimes even triggers big orgasms

Topic Does anyone else feel super horny when they are hung over?
Posted 13 Mar 2017 13:01

Nearly every time I am hung over I am really super horny. Is that normal?

My view........ Yes its normal

Topic moment you feel Seducing your mind the most ?
Posted 13 Mar 2017 12:59

what it can be ?

A hot sex chat where i am forced to do naughty stuff in public

Topic women ? size
Posted 13 Mar 2017 12:53

what size cock do you prefer ?
would you enjoy 2 to 3 at a time ?

The best i ve had in my life was a 7 inch one.......but it was good for its thickness n longer staying power.
Answer to second part ........ Why not

Topic Special Attention
Posted 22 Feb 2017 11:31

I have lived a very promiscuous life since I left my husband about eight years ago.

Several men have asked me to join them in attending a swing party for couples only. Some were fun and some not so much fun.

For years I have heard about parties where one girl was selected to be on the stage or a large mattress to observed by all. Anyone who wanted her could have her, Male or Female.

I saw no mention of such a blessing or for that matter even a whisper of it.

Is that just Men's Locker Room BS or does it really happen?

I know this has been discussed other places, but I was unable to find it. Sorry.

Even i am desperate to find such a place. Would love to hear some good news