Group Sex(1)


Trust Your Senses

I love you, I really do. I just need something more

Kristy could feel tiny beads of sweat forming on her back as she and Justin drove towards the motel. She had been thinking of this day for three months, and now that it was here she was quite nervous. She glanced over and Justin, and his eyes were focused on the road yet she could tell his mind was wandering. She thought back to when she had told him she wanted to do this. His reaction had...Read On



Club Aqua

She would always remember the night they shared at Club Aqua

The street to Club Aqua were crowded as twenty-three year old Allie Forrester walked along the sidewalk. She had needed a night out, and her friend Jenna had agreed to go with her for some fun. The air was cool on her skin, as the breeze hit her and went through the slinky white dress she had decided to wear. As she turned the corner and saw the club a few buildings up, her cell phone rang....Read On


Going Rogue

Lisa goes rogue.

Lisa Forrester looked like the typical woman working a nine to five job. She was a secretary for Josh Rogue, an up-scale Manhattan real estate lawyer and she loved her job. She looked like your average beauty, long brown hair that fell in waves around her face and stopped just below her shoulders, and bright brown eyes that looked into you instead of at you. She was quite petite, standing at...Read On


Holy Hollie's School of Purity

Alicia arrives at Holy Hollie's School of Purity

Alicia had never been as mortified as she had been when her father had walked in on her having sex with a classmate from her high school. She had always been very promiscuous, but had always succeeded in keeping her indiscretions a secret from her highly religious parents. Her father had caught her with the boy pounding her from behind, and her father's temper had quickly overtaken...Read On