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Known as Pixie because I am petite. I am 30, and work in higher education. I am gay, very gay (so please, guys, read this bit before asking for what I can't provide).

I love and I write, and my poems and stories are about love and its ramifications. If you like them, let me know. I have a two word response to negative Nellies: the first is an Anglo-Saxon word, the second involves travel.

I am grateful to those who have encouraged my writing, and especially to the wonderful curvygalore. She not only allows me to flirt with her, but has provided support and emotional intelligence in abundance; she's a star.

There is a small group of very special men who deserve mention for the way they have encouraged and supported my work: Adagio, Borntosurf, ChrisM, davidls, dragonfly996, dragon-slayer, farmeroger, fluttered, fuzzy1954, The Charmer2016, rheged6 and zensurfer. You guys are the best of the best.

Two of my series of stories, the St Trinian's and the Sinn Girls, have groups to support them. The former is women only, the second open to all fans of the Sinn stories. Lush rules apply at all times in both groups.

My Lush love life revolves around my partner, lover and mistress, the amazing deviantsusie. Susie and I are strong and secure enough in our love to allow each other to have other lovers.

I am fortunate to have the love of the wonderful Mellisadee. Mel is just the sweetest, nicest woman you could ever meet, and I love her to bits. Curiousannie and I just clicked from the moment we met. Annie has a marvellous writing talent, and I am honoured that she and I are lovers. My gorgeous Laura, (lesluvstrib) is a constant source of support and love.

Then there are those whom I write about and with.

Angie_Sinn not only inspires the Sinn Girls and appears in it, but inspires me too.

Last, but never least, is my dear friend, the blonde bombshell herself, Emm_du_Jour, who writes with me and to me, and whose depraved exploits I have often had cause to chronicle.

All of these lovers are interwoven into my writings, even if, as Dylan put it: 'I had to rearrange their faces and give them all a different name.' And if you know whence that led, you will understand why withal, I have a deep craving to belong, and yet need to remain detached.

Pixie Hoffmann
Relationship Status:
In a Relationship with deviantsusie
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20 Sep 2018 14:23
Creative arts, especially early music, poetry and drama. Here on Lush, Miss Susie, Mel, Laura and my special women, and exploring with them the varieties of female sexuality. Writing erotic stories and poetry. My own Jewish/Roma heritage
Favorite Books:
The Torah. Shakespeare's sonnets. The poetry of John Donne, George Herbert and T.S. Eliot. My 'Desert Island' book would be Eliot's 'Four Quartets.'
Favorite Authors:
Shakespeare; George Herbert; Jane Austen; Tolkien.
Favorite Movies:
Amelie, St Trinian's movies
Favourite TV Shows:
I don't have time
Favorite Music:
Hildegard von Bingen; Tallis, Byrd, Kletzmer


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Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Awesome Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 17 Sep 2018 14:02

Turkish coffee followed by a small vodka would go down very well

Topic: Moderator of the Month for August
Posted: 11 Sep 2018 12:37

You are all so generous. And your kind words mean more to me than you could possibly realise. Mwah! <img src="/images/emoticons/love7.gif" alt="love7">

Good, because you are a wonderful woman who not only goes the extra mile, but you do so with kindness and care xx

Topic: Brexit looks like it's going 'Tits Up', so what now?
Posted: 11 Sep 2018 04:48

There is no workable Brexit plan, it seems. A large section of the Tory Party, the salvation of which was the basis for the Referendum, does not want the Chequers deal. But Neither Bojo, Rees-Mogg nor Davis, actually have a plan; they just don't like the Chequers deal. They have that in common with the EU countries.

I agree that the tone of some of the Remainer comment is as poor as some of their actions during the campaign.

But the question asks 'what next?'

What next is likely to be a humiliating series of rejections before we part of terms that will damage most many of those who voted for it. That will further create a divided and toxic political atmosphere.

Still, Brexit will have meant Brexit, and one set of ideologues will then be able to blame another set for the mess that will follow.

Topic: teen or milf
Posted: 09 Sep 2018 23:08

Why is it so often assumed that a Milf has more experience and 'knows what she likes'? The two I know best had experience of one man, who had hardly given them anything other than what he liked, which isn't the same. Some older teens I have met have had far more experience and certainly a better idea of what they, and I, might like.

I guess you can't generalise, and what matters to me is whether they are good to be with.

Topic: Moderator of the Month for August
Posted: 09 Sep 2018 14:55


Congratulations darling, well deserved!!

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Awesome Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 09 Sep 2018 14:15

Serious congrats Amelia. And congrats to pix, Hannah, and Beff too. Really fun contest. I like micro, though I haven't had much experience writing it yet.

It's also very cool that all those who placed were girls.

May I suggest you name the toaster Zuul? As in, "there is no toast, there is only Zuul." (Sorry, Ghostbusters reference, I couldn't resist.)

Thank you so much. Amelia's story was great, a worthy winner xx

Topic: Moderator of the Month for July
Posted: 09 Sep 2018 13:13

Congratulations - you all do a great job

Topic: Brexit looks like it's going 'Tits Up', so what now?
Posted: 07 Sep 2018 13:48

No guarantees this side of the grave, but I suspect you'll do what Brits have done for millennia, you'll "keep calm and carry on."

It was a myth then and remains one.

Topic: Brexit looks like it's going 'Tits Up', so what now?
Posted: 07 Sep 2018 12:59

As we have not yet left, there is no question about being allowed back in; we are still members.

As for the Blitz etc, it is easy to forget that WW2 left the UK broke and in debt to the USA and needing a huge loan.

I wouldn't buy a second-hand tampon from Bojo and Farage, let alone a policy.

It was that idiot Cameron whose Referendum idea was supposed to stop the Tories imploding, who got us into the mess, and he ran away. We now have a choice between the Maybot and Corbyn. Our American friends have Trump. I hope I wake up soon to find this was a nightmare, but as it isn't a bad dream, all those saying it will be fine when we leave will have a chance to show us they were right.

Quite what we all do in the UK if it turns out they were a bunch of lying tossers, I can't imagine.

Topic: Upskirt pics
Posted: 02 Sep 2018 05:30


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Stories Published By Pixie_Hoffmann All Stories »

Rahab's return: chapter seven

Empires are, I think, male. They thrive on aggression, ambition, and a desire for riches and power. I like what riches bring, but I can sleep in only one bed, live in only one place and eat only one meal at a time. There is something in the drive for Empire I do not understand. I think that like the male sex drive it is to do with possession and the instant and insistent satisfaction...

Added 19 Sep 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 4 | Avg Score 5 | Views 122 | 4 Comments

Rahab's return: chapter six

With Ana back in my life, I felt up to any challenge. That she had come to me as soon as she had got my message told me all I needed or ever wanted to know. She felt about our relationship as I did. The conventions of Society, not to mention the teachings of the many religious groups which dominated it, did not allow us to hallow our relationship, and local customs meant that I needed to...

Added 17 Sep 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.73 | Views 523 | 9 Comments

What Pixie Did Next

The cool air breezed around my nether regions as we walked back to the house. I was forbidden to do anything to preserve my modesty, as she called it. Though after servicing the waitress, I wasn't sure that word could be used of me in any way. That was something else stripped away; a thought that made me even wetter. The belt had been left at home; but it was still on me, mentally. I had...

Added 15 Sep 2018 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.87 | Views 874 | 14 Comments

In denial

  Disappointingly there was no 'clunk.' With a click, like a seat-belt, I was locked into chastity. That was a misnomer. There would be sex and there would be orgasms, but they would not be my orgasms, and whilst I could give pleasure to others, I could receive none. That was not quite true. I enjoyed pleasing others; I enjoyed being denied; I was just in denial about it. My friend did...

Added 14 Sep 2018 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 19 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 511 | 29 Comments

Rahab's return: chapter five

Across the next few days it became clear that you could, indeed, not step into the same river twice. Calliope’s death had altered the balance of power in the Seraglio – and not in my favour. With Irene’s son as the most likely heir, the Sultana, Roxanne, was also sidelined, and though it should have suited her purpose to ally with me, she was too bovine so to do. Irene had taken care...

Added 11 Sep 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.54 | Views 573 | 10 Comments

Rahab's return: chapter four

The Greeks say that you can never step into the same stream twice; so my homecomings proved. I could bore, and have bored, people with my lament for Roman roads. Seldom have I felt their lack as I did on that bone-numbing journey back to Chilea. It was the nearest port, nearly a thousand miles to the south, and from thence we could reach Istanbul in two days, given clement early spring...

Added 10 Sep 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 419 | 10 Comments

Rahab's return: chapter three

I had met many rulers, and have met even more since, but never one as obviously saintly as Feodor Ivanovich. He motioned me to sit in a chair placed for that purpose opposite him. He appeared more comfortable with that than with the formalities which surrounded our introduction. He deferred constantly to Godunov whenever we strayed to politics. The only thing on which he seemed to have a...

Added 08 Sep 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 613 | 9 Comments

The Sinn Girls: Chapter 4: Sinn Rules

The contrast between the relative decorum of the dining room, and the sweaty depravity of the basement, hit us the moment we went through the door, having first left our phones with the Receptionist. As my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I could see two women on leashes, being led around. They seemed, on a closer look, to be attired only in a collar and a skimpy thong. Emm's eyes had...

Added 05 Sep 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.78 | Views 726 | 12 Comments

The Sinn Girls: chapter 3: The wages of Sinn

'How the fuck can Sarah have a clue for us? She's almost as vanilla as you, and this Broad is devious.' Miss Sinn was sprawled on the chaise longue, her slit skirt revealing her stocking tops and long, shapely legs. Her silk blouse, with one button more than necessary undone, revealed her dark purple silk bra, which matched, and I could just see her panties. She pushed her...

Added 04 Sep 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 950 | 12 Comments

Rahab's return: chapter two

We awoke still snuggled up together. Anna was warm, and soft, and welcoming. I dozed a while, my face in her breasts. If this was Russian hospitality, then I could be a great Russophile. She stirred, sleepily, looking down at me. 'I think you like my breasts.' I giggled. 'However did you get that idea?' We both laughed. She pulled me closer, and I inhaled her scent, my hands fondling...

Added 02 Sep 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 9 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,204 | 10 Comments

Stories Coauthored By Pixie_Hoffmann

The Sinn Girls: Apprenticeship in Sinn

“Bye Annie, see you soon,” Miss Hoffmann said with a smile. And as Miss Hoffmann and Miss Sinn wandered out of the Savoy with Sir Adrian, I couldn’t help but stare. Pixie was a delight, small that is true but perfectly formed. That delicate arse, cute little tits and the plaits, yummy. I knew she was happily married, but wondered if her delicious wife, Sarah might, given the right...

Added 04 Sep 2018 | Category Lesbian | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,650 | 6 Comments

A True Story of an English Dinner Party

This is a true story, which happened in Southern England around 1990. I recently bumped into Mary, who is involved in the story. I told her I was writing an account of the evening and she asked if she could contribute a few memories to it as well… When I was married to my first wife we had great sex but simply not enough for me (I had a couple of affairs because I needed more) but,...

Added 25 Jul 2018 | Category Group Sex | Votes 22 | Avg Score 5 | Views 10,159 | 18 Comments

Of Tea Water

In a condensation of the tea water with a fragrance of pekoe, in evaporation as if a scent, like a landscape of Claude Monet's. As we kiss with love's extract beneath a trellis of the stars, in my poetry of memoirs, my impression of sunrise. The scent lingers, the hour feigns as the moment's pleased, and the brush falters. Now the sunrise on the canvas, the stars fall, the sun rises, and...

Added 06 Jun 2018 | Category Love Poems | Views 659 | 11 Comments

Of Cloaked Vesture

A palsied penumbra by any other name is still a rook of cloaked vesture. Like a locust with a St. Vitus dance, shedding its outerwear of disposition, the tall, gaunt man grinned. He was of devious nomenclature, and pseudonymous character. He imbibed a rum laudanum from a flask, pausing, touching the window pane, with a gelatinous temper of lustful desire and his fingers tapping like...

Added 12 Apr 2018 | Category Lesbian | Views 5,888 | 12 Comments

Shakers Of Sand

Like a caravan my memories traverse Over dunes of my mind's thinker And shakers of sand. On an escalator to the ascending moon With footprints in Arizona, Shooting a Tequila. As the Sonoran sun falls And the Red Centaury sleeps, As we kiss neath a zephyr's touch And the hackles of the saguaro. From the edges of the auberge noire, The night’s sands slip away, Leaving...

Added 05 Apr 2018 | Category Love Poems | Views 839 | 13 Comments

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