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Topic WHO is The Biggest Flirt Upon Lush Stories?
Posted 13 Jun 2014 18:41

Well, obviously I KNOW but I await responses...

xx Steph

(IT AIN'T ME!!!!!!!)

You better not be insinuating that its me!

Topic What's making you happy right at this moment???
Posted 01 Jun 2014 03:25

Knowing that after I get off of work today, I get to relax for the next 2 days.

Topic Trouble signing in...
Posted 29 May 2014 06:26

I had made a post about this earlier, it got moved to the Lush Help Desk forum. Pixie said she would get Gav to look into it.

That is correct. I've told him to poke his head in here or somewhere to see what the issue is.

Topic Weird Login problem
Posted 28 May 2014 15:58

I will have Gav pop in here and take a look. I have not had this issue at all, but it still needs to be addressed.

Topic How can 2 friends who deleted each other reconnect?
Posted 17 May 2014 13:42

If you could PM me with the information on the other friend I can take care of it.

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 14 May 2014 16:27

For real? You want to end our friendship via a text message? Who does that?? Not only do you not give me an explanation, but you are letting HER tell you who you can and can't be friends with. It's not my fault your girlfriend is insecure and won't let you have friends that you can joke around with. Whatever.

Topic Omnium Badge - Missing?
Posted 20 Apr 2014 16:46

Until everything gets settled with the incest category, badges will go missing. Just give us time to get everything settled.

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 29 Mar 2014 16:28

I am doomed. There is a marathon that starts in about a half an hour and it runs all the way to tomorrows season finale. Good thing I don't have anywhere to go.

Topic Favorite Mod appreciation xoxo
Posted 27 Mar 2014 11:06

My current Lushcrush is Pixie. Rather than rewrite an unclear paragraph, she sent it back to me because it made no sense to her.

Of course it made no sense to her. Chapter One had vanished into the ether and had never been seen, let alone verified. And, without Chapter One, this paragraph in Chapter Two made no sense.

That caused me to do three things:

1. Ask Pixie to withhold Two until One was published. She did!

2. Figure out how the heck to get Chapter One in for review. Finally!

3. Stop writing entire paragraphs that made no sense unless one had already memorized all preceding work. I'll make a new mistake next time.

You are referring to the newest story mod, PixieDust. I am "Pixie" lol

Topic Short Girls
Posted 22 Mar 2014 12:31

Y'all, let's stay on topic here. Any bickering needs to be done via pm's. People are being reported (which I find absolutely ridiculous) as we are all adults here. STAY ON TOPIC.

......carry on :)

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 14 Mar 2014 16:21

I am so excited for Sunday's now. I honestly count down the days until the next episode comes on.

Topic Badge not showing up
Posted 13 Mar 2014 15:30

i'm not 100% sure on this one, but i think it won't show up until after the comp is over and the winners announced. if i find out differently, i'll let you know.

It shows up shortly after you have entered the comp. icon_smile

Topic The Walking Dead
Posted 20 Feb 2014 16:45

OMG I friggin love this show! I got lured in during a marathon around Christmas time and did not leave my house for 2 days. LOL I also caught the marathon before the new season started a couple of weeks ago, so I am basically caught up with the whole thing. I have heard about it from a lot of people, just never thought it was something I would like. Now I am hooked on it.

Topic Happy Birthday Pixie!
Posted 05 Feb 2014 17:32

Topic Happy Birthday Pixie!
Posted 05 Feb 2014 03:19

Thank you all so very much!!

Topic Lush Silver Membership now available .. want to win a free one?
Posted 04 Nov 2013 11:35

Oh just for the heck of it I will try number 477. If I win, I will be gifting it to someone else. :)

Topic What goes here ?
Posted 19 Sep 2013 03:20

Y'all realize this thread was started over 4 years ago, right?

Topic Aaaaaaargh!!! Sept. 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
Posted 18 Sep 2013 18:36

I have contributed to your profile page! :)

Topic Lush Inbox not working
Posted 17 Sep 2013 19:24

I still can't access the Private Messages I received prior to the site outage...

Are they lost forever?

Gav said it will probably be the weekend before they are working properly.

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 15:25

No, a queef is a release of air in an audible fashion from the vagina.

This would be a pueef. Q ueef + P it = Pueef .

Huh. Well you learn something new everyday. book

Topic Pit Sex
Posted 12 Sep 2013 15:19

You mean a pueef? Yes.

Don't you mean queef ?

Topic Lush Inbox not working
Posted 06 Sep 2013 14:25

there was an outage this morning? who got outed? i bet it's that Nicola chick - she seems totally gay to me!

snarky ittle wittle one aren't you? cat

Topic Lush Inbox not working
Posted 06 Sep 2013 14:21

hey, btw, did anyone notice that the Lush inbox isn't working this morning? drunken

It was part of the outage I believe.

Topic How many hours of sleep do you need?
Posted 13 Aug 2013 08:21

I can function on 5, but prefer 8. I have a feeling I will be functioning a lot once school starts.

Topic Guess the date we reach 200,000 members, and win...
Posted 08 Aug 2013 14:38

I will say Sept 11 if it is not already taken.

Topic "Naked Julia" spam - the next person who's reported, gets deleted.
Posted 24 Jul 2013 14:22

I would suggest members stop sending this message out. I have been fair and only suspended people. I am getting a bit annoyed now and think I will just start deleting. Don't say you were not warned.

Topic Happy Birthday to Nicola!
Posted 13 Jul 2013 18:16

Hope you enjoy the wine I had made specially for you.,0,480,490_.jpg

Topic The Rage Cage
Posted 07 Jul 2013 13:59

Don't fucking call me for a ride to the fucking hospital if someone is having chest pains! Call the fucking ambulance! For the love of fucking god use your god damn head!!!

Topic Reporting Images in the Chatroom
Posted 13 Jun 2013 15:27


Remember, if it is offending to you it does not mean you need to report it. Only report images that are against site rules. Thanks!

Posted 13 Jun 2013 06:41

hope you and the misses got some of this in....