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" The sea gives her shells to the shingle,/ The Earth gives her streams to the sea:/ They are many but my gift is single,/ My verses, the first fruits of me."

- Swinburne.

05 Jan 2010 15:15

"Soon all eyes shall turn/ And languishingly melt and burn/ For Damalis. But she won't part/ From Numida, her new sweetheart,/ And clings more lovingly to him/ Than ivy round an ilex limb."

- Horace. Odes, Book I, 36

03 Jan 2010 16:03

To every age its art, to art its freedom.

- Ludwig Hevesi

18 Dec 2009 12:55

Old age with love is like winter with flowers.

04 Dec 2009 02:47

"Where songs are not heard there is no life for me; Let me live amidst the crowning of poets."

- Euripides

21 Nov 2009 03:18

Well Folks the tale of Lusty Loretta is almost complete. When chapter one becomes available you can read all four parts.

19 Nov 2009 04:57