Pee, Myself, and I

Rebecca has some fun with nothing but a full bladder.

God, I hate school. Sure, people say that all the time, but I really mean it. For one, I go to a private Catholic school. . . and I'm atheist. And we have to wear these awful uniforms- hideous pleated skirts that go all the way down to our knees (but that doesn't stop certain girls from rolling up the waistband until their underwear- or lack thereof- is showing) and we all have to wear...Read On



Mommy and Me

Rebecca gets caught. . . and gains a partner.

It's another long, boring day at school, and I'm horny again. It's been a while since I last skipped, so I should be safe if I do it again. I successfully drive home without wetting myself, and as usual, check the driveway for cars. Neither of my parents' cars are parked, nor is my older brother's, so I know I'm safe. I want to do something especially dirty today. Not even dogs will soil...Read On