A day of Fishing

My two favorite things to do and a fantasy came true.

"Hey Lils! I'm about to head out on the boat and do some fishing. Want to come?" "Sure! Let me throw my bikini on and grab a pole! I'll be out front when you get here!" I absolutely love fishing, so when my cousin Zack called me, I was not turning him down! It didn't hurt that he was really nice to look at, too. A day of fishing on the boat, with a blonde, tan, shirtless, hottie. I'm...Read On


From cousins to something more

The time my cousin and i went from just cousins to something more

To start off, my name is Lily. I'm 19, blonde, 5'7", 130 lbs. I don't have double ds but I do have an ass that everyone loves! I was lucky enough that I got to buy my own house. It needed a little work done and thankfully, I have a pretty close family that will help out whenever someone needs help. I called my cousin, Michael, and he was more than willing to come over and give me a hand....Read On