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09 Mar 2016 13:42

Greetings all. I want to say that I'm going to be on this site a lot more. I've been absent due to factors that are now no longer preventing me being here. I've missed you guys.

09 Mar 2016 07:05

09 Mar 2016 07:03

16 Sep 2015 16:21

26 Aug 2015 09:48

Hey all, I'm back !

31 Jan 2014 18:11

31 Jan 2014 15:24

I'm pleased to announce that Part Eight, the final chapter of my novel Claudia Incarnata is finally published. All the mysteries are at last revealed in this lusty story set on the beautiful island of Sicily. Enjoy!

02 Feb 2013 18:44

Chapter 7, the lastest part of my mystery novel 'Claudia Incarnata' has just been posted. It's great as a stand alone tale but is also the latest episode in the mystery of Tintamare. Enjoy!


23 Sep 2012 00:50

24 Jul 2012 05:41

20 Jul 2012 00:34

To the anonymous person who gave my story ASC 1690 a '4' and left constructive criticism and nice comments - Thank you ! I value your honesty, your praise and your critique.

20 Jun 2012 00:05

My latest story and competition entry, A.S.C 1690, has been posted. It's a one off story about an ordinary girl who makes an extraordinary discovery. Read it and find out what....

15 May 2012 06:24

Part seven of my erotic mystery, 'Claudia Incarnata' is now posted. It is a lusty tale of one passionate young woman's quest to discover the secrets of her grandmother's beautiful house on the shores of the Mediterranean. Each chapter may be read as a stand alone story but the whole tale is very rewarding too.

02 Jun 2011 01:07

"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations." - Orson Welles

06 Apr 2011 09:39

13 Mar 2011 06:43

Conversation on a train between to young women : "Jayden asked me what I want for my birthday." "What did you say?" "I want the lights on."

16 Jan 2011 04:16

After work last Friday afternoon, while walking to my local produce market, I passed, as usual through a small arcade which leads to the upper story carparks. Suddenly and seemingly from nowhere, came the strains of 'La Donna e Mobile' from Verdi's Rigoletto. The aria was beautifully sung and the strong, vibrant notes cut through the mundane atmosphere of the arcade like a hot knife through butter. Of course the ignorant crowd turned and stared momentarily then went about their business. A few were clearly annoyed that the grey, uniformity of their lives had been interrupted by a few moments of sublime beauty. But not I. The source of the song was an ordinary looking young man sitting on a bench with a cane; a blind busker. As I dropped a few coins into his basket, I was so overcome with emotion that I could only whisper one word to him - "Bravo".

30 Dec 2010 07:31

My five month old son is already proving to be a very alturistic person. The one thing he posesses he will freely give to any and all who bother to ask for it - his smile.

11 Dec 2010 02:33

My four month old son has taught me something; that we are all born profoundly happy.

08 Nov 2010 05:33

"Thou art my life, my love, my heart, The very eyes of me: And hast command of every part To live and die for thee."

- Robert Herrick

02 Aug 2010 06:48

Well the 'fair issue' has finally arrived. I'm now the proud father of a very cute son, Zac.

25 May 2010 07:03

"I hope for quiet days, fair issue, long life and such love as 't is now."

- Shakespeare, The Tempest.

08 May 2010 00:54

Let me say with all due modesty, that after careful consideration I have decided that I am the luckiest person I know.

21 Mar 2010 14:14

Let us not forget that sex without love is only friction, but friction of the best possible kind.

05 Jan 2010 15:15

" The sea gives her shells to the shingle,/ The Earth gives her streams to the sea:/ They are many but my gift is single,/ My verses, the first fruits of me."

- Swinburne.

03 Jan 2010 16:03

"Soon all eyes shall turn/ And languishingly melt and burn/ For Damalis. But she won't part/ From Numida, her new sweetheart,/ And clings more lovingly to him/ Than ivy round an ilex limb."

- Horace. Odes, Book I, 36

18 Dec 2009 12:55

To every age its art, to art its freedom.

- Ludwig Hevesi

04 Dec 2009 02:47

Old age with love is like winter with flowers.

21 Nov 2009 03:18

"Where songs are not heard there is no life for me; Let me live amidst the crowning of poets."

- Euripides

19 Nov 2009 04:57

Well Folks the tale of Lusty Loretta is almost complete. When chapter one becomes available you can read all four parts.